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  1. I emailed my cc this morning as I had 2 cruise next cert's applied to a Jan 2021 cruise I am not comfortable going on now. She wrote right back and said that even though they technically will have expired by then, she can apply them to a cruise in early 2022 for me if I want.... I am still waiting on a response about what cruise, perks etc, but at least I get an extension! I still have 2 more canadian cruise certs I need to either use or I will lose... waiting on answer about those as well!
  2. Hi I have 4 cruise reward cert's and have put 2 down on a cruise next January - but that is up in the air for financial reasons right now. I am also wondering about if they will extend them as mine expire this October....I had kind of hoped to get a last minute Alaska cruise this summer with the last 2 but now not very comfortable with that and who knows how long this shut down will last! Leah
  3. Hi, I have two sitting in my account that I am not using but they are valued at $342 Canadian each.
  4. I am in Canada and have also had a heck of a time seeing this deal, I also feel like I go in circles.... and never see a 20% reduction. I log in, click on that message and it keeps taking me back to the login page.... very weird.
  5. Thanks I will have a look! I am from Canada so I have been looking at our dollar. Leah
  6. Wow, that is amazing! The cheapest so far I have found for August Alaska cruises for 1 comes out to $1900 taxes in and that is with $700 Canadian cruise next certs taken off! I'll keep looking!
  7. Wow, impressed! When you booked solo, was the $727 twice what the rate was? I have been keeping an eye on the last minute Alaska cruises also but once you put 1 cruiser the rooms double of course, so it still hasn't worked out to a great yet for me. Leah
  8. Hi, that is great. I do have a question though.... how were you able to book a sailaway cabin and get the free at sea offer? I thought you couldn't get any perks at all with a sailaway? Leah
  9. Yes, I totally understand. I was able to use my cruise next certs for a minisuite and below as full deposit but not higher. That is fine. I'll slum it hahaha.
  10. Yes you do, but not everyone has the money up front. I book and then save for it. Not rich....
  11. I agree. We would never have bought 4 of the type we did if they couldn't hold a suite or haven without further deposit. We explicitly asked that and she said yes. So we bought them. Of course now, I see that this isn't the case and the deposit on top is huge and that there are other types we could have bought apparently. Oh well, live and learn. I booked mini-suite and will see how that goes!!! Leah
  12. Yes, We had a very similar thing happen. On our fall cruise in 2016, we were PROMISED and the cruise next person swore we could use our 4 cruise next certs they sold us to book a suite or haven as the total deposit...… we were doubtful with him but he went on and on and said we would use them totally and not have to pay on top of it. So..... get back and about a month or two later I started looking into a future booking and was told by my pcc that this is indeed not the case, I can apply up to 2 at certain times (now more) but I had to also pay the huge extra amount, usually about $1500 Canadian on top of that to book a suite or haven to hold it. I was totally choked that we had been lied to.... wish I had of tried to book one right there on the ship lol.... but that is what I get for trusting a cruise next salesperson!!! I have 4 cert's to still use. Have applied 2 against a 2021 cruise (they expire Oct 2020 but I rec'd an extension) and will use the other 2 if I get a chance. Kinda crappy of them I think.....but they made the sale. Leah
  13. Hi in the old days.... you could use them for a total deposit, but not anymore, you can still use them towards the deposit, ie: $500 if you have 2 but you still have to pay the remaining deposit right away, which is HUGE for a suite or Haven. I bought 4 cruise certs on my last cruise and the cruise consultant promised me that I could use them in total for a suite and not have to pay extra but when home, was told by NCL that is not the case, I can still use them but it isn't the whole amount. So I used them to book a minisuite because then I didn't pay extra for a deposit, and will wait to closer to see if any suites are left and try and do the bidding thing that is new to me. Yeah, suites and haven deposits are huge..... Leah
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