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  1. Good morning Daily friends! Gorgeous Saturday here in NJ! Rabbits are cute...but I struggle to find the right mix of plants that DON'T make them an all-you-can-eat salad bar! Not a fan of comic books but I know they are popular collectables. Hunting and fishing not my style but I respect those who partake responsibly. Will pass on the drink, but intrigued by the wine. I'd prefer the alternate selection today - love a good soup and we're headed into soup season @Sharon in AZ sending special prayers for young Jakob @grapau27 looks so relaxing and beautiful there by the sea...I could spend hours there. Will be spending the day at Battery Park in DE at Art on the Green. Should be a lovely day to be outside, and will get to spend time with my sister and her family as she shows her Moonlight Pottery creations.
  2. With the exception of the dishwasher which had already been replaced twice, the range and fridge were original to the house when we had it built in 1995 ( the original fridge is still going...it's now in our garage for beverages). My microwave? A countertop model that was purchased in 1989...32 years old and still working. We had the kitchen re-done this spring and bought a full suite of Frigidaire Gallery appliances. The range is Model FGGH3047VF: Natural gas (not a fan of electric stoves) with five burners on top. The Air Fryer option is also a feature as well as what Frigidaire refers to as "true convection". We've had it about three months and without a doubt the oven is fantastic - very even bakes. Nice control on the burners too - I can get a very low simmer going, something difficult on my old stove. The fridge is actually quite basic - french door counter-depth with a bottom freezer. There is an interior water dispenser but we do not have a water line, so it isn't connected. Same with the ice maker...it's there, but we still make ice the old fashioned way. (our kitchen remodel wasn't a full-gut; and I wasn't going to go through any plumbing changes to get a water line in). The dishwasher is the best we've had - super quiet. The one thing I'm still getting used to is that all the 'buttons' for the controls are hidden on the top edge of the door, so the face is just pure stainless. You set the wash cycle, hit 'on' and then it doesn't actually activate until the door is fully shut: Microwave is VERY basic...probably the lowest-level Gallery appliance in the line. No convection features or fancy bells/whistles...we use it for basic side-dish cooking and re-heating, so no need to spend a lot on it: I know I'll never get the kind of life out of these appliances that we did on the originals - they just don't make them last anymore. As long as they stay around long enough when we're ready to sell the house in 4-5 years, I'll be happy.
  3. Though I haven't yet tried it, the new stove/oven I got this spring when we re-did our kitchen has an air fryer built in. Made by Frigidaire. I've heard that using the setting does get the oven a bit dirty, but that's what the self-clean cycle is for, I guess.
  4. Thank you for once again sharing your travels with us! Hope you have a wonderful time!!
  5. Hmmm...the pictures are a bit out of order as that final one should have been positioned as the second...I can't seem to fix it. Oh well...
  6. Good morning all! The sky is crystal clear here and we are looking forward to a stretch of beautiful early fall weather here...thankfully, timed perfectly for the weekend! Not a fan of cherries but my husband would never turn down a lovely jubilee. As Roy said, we should celebrate Native Americans more than just a day. Love the precious koala...I hope that their habitat in Australia is recovering from the terrible fires that were there a year or so ago. Today's meal of chicken parm is a favorite in this household...we're doing takeout tonight, but now I have a dish to look for on the menu before ordering. Will be curious to hear about today's drink. Santa Barbara was a port we experienced while sailing on Eurodam in October 2019, our last "pre-COVID" cruise. Such a beautiful area, though we opted to take an excursion that brought us up into the Santa Ynez valley to visit a couple of wineries and then time to explore the wonderful Danish village of Solvang. Kalyra Winery was one we visited...the roots of their process are in Australia, which is a region I love for wines. The tasting went so well I joined their 'Wine Thieves' club and now get 3 shipments a year. A tornado had seriously damaged their tasting room earlier in the year so they had us all set up on the lawn overlooking the winery...it was a spectacular day and an enjoyable visit: Once dropped off in Solvang, we had about 2-3 hours to explore the village - the architecture was so special, and many of the shops with lots of unique goods. We couldn't resist having some lunch at a nice little cafe and tasting the traditional "Aebleskiver", little puffy pancakes filled with fruit or jam...they were outstanding! It was a beautiful sail away that afternoon from our aft balcony... I do hope we can return again someday to explore that area some more. Sending good thoughts to all for a happy Friday - Hope you all have a wonderful day today!
  7. @kazu, onion jam is delightful...almost as good as bacon jam!! And thanks to you I learned how to multi-quote today! @mamaofami, so good to read this and especially that Sam is motivated. The mind is such an important part of the recovery process.
