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  1. There is a nice, big, clean Publix supermarket right next to the airport in SJU.
  2. Just booked an 11-night on the Radiance- Sydney to New Zealand. The cruise is in January of 2020 and there is only one person on the Roll Call....which got me to wondering who my fellow passengers would be. Any idea?
  3. Count me in as misinformed. I am at 77 nights. I was told that during my next cruise after my third night on the ship (80) to approach the LA and that we would be given access to Diamond bennies from the 81st night on. What I am hearing is that you don't have access to Diamond bennies until you have completed the cruise when your 80th night was reached. Is this correct?
  4. He will be fine with a collared shirt and nice slacks. There were people in shorts and t-shirts on formal nights, no worries.
  5. Yes, during the Captains Corner session on Anthem last week he said the plan was to install a retractable stack so Oasis could fit under the V Bridge in New York.
  6. Oasis is being refitted with a retractable stack to allow her to go under the V Bridge in Bayonne.
  7. Just off the Anthem. We were on Deck 13 in cabin 616 and it was noisy with chairs being moved, etc. We both sleep like the dead so it didn't bother us but if you are a light sleeper you might want to avoid anything in front of the hump.
  8. I just got off the Anthem last Thursday. During the Captains Corner session, the captain stated that although it wasn't official yet...Oasis was going into dry dock for two months to replace the stack with a retractable stack that could be lowered to accommodate sailing under the bridge. He stated the Oasis was coming to Bayonne and that the Anthem would also still be sailing out of Bayonne during the winter and summering in Europe. He did not mention itineraries.
  9. You want to go on a cruise out of a northeast port that doesn't stop in FL or SC. I leave in two weeks on the Anthem out of NJ and our first stop is in Puerto Rico. Not sure how you are searching but I think there are plenty of different options out there. Perhaps you had other criteria that you didn't mention in your OP, such as final destination or days at sea?
  10. Op here. Thank you for all of the insight. We will take long pants and play it by ear.
  11. I am on Anthem in 3 weeks on deck 13. Are you saying that because it is right under the pool deck?
  12. Just in case you missed the first words of my post..."No judging please..."
  13. Okay thanks, we couldn't remember. We are driving to Cape Liberty from RI so will not have issues with luggage restrictions...long pants it is!
  14. No judging please...just asking about wearing shorts in the specialty restaurants and MDR for hubby (we do not eat in the MDR on formal nights).
  15. Wait, are you saying that they are not using Evian anymore???? I will be thrilled if that is accurate. Cant stand the taste of Evian, tastes like pool water. I did buy the refreshment package and was just planning on bringing some Mio to drown out the disgusting taste of the water! I'm the wine drinker so two bottles in my carry on will work just fine.
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