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  1. We had a sheltie dog on our last O cruise from Seattle to Miami. Currents stated it was a service dog, and thanked us for our understanding. The dog NEVER wore any kind of vest or harness, which I think should have...even though I know they are easily purchased on line.
  2. After a similar discussion a few years ago, I actually MEASURED the bed. It was 66 inches wide; halfway between a queen and a king. And yes, I have a measuring tape in my purse.
  3. when we requested twins in Sept on Regatta, they separated the beds, but kept them side by side. The steward asked if this was okay, and we said we'd try it: Perfect!!!
  4. Don't know how I could have missed the cheese plate!!!
  5. KatieBelle, when did you last get that cheese plate? We are just back from Regatta's first cruise after refurbishment. One day, I was feeling a little peckish, and thought I would enjoy a cheese and cracker type snack. I was very surprised to see a VERY limited selection on the room service menu. It was much smaller than whet I recall seeing on previous cruises. No cheese. I did phone and ask for some mixed nuts(not on the menu) and they brought 2 small bowls, which was nice. Perhaps I should have seen what would happen if I requested cheese and crackers, but I wanted to make it simple for them. Maybe the new binder in our cabin was missing some pages.....?
  6. The sideboard at the entrance to Horizons had the same goodies, SSSTTTTRRRRREEEETTTTCCCHHHHHEED out to cover it. There was never the table in the centre. Also noticed rice pudding MANY days in Terrace...using up the rice from dinner? It would be topped with berry compote or caramel or chocolate sauce. I did ask a chef if they would be serving cream of artichoke soup(LOVE it!) but it is no more. Noticed same things served at Terrace as the night before occasionally. BUT, chef at Toscana still made my special request one night, and I enjoyed the food everywhere very much. And the dining room was closed on port days. Noticed a few other little things, but nothing to stop me from booking another Oceania cruise!
  7. Hi Paulchili, We were just on Regatta, and I felt there was less to choose from at tea. Seems to me the trollies used to be chock a block full, now you can see the trolley top! Still enough to enjoy, though I never felt I got clotted cream...only sweetened whipped cream.
  8. I agree with trying private tours...especially if this is your first time to Europe! Having a group of 6 already is perfect, and you can usually go up to 8 if you want to decrease the cost pp even more. Just post the tour on your roll call...have you joined your roll call? IMO, there is so much to see (especially from the last 4 ports listed), and a private guide will get you there and back to the ship in time for sailing. I have just done the included tours on my last couple of cruises because 1) we have been to the Med so many times that I have seen the places before, and 2) they were ports I wasn't too concerned about(in Mexico). I find that the included tours are often half day tours, so if you want to see as much as possible, get a private guide. I would not miss Eze and St. Paul de Vence from Monte Carlo, or San Tropez if that works out better. Also I would see if you can do Provence from Toulon. That is my favourite place on earth, but we have always docked at Marseille and gone from there. There are several great guides in the this area...I could recommend some if you like. Just let me know!
  9. Just off Regatta, first cruise after refurb. We had North American style plug by bed, don't remember if also a European one.
  10. like a tea towel on each side of the bed. We told our stewardess not to bother with them, no problem.
  11. Tonight I asked if they had sparkling Vero water...they did, and it was lovely.
  12. On Regatta now. Vero in cabins and at restaurants. Sparkling water still in usual bottles in GDR. Disposable plastic bottles for on shore.
  13. Cabins look GREAT!!!! Nightlight in bathroom great. Shower doors are great. No artwork hanging over seating area in cabin yet. Walls don't seem to be magnetic anymore..., but there are 3 hooks on wall across from bed in our cabin. Plastic drinking cups in bathroom now(smart) Better storage of paperwork on desk. Plug and USB at each side of bed, 2 plugs and 2 USB at desk. Public areas beautiful! Elevator doors and panels inside seem to have some sort of protective covering on them, which can be peeled back. Don't know when it will come off... Also unsure, but think some hallway walls also have same protective covering.
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