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  1. We were scheduled for your cruise but switched to the Madi Gras in 2022. I think you may see some changes as Carnival has already said cruises won’t be longer than 7 days when things get going again. That will probably eliminate St Martin since it is the furthest travel distance. We were able to transfer our OBC from a 2020 cancelled cruise so everything worked out other than we won’t get the same ports. But the Madi Gras is a big upgrade.
  2. If you do the bottomless bubbles do you get can sodas or is it fountain drinks in a glass?
  3. While I totally disagree with your opinion because the science does not back it up, I will gladly accept whatever decision Carnival makes. At this time it seems to be vaccine not required. As a side note, I am vaccinated.
  4. I agree there will be some lasting changes. But i think we are close to the end with this one. I also think we need to fully investigate how this whole mess started. We need the full cooperation from all foreign countries. If things were done improper there should be some accountability.
  5. Or maybe the CDC can just drop their stupid restrictions that do nothing
  6. As we get closer to actual sailing dates these restrictions will just disappear. The CDC will soon lift all all restrictions on cruises. We're back to normal and it feels good
  7. Same way some poster keep saying cruises will be cut short. I just push the right keys and it appears on the screen. Plus I follow the science and I refuse to live in fear. The same science everybody was screaming we had to follow when it said lock everything down, now says you are safe if you are vaccinated. You won't be affected by the virus. Enjoy being able to do things unrestricted.
  8. I'm so happy this is all past us now. We'll all be happily cruising real soon and nobody will care about mask, distance and who has or has not had a shot. The end of the virus!
  9. Not going to happen. Cruises will not be cut short. That was in the beginning. We know how to deal with this now. Happy cruising for everybody!
  10. Like I already posted, wait until a few cruises are over and you will see that I am correct.
  11. I understand where you’re coming from. You’re scared. But everything’s going to be ok. Wait until a few cruises are over and you’ll feel safer. Then you’ll see that l am right.
  12. That was before a vaccine. Nice try though.
  13. You won’t. Next 2 week it’ll change from the CDC. They just think doing it this way will make them look less stupid because of previous stupid decisions.
  14. Why does anybody care if someone is not vaccinated? It has nothing to do with those that are vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated you’re good. You’re safe. You’re protected. You won’t get sick and die. Those who choose not to get vaccinated know the possible consequences and accept those consequences. It should not even be a discussion. It won’t affect anyone else’s vacation in any way. This thing is ending. Let’s complain chair hogs.
  15. Hey, you bring up good points. I think I’ll try it on our next cruise.
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