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  1. Monday was a sail day, and we slept most of the day because of the meclizine we took. And this was the less drowsy version! we ate in the garden buffet for dinner and it was very good. The make up your cabin twice a day, once in morning and turn down service for evening. We were lucky to have a good towel animal guy (this will become a joke later in the cruise during the shows). we went to the band on the run show. it was very good. we actually expected catkills type shows, and were very impressed at quality of show. The stardust theater on deck 6 & 7 is beutiful. we also went to show at spinnaker lounge in 13th deck. it was more intimate and more guests interaction. (during the week the cruise director staff ran a liar game, newlywed, family fued, and beat the clock like game.) we enjoyed being out and the shows were pretty good. the guests were funny. there was this huge contingent from south africa and apparently knew how to have a good time. the people of the ship were made up between 800 americans, 600 english, 350 south africans and assorted others. we did not use the casino or bars, as we dont gamble or drink, but they looked impressive. they are not too pushy with drinks, asking once, and leaving you alone. water is free. next day 3 and Messina.
  2. So we took taxi to the ship (about 15 euro). When you get to the terminal you leave big luggage with them, and they bring it to your cabin. the line to register was short, very airport like. they had coffee and cake waiting for you there. we registered quickly and then walked gangplank to the ship. the ship is stunning. we went to our room on the 9th deck mid ship. It was a balcony and we were very happy with the room. the room is very clean, up to date, and was ready. we then explored the ship. we checked out the garden buffet on deck 12. there was a bbq sail away party as well at the pool. people were having a very nice time. we dont eat meat, so cant comment on that , but salads, rice, and assorted vegeterain dishes were very good. they have plenty of stations for duplicates of the cold, hot, stir fry, pizza, hotdogs etc. they have pasta station. deserts, ice cream machine for 24 hour a day icecream. just to talk some more about the food. the juice machne only serves ice tea for lunch and dinner (and its horrible - i think it was unsweetened). for breakfast its cranberry, orange and apple juice. breakfast has egg station, pancakes, french toast, assorted bacon and saussages. cereals of all kinds. fruit and assorted cold stuff like lox, herring etc. i really cant see how people complain about the food, everyone i saw was eating up a storm. i found the pasta with tomato sauce especially delicious. they varied up the vegetarian dishes, including korean, indian and jamaican dishes. the bread was plentiful, varied and fresh. we did our emergency drill and then when the boat started moving, we started to get a little ill. so we took drammine. it was a mistake. we basically slept the next 24 hours. We should of just slept it off that night, because we got acclimated to the motion (very slight except for one night - which i will get to later). About the entertainment. we love it. and we loved MIke the cruise director. we found him charming, funny and knew how to handle the crowd. sunday night was a preview of the shows to come and it was simply a interview. but mike made it fun. we decided to change our shore excursions, which turned out to be real lucky for us, as I will explain on day 3. they are very courteous and made it very pleasant. That is another thing about the service. We always felt comfortable, and they always encouraged you to have a good time. At dinner, the waiter would tell you, order more than 1 appetizer, or main. its vacation, enjoy it. We ate dinner at the sushi bar. its 5$ all you can eat or you can do ala carte. the all you can eat sushi was average to below average. The salmon was horrible. it looked frozen. the tuna was ok. rice was cold. just not good, I make better sushi. i was looking forward to sushi, but never ate there again. next day 2.
  3. hi yall This will be a review of my NCL Jewel trip from Barcelona for 7 days. It will hopefully answer some of the FAQ i see here. We arrived on Friday. YOu need to look at the terminals to see which area, A or B, will have your luggage. Once done, we took a taxi to the Hotel Pulitzer (a clarion hotel) that is 50 feet off Pl. Catalunya the city center. The ride was about 30 euro there.They add euro for each piece of luggage. the taxi ride was uneventful. the Hotel is FANTASTIC. We fell in love with it, and its Spectacular service. They do everything they can to help and do it with pleasure. the room was real cool. You need your hotel card to operate the room. very nice and quiet room, great decor. we went to the information center (big red i) in pl. catalunya and booked walking tours of modernist, picasso and gothic quarter (for fri, sat and sun). we also bought the 24 hour bus ticket for bus turistic. it was a special deal that included discounts for other attractions and discounts off of the walking tours (which all meet at pl. catalunya.) we enjoyed all of it. we took the bus for 2 of the 3 routes (blue and red) and enjoyed it. We checked out at 1 from hotel, and walked some more down la rambla. we then took taxi to boat. We loved barcelona. we didnt see any pickpockets, and you felt safe. There was one minor "incident " when we left a fantastic vegetarian rest off of la rambla. the rest was called biocenter and they have a website. the side street was fortunny or something like that. it was 11pm saturday night, and as we left we saw suspicious street chars. as we passed them one of them approached me saying excuse me. but we hurried on and everything was fine. next the cruise.
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    Transportation in Barcelona

    what do you do with your luggage?
  5. happy123

    Another Jewel 6/18 Review

    great review! you had an afternoon flight, what did you do till your flight.? can you check bags and tour some more?
  6. CAn anyone please share thier NCL sponsored excursions with me. What did you like, not like. What did you hear about the other excursions from fellow passengers? Any info is appreciated.
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    5/28 NCL Jewel Review

    [QUOTE]All you can eat Sushi for only $5, there is also A la Carte pricing for Sushi & Teppanyaki[/QUOTE] Wow - is that real? 5$ for ALL the sushi you can eat? Why would you need a la carte?
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    5/28 NCL Jewel Review

    Great review. Im a big sushi fan. Any idea how to see the menu, and also, what they charge? is the cover charge a minimum, or on top of what you order? Also, i dont eat meat or cheese, can I order a grilled salmon or tuna from the main dining rooms?
  9. The ncl website shows you what the excursions are and how long. BUT they do not show the PRICE. Even when you begin to select the tours for Pre-order and prepare to submit, you STILL do not see the PRICE. Does anyone know how much the excursions are? Or where can i find a list of the prices? Does anyone know if you submit a preorder, can you change it online? When do they tell you the price? Ill be honest, ive never seen a online reservation system that doesnt tell you UPFRONT what the price is. :mad: