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  1. Love this ship! Going on her for the third time in November, and just booked again for spring 2020. Same itinerary. People we talk to cannot understand why we would go again on the same itinerary, but to us, it's not about the destination...it's about the ship. No flying for us...we live about 45 minutes from the port. We have sailed Voyager and Freedom class, flown to ports, etc. Anthem out of Cape Liberty is fun and simple. Now, would we go on anything smaller (maybe?) or bigger (doubtful) out of Cape Liberty? Just enjoying Anthem while we can...not sure where she will be sent after Cape Liberty, but while we have her, I will be sailing!
  2. Thanks for the responses. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised.
  3. So I booked a cruise (we are Emerald and it is a balcony) on Wednesday 08/14/19. 48 hours later, the room category is exactly the same price, but now they are offering $75 OBC with it. When I called (and escalated it to a supervisor), I was told that the Balcony discount is not combinable with this particular promotion. Has anyone seen this before? Just doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. We are in a JS (Emerald) and traveling with our friends who are in a Grand Suite (Diamond Plus). We won't have a problem eating together, I hope. Thoughts?
  5. OCruisers, we went to have lunch at Izumi, but it was a port day and they were closed. Sad to say we never got to eat there.
  6. We happened to be walking by North Star while in port in Nassau, and they were about to go up when we asked if it was possible to join them. We were able to go without a reservation.
  7. Someone may have already posted this, but I just checked my cruiseplanner for my next cruise. It offers $200 casino credit with a $20 scratch card, $25 casino credit with a $5 scratch card, or $75 casino credit with a $10 scratch card. If it is not bonus playable casino credit, I would not be willing to purchase.
  8. We had the same experience as powelweb this morning. They scanned us; passports in hand. When they told us to go, I literally asked, "Just go?" It was nice but also strange at the same time.
  9. My pleasure, zdad59! Hope you didn't want it back! 😏
  10. Well, for some levity...I saw this thread earlier in the week, and as a result, made sure to double-check under the lining of the safe just prior to...ahem...being forced off of Anthem of the Seas this morning. ☚ī¸ I found something...it was a toothpick...at least it was wrapped in cellophane, so I guess I can safely assume it was unused! Thank goodness for that!
  11. On this cruise, also. Just hubby and I; adult kids are working and don't have the vacation days available. Just a point about the bumper cars for those of you with small children: we were impressed with how safe we felt. I have been on bumper cars in amusement parks where I wondered if I would get hurt, but these were very safe, in my opinion. No one under 5 can ride. I don't recall how old you had to be in order to ride on your own.
  12. I am currently on Anthem. We looked at their menu 2 days ago but haven't gotten around to eating there yet. It was ala carte at that time. I will ask about the flat fee tomorrow. Can't imagine they would do that and think they would be successful.
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