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  1. I can not see them actually forcing passengers to pay this due to the horrendous publicity alone. Can you imagine? It would be like the airlines charging passengers for the extra fuel required for a medical divert landing. And good luck collecting the amount from them after the fact.
  2. Voted for the 11 day, but will say if you do take the seven day, HIGHLY recommend adding that Munich option you mentioned; love that city!
  3. Although we chose to take NCL Northbound, have been told one key advantage to southbound is shorter trip home--we are not looking forward to the long flight day back from Anchorage after the cruise. And if you are doing the land tour, the first couple of days on ship let you rest up from the journey. However, have also been told northbound is nice in that the scenery gets more impressive as you go. Other than that, would probably look at times in port if that makes a difference for you. As far as TA, what we found (at least the one we are using) is that they don't directly discount
  4. We were in basically the same quandary as you (have 3 kids) and came up with a different option you might consider: Norwegian. We are taking the Jewel on their Northbound route from Vancouver that includes both Glacier Bay and Hubbard, a key selling point for us. They also have no set dining times and multiple restaurants that might appeal to you based on your comments (Princess does have set times). It is also a smaller ship so will be able to get in closer to the glacier (recommend if you do Princess, don't take the Royal, they have been having a lot of problems running this itinerary due to
  5. We lived on Oahu for 4 years, and took an island cruise to move there (long story), so have seen all the islands from both sides. Each island is incredibly unique so of course everyone will have different opinions for the best island, and it really does come to what you want out of the trip. The rules of thumb I usually share: - Oahu for history (Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum), and big city amenities like nightlife, fine dining and high end shopping (by the way, Oahu tends to get a bad rap--just avoid rush hour traffic and you'll be fine) - Kauai for natural beauty (Wa
  6. If you are worried about getting to Vancouver vs Seattle, please realize there is an easy (and cheap) train that you can take between the two cities. We did it, and it is a pleasant, scenic ride.
  7. One bonus for March is you'll be in peak whale season, and have lower crowds. To be honest, we lived in Hawaii for several years, and can say there is no bad month for a Hawaii cruise.
  8. We are also looking forward to the rest of your review--we are Northbound on the Jewel next year. Particularly looking forward to your review of the glacier dog sled trip and why you pick the one from Girdwood. Thanks in advance!
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