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  1. We lived on Oahu for 4 years, and took an island cruise to move there (long story), so have seen all the islands from both sides. Each island is incredibly unique so of course everyone will have different opinions for the best island, and it really does come to what you want out of the trip. The rules of thumb I usually share: - Oahu for history (Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum), and big city amenities like nightlife, fine dining and high end shopping (by the way, Oahu tends to get a bad rap--just avoid rush hour traffic and you'll be fine) - Kauai for natural beauty (Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast) and laid back 'old school' Hawaii (Our personal favorite) - Maui for outdoor activities and water sports (diving, etc) - Big Island for Volcanoes (will say though, if you have Hilton points, The Waikoloa Village is an INCREDIBLE resort for kids with fun pools, dolphins, and fun boat/monorail transports throughout the resort) So one question I would ask is will this be your only trip? If yes, then I would include the cruise because is really is a great sampler of what the islands have to offer (caveat: ours was on Royal Caribbean, so can't comment on POA specifically). If you plan on more trips, then I would pick 2 islands, spend 7 days on each (All of the islands have more than enough to keep you busy for 7 days if you have a rental car) and then do the other 2 the next trip. No matter what you pick though, you can't go wrong.
  2. If you are worried about getting to Vancouver vs Seattle, please realize there is an easy (and cheap) train that you can take between the two cities. We did it, and it is a pleasant, scenic ride.
  3. One bonus for March is you'll be in peak whale season, and have lower crowds. To be honest, we lived in Hawaii for several years, and can say there is no bad month for a Hawaii cruise.
  4. We are also looking forward to the rest of your review--we are Northbound on the Jewel next year. Particularly looking forward to your review of the glacier dog sled trip and why you pick the one from Girdwood. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for this; going on Jewel to Alaska, so very interested in hearing about her post-refurbishment.
  6. Along these lines, our family is doing the 2 bedroom non-Haven suite on Jewel for 2020. My parents are coming and will be in the connecting room. How does NCL treat those who are not in a suite, but tied to a family in a suite? My main concern is we would like to take advantage of the priority embarkation/debarkation but not at the expense of splitting our party. I realize some lines are very strict about the division between rooms and no exceptions are made, while others are supposedly willing to extend such benefits on a case by case basis. Anyone have experience with NCL's approach?
  7. Is there a limit to the number of cards in a household? In other words, we have a family of 5; can my wife and I each get a card with the signup bonus and companion voucher and use them both on the same flight for our kids?
  8. Will also say thanks for this review. We are looking at 2020, and were locked on doing Princess (wanted to see the glaciers and Glacier Bay) but the prices are scaring us off, and have started looking at Royal Caribbean. Your review helped calm some of the concerns we had of what we would miss if we switched. Thanks again!
  9. I am curious about this as you are the second to say this in the thread, but I haven't heard much about College Fjord before. What made it stand out for you? One of our primary goals was glacier viewing, and the southbound itinerary we were looking at had both Hubbard and Glacier; is College Fjord good enough to override two glacier days?
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