  8. Good morning all Daily folks! Interesting that Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day meet...wasn't Richard Nixon's dog named Checkers? Talk about a coincidence! Love the Fierstein quote, love daquiris...not a fan of portobello but Roy's alternate is one I know I would love...breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites!! @grapau27 wishing you the best today for a successful procedure and easy recovery. Good thoughts to all who need extra care today and high-fives to those celebrating. Looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful Fiji photos you all have to share. Rain expected here in NJ today but that will be the price to pay for a nice weekend. I'm headed to New Castle DE on Saturday to the Art in the Park Festival. My sister is a potter and will have a booth at the show, very excited to see in person the beautiful pieces she has shared photos of as they came out of the kiln. My niece will also be there, and will be so nice to see her in person - thanks to the pandemic, it's been about two years since we last hugged. Have a great day all!
  9. I so enjoy the gardening pictures, Jacqui...and those of everyone who has shared. True that the fall means the end of a lot of annuals, but I did go out this weekend and get some fall color for the yard. Found a couple of very cool ornamental peppers, and a triple-color ENORMOUS mum that I couldn't resist...
  10. You had me at "Patron Silver"...pass on the salt rim. Never did like that.
  11. Good morning all - first day of fall always bittersweet for me. As much as I adore the cooler crisp days of autumn, it means that in a few weeks its time to put all the outdoor furniture away and prepare to 'hunker in' for the colder weather to come. I like that there is Business Womens Day - I'm blessed to be enjoying a resurrected business career after giving it all up to become a stay-at-home-mom for 17 years. There have been some pretty big moments I've experienced in the past six years at my current position, but one of the highlights was breaking bread with one of only 35 women CEO's running Fortune 500 Companies a couple of months ago. Elephants are a curiousity - so large and powerful, but seemingly gentle. Not a fan of lamb so would pass on the meal...but the wine sounds interesting. I was briefly excited when I saw 'Costa Rica' as the port, thinking I'd have pictures...but wrong spot in that nation. I was in Puerto Limon. @mamaofami so sorry to hear of the troubles with Sam and insurance. As so many others have said, please try to find some time for self-care. Glad to hear from yesterday's posts that some are starting to get the Pfizer booster. I'm convinced it will be necessary, and can see this becoming an annual 'thing' like the flu shot. I'll do whatever it takes to stay safe and healthy. Another work day calls...this busy Business Woman has a full slate of meetings today. Have a good day all...will check in later.
  12. Thank you for the daily report and care lists - thinking of everyone who needs a lift to get through the challenges life is throwing at you today. Been a crazy busy past week so have some catching up to do...knowing that there is this very friendly spot to come to is a welcome. Have a great day everyone...off to work, but will check in later.
  13. While I loved prior visits to Aruba and Curacao, I would really like this itinerary...adore HMC and my prior partial transit of the Canal was a fascinating day. The rest of the trip would be just lazy days on my balcony reading...
  14. HAL's fuzzy math. A few years ago when we had Explore4, I was stunned to see we had earned the maximum 30 points for a 10-night cruise...10 for the cruise, 10 for the suite bonus and 10 for on-board spending. That would have meant we spent $3000 on board, and there isn't a single cruise EVER where I've spent that much. Even our alcohol purchases have never even tipped over $750 for a full cruise. I couldn't figure out how in the world we earned those points when all my drinks were free... A review of my statement, though, showed that the drink package was actually charged to our account and then credited off under the promotion...but somehow it all counted as part of our spend. Add in the cost of the other perks, plus what we DID actually spend on board, and I guess we came up to that maximum. Not sure if they ever changed that.
  15. This has been one of my arguments from the start. Early on, within the US, if you were traveling on business there were no quarantine requirements when you returned home...but traveling for pleasure? Get home and stay there for up to 14 days in self-isolation. So...by that logic...the guys in my Company who travel up and down the East Coast could freely move about, stay in hotels, meet with strangers...and once home continue to move about without restriction. If I drove in my car to visit my daughter, staying ONLY at her house and going no place else, I would need to stay inside my home for 14 days after getting home. No sense at all.
  16. Thank you for the daily and lists for today. Missed yesterday completely...work consumed the day. A blessed Yom Kippur to those who observe. Love the 'hat' days...I've always been a fan of a great hat, just hate that it flattens out my hair. Chicken and rice is one of my favorite combinations so looking forward to seeing today's recipe. Love a good pinot noir too (who am I kidding...I love most wines!). Have not been to today's port but always fascinated of the stories and pictures I've seen others share. Can't wait to see it through all of your lives and lenses. Hoping to get home at a decent hour today and NOT have to open the work computer. Prayers to those on the care list, shout-outs to those celebrating! @rafinmd hope you have a wonderful time at your reunion!
