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  1. Honolulu to LA in mid June was freezing!!! Sat on pool deck in pants/long sleeves and with a blanket, to read!
  2. Our very first cruise was to the Med with friends who asked to join us. I had planned private guides in most of the ports, and the friends came on all tours, as well as other people from the roll call. The 4 of us had some dinners together, and not others...after a day together, it was nice to meet and chat with other people, or be by ourselves. We remain great friends!
  3. ask on the board for your cruise line, or ask your TA to put in a request. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Could you not request 2 loungers?
  5. Our first cruise, on Regatta, we were booked in B2. About 2 weeks before, we were offered a PH1 for $375 pp!!! Of course we jumped all over it. I think they like to offer to first timers to get them "hooked", and it works! We have since travelled in Bs, and I won't upgrade to A, but though the deals aren't as great, we have upgraded again to a PH. It depends on the number of sea days as we like the bigger room on sea days. But on the O ships, always love those dreaded B3s!
  6. We were there in 2012, no problems taking photos.
  7. Yes, I had arranged a group of 8, I think, on the roll call, and we did the whole 3 days together. Believe me, WE missed Florida as well! The subway was incredible! The trip down the escalator took 2 minutes, I think the guide said, and was incredibly steep. The stations are gorgeous. I have always loved to see what the local life is like in places I visit, and enjoy the local architecture of houses. Here is another photo of the trip down, and one taken at a subway station
  8. Just a suggestion: I asked SPB for a 4 hour tour of the subway, Main Street shopping and restaurant area, and a market. It was SO much fun and a change from all the history!!! We were on the subway in AM rush hour, and the guide said everyone will know you are tourists, as you are smiling!(not that our cameras/backpacks/runners didn't give it away) We got to split up and eat at a restaurant of our choice as well!
  9. Wanted to get to Italy for our 30th anniversary. Chose 2 itineraries: a 10 day Venice to Rome, and a 14 day Venice to Barcelona. Didn't know if we would ever get back to Europe, so chose the Venice to Barcelona, and LOVED every moment. Also discovered that I preferred the south of France to Italy. We have done 4 more Med cruises, as well as others, none Caribbean. Can't get enough of the Med or cruising!
  10. Sailing from Stockholm in the fall, we had a deep rear facing balcony. We asked my brother and his wife to join us there and enjoyed champagne and other drinks.The late afternoon sun was shining directly on our balcony as we sailed through that breathtaking archipelago. The colours, the quiet, the beauty! We had music playing, and I got a little tipsy, and was dancing all over the balcony. After the sun set, we had a fabulous meal at one of the specialities. What a perfect start!
  11. Venice, Stockholm and Sydney. THE SCENERY!!!
  12. It is Oceania air, nothing to do with O Life. I always have booked with Oceania air, and then cancelled when able to use my points, or found a good airfare. The only problem is, the credit for Oceania air may not be as good as the cruise gets closer.
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