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  1. I emailed my cc this morning as I had 2 cruise next cert's applied to a Jan 2021 cruise I am not comfortable going on now. She wrote right back and said that even though they technically will have expired by then, she can apply them to a cruise in early 2022 for me if I want.... I am still waiting on a response about what cruise, perks etc, but at least I get an extension! I still have 2 more canadian cruise certs I need to either use or I will lose... waiting on answer about those as well!
  2. Hi I have 4 cruise reward cert's and have put 2 down on a cruise next January - but that is up in the air for financial reasons right now. I am also wondering about if they will extend them as mine expire this October....I had kind of hoped to get a last minute Alaska cruise this summer with the last 2 but now not very comfortable with that and who knows how long this shut down will last! Leah
  3. Hi, I have two sitting in my account that I am not using but they are valued at $342 Canadian each.
  4. I am in Canada and have also had a heck of a time seeing this deal, I also feel like I go in circles.... and never see a 20% reduction. I log in, click on that message and it keeps taking me back to the login page.... very weird.
  5. Thanks I will have a look! I am from Canada so I have been looking at our dollar. Leah
  6. Wow, that is amazing! The cheapest so far I have found for August Alaska cruises for 1 comes out to $1900 taxes in and that is with $700 Canadian cruise next certs taken off! I'll keep looking!
  7. Wow, impressed! When you booked solo, was the $727 twice what the rate was? I have been keeping an eye on the last minute Alaska cruises also but once you put 1 cruiser the rooms double of course, so it still hasn't worked out to a great yet for me. Leah
  8. Hi, that is great. I do have a question though.... how were you able to book a sailaway cabin and get the free at sea offer? I thought you couldn't get any perks at all with a sailaway? Leah
  9. Yes, I totally understand. I was able to use my cruise next certs for a minisuite and below as full deposit but not higher. That is fine. I'll slum it hahaha.
  10. Yes you do, but not everyone has the money up front. I book and then save for it. Not rich....
  11. I agree. We would never have bought 4 of the type we did if they couldn't hold a suite or haven without further deposit. We explicitly asked that and she said yes. So we bought them. Of course now, I see that this isn't the case and the deposit on top is huge and that there are other types we could have bought apparently. Oh well, live and learn. I booked mini-suite and will see how that goes!!! Leah
  12. Hi all, just used a couple cruise rewards and booked a minisuite on the Gem quite a ways out, Jan 2021. The deposits are so big for suites right now, so just used cruise rewards but could only get at best a minisuite. So, our pcl booked us into 11060 but just read somewhere on here that the 11th deck is terrible for noise....I couldn't handle that. Anyone have any good info? I am a cruise snob lol.... haven't been in anything other than a suite or haven for quite some time....this might be a shock to my system hahaha. Are there even coffee pots? It has been 2 years since I have cruised so
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