  17. Good to know that it freezes...I have a favorite quiche recipe but never tried to freeze it (though I've re-heated leftovers just fine. I'll give this one a try!
  18. Carol...I cannot imagine the stress levels that you and your family are under. Kudos to your daughter for speaking up - it is a fact of the times that we must be our loved ones' best advocate today. I know a few years ago when my Dad had taken so ill and my brother and sister and I took turns being with him throughout the day, and having doctors/nurses in and out. We kept a blank journal by his side, and any time a medical professional came in, whoever was with him at the time took detailed notes. It not only kept us all equally informed, but gave us the chance to refer back to what some other medical professional had said any time a doctor or nurse came in afterwards with a question or comment that contradicted what had been said. Made keeping track of details easier. It's something I know I will use again should another family member be in a similar situation. I hope that things move in a good trajectory for Sam and better days are ahead.
  19. Good morning all, and thanks for the Daily Information. Defy Superstition? I think I'd be afraid of the bad karma (my most consistent superstition? Every time I board an airplane, my right palm goes flat to the fuselage at the door...sends good vibes for a safe flight). My family knows to save all the fortune cookies for me. My favorite peanuts are wrapped in chocolate, a colorful hard shell coating and the letters "M&M" printed on the outside. The recipe should be interesting...crustless quiche? Curious on that one. As for the drink of the day, it's my son-in-law's favorite, but after a bad turn with Jack almost 40 years ago, I haven't touched the stuff. I really love all the photos people share of each port of the day. Thank you to all who bring these wonderful places to me!! Prayers to those in need, and a toast to all who are celebrating. Hope all have a great day!!
  20. That still brings me to tears...thank you for that link.
  21. Good morning all - I echo the thanks for the special list today of those we need to remember. I woke this morning and the sky is as blue as it was 20 years ago, the air feels just as clear and crisp. Last night my husband and I reflected on that day, remembering so clearly many of the details. I have newspapers and news magazines printed just after but still cannot bring myself to open and read. Though I'm sure many of the memorial programs and shows are well done, I cannot bring myself to watch. I saw a fire truck from that day at a museum a few years ago and broke down. Today will be one of personal and quiet reflection. I did learn something I hadn't known though...Cantor Charity Day. Back then my husband had a lot of contact with Wall Street brokers and firms, and Cantor Fitzgerald was one. CF had offices on the 102-105th floors of the WTC and lost 2/3 of its employees assigned to that office that day - 658 souls. To honor them and keep their memory alive, each year on September 11 they hold a Charity Day. 100% of their global profits (global!) goes to a fund and is distributed to charities - many of which provide assistance to people who have suffered great loss due to disaster. To date they have raised over $180 million. (https://www.cantor.com/philanthropy/global-charity-day/charity-day-2021/) So for me, while I share prayers and concern for all on the list...I'm going to add a little extra to those families who continue to live with the pain and loss of that day. Extra prayers for all in the military who stand ready to prevent and defend us from another such attack, and wishes that somehow we can get back to the feeling that we had in our hearts on 9/12/2001...that we can put aside the differences that don't matter and all come together for a common good.
  22. This one made me smile - reminds me of the logo that my favorite wine club uses, the Tipsy Squirrel!
  23. Good morning all from rainy NJ - was pretty heavy overnight, but they say it should taper off this morning. It is the price we will pay for what is supposed to be a beautiful weekend coming up. Love a good teddy bear - I still have the one that my husband gave me when we first started dating over 35 years ago. Sudoku frustrates me, but it is one of the puzzle types my son loves best. Wonderful weirdos day sounds interesting, but I think rather than the term 'weirdo' which carries a negative connotation, I'll consider it Exceptional Eccentrics day. When I first read the meal of the day I truly wondered 'which meat and cheese pasta dish?' I have quite a few in my recipe box that use a variety of meats and cheeses. The recipe that @dfish posted reminds me of one that we ate a lot as a kid growing up...only we called it 'pasta with quickie sauce'. Takes me back for sure! Would likely enjoy today's drink - love a good margarita, but hold the salt. Today's wine would also be a great choice. Alaska is a trip we plan to take in the future once I have retired as it will likely be a good 2-3 week trip. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the grandeur of that place by those of you who have visited in the past. Wishing you all a splendid day...celebrate the victories, big and small!
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