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  1. Amazing to see the progress. We are booked on the May 21 sailing but I have just checked and its no longer showing available to book - in fact its not showing at all on Royals website. Anyone got any insight why its disappeared?
  2. I have 2 cruises booked for next year - Anthem (Jan) and Odyssey (May). When the new policy was announced I checked my Anthem and say it had reduced about £180 so I made a quick call and had the new cost applied. I was told that I would receive a confirmation within 1 week. A few weeks later we saw a similar price drop on our Odyssey and called again. As well as getting the price drop applied I did ask if there was any update on our Anthem as we hadn't received anything to confirm ie new invoice. He checked and said it was still being processed. He then said it takes 1-2 weeks to process.
  3. So how does that work then? When RCI asked people to choose if they wanted to the refund or 125% credit there were no T&C's to refer to? I did read the email fully to make sure there was no link or any other info / limits attached to the offer. I, as I am presuming other did, decided to take this offer up to use on a future cruise they may or may not have already booked. Now my next cruise isn't until Jan 2021, but I am sure some other pax may want to use this sooner, and I am guessing that there is still a good chance this could be used against a future cruise that still gets
  4. I am hoping this is just an automated email and being sent out to everyone who had OBC purchases on a cancelled cruise, and a second set of comms will be sent out to those who opted into the 125% FOBC. We lost out on the $18 drinks package on this and although an extra 25% will no way cover the difference at least it will be something. We also had the UDP booked so we had quite a bit tied up in these prepaid purchases.
  5. Like so many others, our upcoming cruise (Ovation of the Seas, May 7, 2020,) has been cancelled. As we have an upcoming sailing (Anthem January 2021) we decided to opt in for the 125% OBC for the items we had already purchased instead of getting a full refund. We filled in the form before April 8th as advised and although we didn't get any sort of confirmation we were OK with that. I have now just received an email from RCI which is a Cruise Planner Cancellation Summary. It lists what we have spent, how much OBC had been used and what form or payment had been used. Aft
  6. Sailing out of Hawaii in May on Ovation and really excited. We have sailed quite a few RCI ships over the years and tend to always get the Ultimate Drink package. One thing we have noticed is that the drink prices do seem to vary from ship to ship and the package 'limit' can also change. On Quantum a few years back the 'limit' was $12 and most cocktails on menu were $14!!!!! $2 upcharge on many drinks and we were actually charged. Kim Crawford wine (a favourite of ours) also seems to be hit and miss - some ships its in the package and some not... So, just wondering if a
  7. It’s just so frustrating that RCI doesn’t seem to want or be interested in helping the customer with booking with them. The website is not customer friendly and must put so many people off. Personally having booked with 3rd party vs rci direct I will ALWAYS want to book direct if possible - unless the savings are too much to ignore. Having been on too many cruises where I have needed to change things after initial booking and not being able to talk to rci direct has caused us sooo many problems.
  8. You have to go all the way through to booking - putting in names etc and there is an option there to add C&A number. Bit of a faff just to get a price.
  9. Not booked through RCI for a while but just pricing up a couple of cruises and I can see the website has changed. Nothing wrong with that but it seems you can no longer add flights or hotels. This was such a useful tool as sometimes the 'package' had really good flight deals so made it a better deal than booking DIY. Is the only way now to phone up or am I missing something?
  10. Can I ask if there is any difficulty getting the reservations you want when boarding. We are sailing Ovation (not until next year) and we have 6 sea days. I am thinking this would be great but as Ovation hasn't got a huge amount of dining options, is it difficult to get all the reservations you want?
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