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  1. My 'Mendoza Line' for cruise pricing used to be $100/day pp, and most inside staterooms fit the bill for that. I got a great deal on a balcony a few years ago (under $100/day) and have never turned back. The 'line' shifted to $200/day as my max to stay in a balcony. Now...with the way cruising was impacted by Covid...there is not a chance I'll reserve an inside ever again. I never want to risk having to be confined to an inside cabin for even 24 hours...I want fresh air on a cruise. At least in a balcony, I would have access to light and the outside regardless of any need to be confined to a stateroom.
  2. Good morning and happy Saturday to all. Thanks for the Daily information!
  3. Great recipes! I'm definitely going to try this out.
  4. This is very good to hear...I hope she has a steady recovery.
  5. Good morning all...another early check-in before the office. The days are long lately... Not sure what Come and Take It day implies, I think the Mad Hatter Day is probably appropriate for the way most of my recent days have felt, and a hard-pass on Kale Day... Today's meal sounds like a perfect fall dish - anxious to see the recipe. Good thoughts to all for a happy Hump Day.
  6. Appreciate today's Daily Report! We should all strive to do something nice every day. Teachers deserve all the special days they can get for the work they do. People who are good storytellers are those I love to spend time with. Not sure what is in today's meal suggestion (other than the chicken!) but the wine sounds like a perfect accompaniment. Another busy, busy work day for me today - some senior execs from the parent Company will be in town today along with a full slate of meetings. I have a few days of vacation coming up towards the end of the month, and at the rate things are going they cannot get here fast enough. Good thoughts to all for a wonderful day!
  7. Good morning all - checking in, lots to catch up on. It's been a very busy few days...and the next few will be as well. Thinking of all who need care and sharing the joy with those who are celebrating.
  8. We've cruised multiple years during March Madness, and never had what I would consider 'good' coverage of the tournament. You are at the mercy of whatever game the satellite feed channel is allowed to show. Game...as in singular. We never got more than one, and it usually wasn't one of the marquee games.
  9. Thank you so much for this - I will have to try at home!!
  10. Good morning, Daily Friends, sipping my coffee as I type! Confucius Day - who knew! Love a good Broadway Musical but haven't been in quite some time - last show I saw was Kiss Me Kate! and included a wonderful meal at Carmine's in NY. I think my favorite of all time was one I saw MANY years ago...Patti LuPone as Evita Peron in Evita!. It was an amazing performance and one I will never forget. Toasted Ravioli is a delight, especially with a delicious sauce to complement. I have to say though, I am intrigued by Roy's alternate selection because of the chilled raspberry soup. I adore fruit soups and they are so rare to find nowadays. Margaritas are a favorite, especially when a good tequila is used. I prefer mine without the salted rim and will order a shot of Grand Marnier to add a new dimension of flavor. Love them so much, I will always make sure I have a designated driver if ordering while out. Tequila is so good, but it hits hard. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful photos of your visits to Seychelles! Thank you to Rich for the data of the day and Roy for managing the lists. It's been good to see the posts of those with challenges improving - the power of all our positive vibes. Continues good thoughts to all who need them, and high-fives to those celebrating! Have a great day all - check in later.
  11. We learned that on Westerdam - I grew quite fond, very quickly, of the MacPherson Shiraz when we'd head to the Crow's Nest for trivia and pre-dinner drinks. The bartender up there got to know me quickly, and he would pour it as soon as he saw me walk in. Around mid-week, he told me the supply was getting low so he commandeered a few bottles for me. I will remember that for the dining room as well.
  12. The corkage was charged if you carried your wine into the dining room. My husband and I have always carried two bottles of wine on board every one of our HAL cruises for in-cabin consumption and never been charged a fee. Truthfully though - I'd pay it anyway and still carry the wine on board. We like having a couple of bottles in the stateroom for an afternoon happy hour on our balcony, and even paying the corkage it is likely to be less than ordering a bottle onboard.
  13. Good to see you again Bruno! Wonderful news Jim...so glad to hear!
  14. I can't answer the question about purchasing ahead vs. on board - we've always purchased on board. Regardless of when you buy the package, you don't make actual wine selections until you are ready to open a bottle. We were always given a list of available wines in the dining room (where we usually used the package) and chose 'in the moment'. I do recall one time when we made our selection, and the sommelier returned with a different bottle, telling us that our selection was out but that he thought that the wine he chose was a good substitute - it was a selection from the package above the one we bought. Very thoughtful, and we accepted his choice. Hope that helps!
  15. Good morning all - while no question is stupid, there are some that provide very obscure answers needed to win trivia contests on HAL! Good neighbors are a treasure as our the public lands. Mead's quote reminds me of the fun we have meeting new people on our cruises as we often come across folks who have unique talents, and the conversations are always interesting. Prefer beef in my chili but the meal is a good reminder to stock up on the ingredients needed for chili - first cool weekend I'll be ready to put a batch on the stove. Curious about the drink of the day and never met a Spanish red that wasn't good. Yesterday was mostly a lost cause for any 'fun' on the internet - my phone started blowing up with texts at 6am with two of my four staff calling out. Mondays are always a crush of work, so being down 50% in manpower made for a long day. Add in the prep work required for this week's all-day management meeting on Wednesday, along with lots of other issues that popped up...the day met all the criteria of a textbook 'Monday'. One of the two out yesterday has already called out again, so today will have its challenges as well. Thinking good thoughts for all on the care list and will toast those celebrating today.
  16. Mine too is no longer with HAL - I used her for years and all of a sudden, same thing...email with no name on it. I loved the service she provided; not sure myself who to use now.
