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  1. First cruise, setting off from Venice; a dream!
  2. I just went to the fudge website and had several great laughs! Thanks!
  3. we were in an aft cabin on Regatta just last fall. Loved it!! The deeper balconies there are great...room for 2 chairs and 2 loungers!
  4. Same for us! We had an aft on Nautica and it was fabulous in the Baltic, so requested the aft on Insignia for a 38 day cruise in 2016, Sydney to LA. It was awful! Fumes and soot+++. VERY disappointed. We tried again for a Panama Canal in 2019 on Regatta, and had no problem. Wonder why it's different on Insignia? The views are tremendous!
  5. I have only ever cruised on Oceania, and we have done 12 cruises with them. I have never seen a room service tray in the hallway on any cruise! The rare time we order room service, the tray stays in our room. The only time I have EVER seen a room service tray on the floor outside a room was at Toronto's Fairmount Royal York Hotel, and I was shocked. It looked disgusting, and kind of turned my stomach. Who wants to look at other peoples' mess???
  6. A fabulous day on the island of Rangiroa in the Pacific. Took a boat ride of about an hour to an area where we snorkelled and ate fresh coconut, then walked and waded from one small island to another. There we swam in a pool formed by ancient corral pushed up onto the land, and the guides(and some participants!) did some "cliff" diving. Walked on, to a wonderful lunch of local foods, and shark feeding. Then the return boat ride. Wish we could do it again...really had no idea it would be so fabulous, and I was the one who arranged it!
  7. Also Canadian. Cancelled a Sept. 2021 cruise on March 24th. Deposit refund on my Visa today, after 78 days.
  8. Just remember that the people above you in an aft facing balcony can't SEE you on YOUR balcony, unless you are at the railing. Some people seem to think they are uncovered, but they aren't.
  9. Could someone please tell me the price in US dollars of a B3 on Marina, Sept 20, 2021, 26 days Amsterdam to Venice? Thank you in advance!
  10. Thanks Dan! I guess the first time I looked at the cruise, it was already at the sale price, unfortunately.
  11. Dan, when did you originally book? I am not seeing any change on the site in CAD from 7-10 days ago....
  12. I do too Lyn, but would be nice to have it there to remind you for after touching menus, chair arms, S&P, everything!
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