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  1. AuzzieCruiser

    Muster Station on Ecstasy

    Does anyone know where the Muster Station would be for R206?
  2. AuzzieCruiser

    Your longest cruise, where and how long?

    Was 35 nights B2B on Rhapsody in 2009. Was fantastic! Have a 26 night B2B coming up very soon on Brilliance :D
  3. This time next year, it will be a teary farewell to a great ship with many wonderful memories :(
  4. AuzzieCruiser

    Virgin Australia

    I found Air New Zealand's 747's a great ride! Their 777-200 was average in comparison. Top notch service as always! I flew Virgin Australia in 2011 flying Economy to LA and Premium Economy LA to Sydney. In my opinion, it was worth the extra $$ coming home! I didn't see the point Sydney to LA as the flight left at 11am and would be awake virtually the whole flight. I slept like a baby coming home in Premium economy. I got about 10 hours of solid sleep. I'm flying Air China in August to London and home from Vancouver. I'm dreading it in a way lol.
  5. AuzzieCruiser

    Rhapsody 2015 Relocation

    Interesting couple of weeks coming up :)
  6. AuzzieCruiser

    Balcony Vs Outside Staterooms

    There should be enough space under the bed for two medium suitcases. Our large ones were just a tad too big. We put one in the wardrobe and the other one at the end of one of the beds as we had 2 single beds.
  7. AuzzieCruiser

    Balcony Vs Outside Staterooms

    The cabins on Rhapsody are quite small compared to Voyager and Radiance. We managed to survive for 5 weeks and got used to the space around us.
  8. AuzzieCruiser

    Rhapsody boarding times...

    I feel like a lazy slob now :p
  9. AuzzieCruiser

    Rhapsody 2015 Relocation

    I love her!! I'll be sad to see her go!:(
  10. AuzzieCruiser

    $295,280.70 for 11 nights to NZ

    Maybe Scoot would have something :)
  11. AuzzieCruiser

    Rhapsody of the seas arriving in Sydney tomorrow

    They closed the observation deck on level 4 and reopened once he left. Well that appeared to be what happened because as soon as his empty motorcade came past, they removed the barricades. What a send off the Rhapsody got yesterday plus the air show!:)
  12. AuzzieCruiser

    Rhapsody of the seas arriving in Sydney tomorrow

    Karen, From what I could see, because the OPT was closed because of Harry, there wasn't many people on the cruise! One muster station looked empty! I saw a deal for next Saturday for around $1000 inside. I thought that was a bargain for a charter cruise! That was a few weeks ago though. I just had a look. There isn't a Country cruise next year!!:eek:
  13. AuzzieCruiser

    RE: Hand me down princess ships!!

    When people talk about doing a NZ cruise, I always suggest a roundtrip from Oz! You miss out on 2 nights and you have to pay for flights, accom in NZ etc.
  14. I find the agents in the US to be quite pleasant. These agents are trained to answer Australian calls and queries. Friday can't come around soon enough! I hope it's worth the hype and wait! :)
  15. Good point Karen! :) It will be interesting to see what it is. I hope Royal Caribbean don't let us down like they have in the past!:rolleyes: