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  1. The Newest Photos "feature" is ridiculous.  What a waste of bandwidth and page formatting.  Photos without the context in which they have been posted are completely without merit.  Please allow users to disable this.


    It's been ten days since I've been here.  Didn't miss it.  Now that I've checked in, I'm no closer to embracing this new format.

  2. S class isn't immune, either. We were on Silhouette with pod problems. It was known before the cruise, top speed was reduced, we missed San Juan. There were multiple cruises affected before the issue was fixed. The wake was really obvious in the difference of output between the two screws.

  3. I've been on Silhouette three Christmases in a row, along with a few other summer and March break cruises. Bar and sommelier service has not changed. Staff numbers have not changed. Yes, bars are busy or slow depending on time of day. Tipping does not make a difference. Bartenders remember me by the second day and offer me a usual order. They are great. Sunset, Ensemble, Passport, whatever. Same level of service.

  4. Got the letter yesterday from my TA. It's chartered. For two months, mid Jan-Mid March. Longest stretch I've seen, and I don't think I've seen one chartered over my March break week before. Disappointing, the pricing was great. They've offered a few other dates which we can't do (teachers), or 100 OBC on a re-book. Yippee.


    Anyone know who has the Mar 11 2019 charter? I can't find it.

  5. I smelled balcony smoke on my xmas Silhouette cruise again. Every time I was out there. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell where it was coming from, unlike previous cruises where I reported neighbours. I don't remember a cruise where I haven't smelled it at least once. I can't stand disrespectful smokers. I wish the ships were smoke-free, but I accept the designated areas, and I stay away from them.

  6. I was ready to book a March Break Princess sailing. Last (and only) time I was on the Grand for my honeymoon in 2003. It's been 15 straight X sailings since. I thought I would check them out again, then I started reading recent ship reviews here (main page). No thanks. I'll be on Ft Laud beach instead.

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