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  1. This is our first time looking at Royal Caribbean. Does this line ever run booking incentives? Our favorite are included drink packages or kids sail free. If they do run these specials, do they usually run them at a particular time of year?
  2. What's the fee for use of the Nursery? I was under the impression it wasn't included in the cruise fare. One of the reasons we are waiting until next year for our next cruise is that our youngest is only 23 months old.
  3. Is it $7.95 for the entire order, or per meal? If my family of 6 decides on room service for a meal, will it cost us a ton? And if it's only $7.95 for the entire order, how would one determine 18% gratuity on so much food for such a small service fee?
  4. I really am curious about this question I asked. I haven't seen an answer. Does anyone know if the same is true of RCCL? If you remove auto-gratuity, any tips you give in cash are turned in and if you don't remove auto-gratuity extra cash tips are kept?
  5. Our kids were the 3 of 9 on our Alaska cruise. :hearteyes: The other 6 kids were much older and didn't use the kid's club. We usually cruise with Holland America Line. LOL On the cruise before that our 2 were the only 2 on board.
  6. I LOVE all those ideas!! The science museum is totally something our family (and my science minded girls) would LOVE. It's now a must on our list along with the aquarium!
  7. I will remind my husband of this. He's pretty set against a balcony though :( I'm disappointed. We had a balcony on our first cruise. I used it a lot. He didn't go on it once. It might be a personal fear of his, now that I think about it. . . hmm.
  8. On our last cruise, I couldn't get our kids out of the kid's club. I think in the 14 days we were in Alaska, I only dragged them off the ship a handful of times. They were having too much fun. They didn't even want to eat dinner with us. They ended up having dinner at the buffet and then we would go to the MDR alone. It was awesome. LOL
  9. I did. Thank you :) I looked at those cabins. I'm not sure if they are available. I'm struggling to find a website that will allow me to pick our cabins. I *think* they are available, though.
  10. Oh wow! Did you write a review? I'd LOVE to read it! How was it??
  11. I was looking at Scandic Palace! I'm so glad to hear a good review. I think my girls would flip out if we stayed in a "palace." (Even though we know it's not LOL)
  12. How many days should my family plan to spend in Copenhagen before we return home after our cruise? Can you recommend a good hotel for a family of 6 (4 kids ages 11, 9, 8, and 3 at the time). Please also recommend some family friendly activities for us to do while there.
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