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  1. Never say never. We likely wont cruise in the next year since we are both in the high-risk category. Will wait and see...
  2. Oh no! Sorry I didn't mean you Monthend. I was referring to Royal Caribbean passing the buck to the banks!
  3. Wow!!! Talk about passing the buck. If you dont see your refund....call your bank???
  4. I filed a dispute with American Express on Friday for my May 2 sailing. I requested a refund on March 25. Crickets chirping since then. When I called to ask about the status of my refund I was told that because the cancellations were so close to sailing the software was automatically assessing cancellation fees, so every single refund had to be done manually. Crazy times indeed!
  5. Nope. Too many variables for either one of us to get on a cruise ship.
  6. I received an email with the charges that were being refunded. Nothing reflected on my CC yet...
  7. I got the same email yesterday. Nothing on the actual cruise refund, just the dining package, taxes, etc.
  8. I talked to Celebrity yesterday. My cruise was scheduled for May 2. I was told by the rep that it would be processed by May 11. Here's the kicker- she told me that every single refund was being processed manually because they do not have a program that will back out the penalty fees that are automatically assessed when you cancel a cruise. What a bunch of malarkey. I plan on formally disputing it with AmEx on April 24, which is one month after they cancelled my cruise. This is a billion dollar company that can't write software that will back out the penalty charges when generating a refund??? Bull! Cathy
  9. Just curious if anyone else is still waiting for a refund from a cancelled cruise? I called on March 27 to request a 100% refund, not a FCC. The cruise was scheduled to leave on May 2. It has been over three weeks and there is still no credit applied to my AmEx card (original form of payment). Anyone else in this boat? Cathy
  10. Since the travel ban on European flights, this is also going to impact the number of people unable to get to the ships to cruise. I foresee RCI canceling as well. I hope so; we have a Celebrity cruise on May 2 out of San Juan and would prefer a refund rather than a FCC.
  11. We don't typically do the shore excursions. Reason being is because we have only sailed in the Caribbean and know many of the islands well enough to venture out on our own. Our New Zealand cruise is/was offering the Lord of the Rings-Hobbiton Tour. Being a huge fan of Tolkien since I first picked up The Hobbit as a teenager, I would love to see it. It is a two hour ride each way from the port. The tour is sold out and I am uneasy traveling that far on a non-sanctioned RCI excursion. So I sent an email request to shorex@rccl.com to see if they could squeeze us in/put us on a wait list. Just curious what results others have had when making this type of a request...? Cathy
  12. Thanks...although the mixed bag of responses muddied the waters a bit. I agree that they will get more bang for their buck if we tip in USD. I was thinking of tipping in AUD because it would be easier for them to spend it when home ported in AU. But since the ships currency is USD, we will probably go with that. No plans to use New Zealand currency while on board! Cathy
  13. It is an 11 night that does not visit any AU ports.
  14. Will be leaving from Sydney AU to New Zealand. I am guessing that I will tip (room service, good bartenders, cabin steward, et) in AU dollars, correct?
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