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  1. Well, I am pretty much priced out. I can not afford those kinds of prices, especially when you include a cross country flight, hotels, etc. etc. This makes me sad, but I will get there soon enough!
  2. That is new. I checked very early this morning and it wasn't there.....
  3. Just an update for everyone. I commented this on the Princess facebook page yesterday, and they replied this morning. So @bubbapuck hopefully they should be out before christmas!
  4. This really is not a bad answer. It's a very generic answer, but not horrible considering the end of the year is only 5 1/2 weeks away. Bubba, I feel bad for you since you are wanting to surprise your wife with a cruise to Alaska for Christmas.
  5. Do you have a link to this sorta-not-secret site? I was looking for something like this for princess but was unsuccessful....
  6. Well guys, as long as our Intel was correct, which is more of an educated guess, we should hopefully be seeing some 2021 Alaska sailings this week! Here's to hoping, and keeping our fingers crossed!
  7. I recently found out that MSC cruises matches a host of other cruise lines status.......even though there is no affiliation. Kind of interesting.
  8. Yes....Royal offers double points for Junior Suites and higher I believe....that is the only one I know about.
  9. I have been on one Carnival cruise, and do not know too much about the VIFP program. I know you earn one point per night sailing. Is there anyway to earn 2 points per night? For example if you stay in a suite, or a certain category cabin? Thanks in advance! Greg
  10. I am in the same boat, except we have never sailed with Princess before. I keep seeing people say the 20th, so hopefully just another week or so.
  11. When Princess releases their 2021 Alaska sailings, will they make some kind of announcement, or will they just appear on the website? If there is an announcement, where/how do they usually make it? Thanks, New to Princess, but excited at the possibility to try them!
  12. I hope this to be true also. Royal released their 2021 Alaska sailings today, and they are pretty hefty in price. I'm hoping Princess is a little more affordable for us!
  13. Yea....I have a large group wanting to go, and they pretty much priced us out....
  14. Exactly what jbethel11 said. One itinerary each for these 3 ships showed up, unable to book, but had 2021 dates. So it has been confirmed by these leaks as to which ships will be in Alaska in the 2021 season.
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