  17. She doesn't have an etsy page, but she does respond to inquiries via Facebook Messenger on Moonlight Pottery's facebook page and has shipped out to those who see a piece they might light. Once a kiln load is out, she usually posts photos of a lot of the pieces on her facebook page.
  18. Have a spectacular time! Loved Eurodam when we sailed her in October 2019! This was our first trip to New Castle despite living fairly close, and you are right - really charming town! So many of the buildings have that traditional colonial look, and I learned that Jessop's Tavern on Market Street is considered one of the oldest restaurants in the state - wait staff still dresses in colonial garb. This is wonderful news about Jakob - I hope he continues to improve steadily. We got home about an hour ago from DE and it truly was a wonderful day. The temperature was such that you didn't mind at all being in sun or shade - and there was a very gentle breeze off the river that kept any pesky bugs that might be in the area away. Lots of people, food trucks and a DJ added to the festive atmosphere. My sister did very well with her pottery - lots of one-of-a-kind treasures went home with folks. here are a few photos of her booth:
  19. Good morning Daily friends! Gorgeous Saturday here in NJ! Rabbits are cute...but I struggle to find the right mix of plants that DON'T make them an all-you-can-eat salad bar! Not a fan of comic books but I know they are popular collectables. Hunting and fishing not my style but I respect those who partake responsibly. Will pass on the drink, but intrigued by the wine. I'd prefer the alternate selection today - love a good soup and we're headed into soup season @Sharon in AZ sending special prayers for young Jakob @grapau27 looks so relaxing and beautiful there by the sea...I could spend hours there. Will be spending the day at Battery Park in DE at Art on the Green. Should be a lovely day to be outside, and will get to spend time with my sister and her family as she shows her Moonlight Pottery creations.
  20. With the exception of the dishwasher which had already been replaced twice, the range and fridge were original to the house when we had it built in 1995 ( the original fridge is still going...it's now in our garage for beverages). My microwave? A countertop model that was purchased in 1989...32 years old and still working. We had the kitchen re-done this spring and bought a full suite of Frigidaire Gallery appliances. The range is Model FGGH3047VF: Natural gas (not a fan of electric stoves) with five burners on top. The Air Fryer option is also a feature as well as what Frigidaire refers to as "true convection". We've had it about three months and without a doubt the oven is fantastic - very even bakes. Nice control on the burners too - I can get a very low simmer going, something difficult on my old stove. The fridge is actually quite basic - french door counter-depth with a bottom freezer. There is an interior water dispenser but we do not have a water line, so it isn't connected. Same with the ice maker...it's there, but we still make ice the old fashioned way. (our kitchen remodel wasn't a full-gut; and I wasn't going to go through any plumbing changes to get a water line in). The dishwasher is the best we've had - super quiet. The one thing I'm still getting used to is that all the 'buttons' for the controls are hidden on the top edge of the door, so the face is just pure stainless. You set the wash cycle, hit 'on' and then it doesn't actually activate until the door is fully shut: Microwave is VERY basic...probably the lowest-level Gallery appliance in the line. No convection features or fancy bells/whistles...we use it for basic side-dish cooking and re-heating, so no need to spend a lot on it: I know I'll never get the kind of life out of these appliances that we did on the originals - they just don't make them last anymore. As long as they stay around long enough when we're ready to sell the house in 4-5 years, I'll be happy.
  21. Though I haven't yet tried it, the new stove/oven I got this spring when we re-did our kitchen has an air fryer built in. Made by Frigidaire. I've heard that using the setting does get the oven a bit dirty, but that's what the self-clean cycle is for, I guess.
  22. Thank you for once again sharing your travels with us! Hope you have a wonderful time!!
  23. Hmmm...the pictures are a bit out of order as that final one should have been positioned as the second...I can't seem to fix it. Oh well...
  24. Good morning all! The sky is crystal clear here and we are looking forward to a stretch of beautiful early fall weather here...thankfully, timed perfectly for the weekend! Not a fan of cherries but my husband would never turn down a lovely jubilee. As Roy said, we should celebrate Native Americans more than just a day. Love the precious koala...I hope that their habitat in Australia is recovering from the terrible fires that were there a year or so ago. Today's meal of chicken parm is a favorite in this household...we're doing takeout tonight, but now I have a dish to look for on the menu before ordering. Will be curious to hear about today's drink. Santa Barbara was a port we experienced while sailing on Eurodam in October 2019, our last "pre-COVID" cruise. Such a beautiful area, though we opted to take an excursion that brought us up into the Santa Ynez valley to visit a couple of wineries and then time to explore the wonderful Danish village of Solvang. Kalyra Winery was one we visited...the roots of their process are in Australia, which is a region I love for wines. The tasting went so well I joined their 'Wine Thieves' club and now get 3 shipments a year. A tornado had seriously damaged their tasting room earlier in the year so they had us all set up on the lawn overlooking the winery...it was a spectacular day and an enjoyable visit: Once dropped off in Solvang, we had about 2-3 hours to explore the village - the architecture was so special, and many of the shops with lots of unique goods. We couldn't resist having some lunch at a nice little cafe and tasting the traditional "Aebleskiver", little puffy pancakes filled with fruit or jam...they were outstanding! It was a beautiful sail away that afternoon from our aft balcony... I do hope we can return again someday to explore that area some more. Sending good thoughts to all for a happy Friday - Hope you all have a wonderful day today!
  25. @kazu, onion jam is delightful...almost as good as bacon jam!! And thanks to you I learned how to multi-quote today! @mamaofami, so good to read this and especially that Sam is motivated. The mind is such an important part of the recovery process.
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