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  1. Thank you, that is a great idea!! Does anyone have a good pcc they can recommend to me? An email address? Mine is leah.b@telus.net..... need a new one, super not impressed with last one, gave me wrong info and will cost me a lot of money and lost promos.......not impressed!!!!
  2. Hi all, I have had this pcc for a couple years and he's been ok, I really did all research etc for past cruises and he just booked them for me. But as I posted in another thread, he has given me some wrong information lately and totally messed a possible booking up for me, now to book it, the price has gone up, the cabin I wanted gone and when I emailed him, I got an auto response back saying he was in but busy, nice and that was 24 hours ago and still no response etc. So I'm pcc shopping............ I am totally unhappy with him and want to switch to someone else. Anyone else have any good suggestions of good pcc's they love??? You can email them to me if you cannot post them on here? leah.b@telus.net is my email and would be much appreciated!!! I haven't had this problem before...........so not sure who to turn to other than cruise critic experts!!! Leah
  3. Hi all, how would I go about getting a new PCC - oops posted this twice!!!
  4. browniegirl

    Reservation Deposit Terms Change

    Hi again, I just checked the link someone posted above (thank you) and it shows a 5 day cruise deposit is only $250 for a suite!!! I am so choked at my pcc........not only did he tell me that the 5 days deposit was $1500 US, at that tine there was a big OBC promo plus free at sea and the cabin I wanted was open and the price was lower..........I just checked and the price has gone up $150 a person and the cabin I want is not listed........ I have emailed him and am choked. He gave me totally wrong info and has caused me to not only lose out $300 in the price of the cabin but almost $500 in an OBC!! Not cool........... Will be interesting to see what line of "info" I am fed this time, am getting a little tired of NCL misinformation these days. I personally think they should honour price and obc that was available on the date of my email.... Leah
  5. browniegirl

    Reservation Deposit Terms Change

    Hi, I just had this happen in past couple weeks. We have 4 cruise rewards to use up in next 3.5 years.....so I did lots of research on which cruise etc and from past experience had never paid more than $500 to a suite deposit and $1500 for haven. I figured with a current promo allowing you to use 2 cruise rewards they would cover a suite deposit and that is what my pcc told me in march (although could only use 1 reward in March)......well in April this has changed, when I finally went to book it and had decided on a suite and was pricing out two different cruises, one a 5 day, was told that my additional deposit was huge!! It was a $1500 US deposit, over $2000 CAN for a 5 day repositioning cruise......yikes!!! I was very disappointed as in all of my NCL cruises, this has never been the case, I always paid $500 for suite and $1500 for haven.....now its apparently $1500 US across for the board for suites and haven.......which when I personally want to book 2 years in advance to secure a trip, certain cabin, is an awful lot of money to put out 2 years early.......no thanks. $500 I could see but not $1500 for a suite. If I want Haven, then fine.......but a suite was always different. Not anymore, NCL has priced suites and the haven right out of contention for many of us, starting with the deposit!!! Might be shopping around for other cruise lines......... and not sure what I will do with the cruise rewards other than maybe last minute cruises.......
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your responses and info! Yes, I do have 3.5 years left to book and use them and will try and get a two cruise cert. promo for sure. It was just a double whammy for me really being told sorry, you can only use 1 and maybe 2 for certain promos (after being told something different) and then being told by pcc one week that the suite deposits were $500 and then two weeks later that the suite deposits were $1500 (not just haven, but all suites also). So it was a little bit of a disappointing hit, that's all. It just means putting out a lot of money out front - I priced out a 5 day pacific coastal cruise which was fairly reasonably priced in a suite but the deposit was $1500 US (over $2000 CAN) which was almost half of the entire cost of the cruise and the cruise is over two years out and only 5 days long.... and the cruise reward did put a small dent in it but still, I just cant afford to put that much into a deposit. So me personally, cannot justify putting that much money down for a cruise that isn't for two years....just a personal thing. Will keep an eye out on promos etc. Leah
  7. Hi All, I have been an NCL fan for many years and many cruises.........on our last cruise last October, we were talked into purchasing - they were great sales people :).....four cruise rewards. We were very wary of buying that many but were told we could for sure use them all at one time to put towards a suite or haven cruise deposit. We asked several times because I didn't think this was the case, but we were assured onboard, that yes, we could use them all at once towards the deposit. So we purchased four. Fast forward a few months and I have been looking at cruises a ways out 2018, 2019 and in communication with my ncl guy..... who informed me that NO, we could only use one cruise reward at a time, but sometimes they have promos to use 2.......so I was disappointed, felt we were lied to on board in order to talk us into purchasing the four. So, he tells me that he will keep an eye out for such a promo, ie: using two rewards and low and behold this comes up a couple weeks ago and I confirm with him that the deposit for a suite is still $500 and Haven $1500... he says yes and that my two cruise rewards would satisfy the deposit for a suite. So I research the heck out of it and email him again yesterday, having found a cruise I wanted to book..... he then calls me back stating that it was his error and that the new cruise deposits for suites are the same as the Haven, so $1500 US, over $2000 CAN. So the deposit for this particular cruise was over $2000 Canadian for a suite on a 5 day repositioning cruise in a suite!!!! I am so disappointed with NCL right now, not only were we lied to about the cruise rewards on board, but then told one thing from our ncl person and then told something else yesterday........and he goes on to tell me that they are basically doing me a favour taking over $2000 from me now for a late 2018 cruise because prices will surely go up and I will have saved SOOOO much money by booking now........ Needless to say, I didn't book anything and feel like those cruise rewards will probably go unused unless I use them for a last minute thing. Being a single parent, forking out over $2000 Canadian for a trip in almost two years isn't something I can afford. Very disappointing as I love a particular cabin on the Star and would love it again..... but may have to start investing other cruise lines......... Has anyone else experienced this at all? Leah
  8. browniegirl

    haven upsell!

    Hi all, what is this "bidding" process for the upsell that you are talking about? I haven't heard of that, we only ever called. Leah
  9. Having done that drive before....it would simply take too much of our precious 2.5 days....key West is amazing but would want more time. I like the idea of staying close to Miami ie Hollywood beach or ft Lauderdale or somewhere similar.... Thanks too everyone for he awesome suggestions!!! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  10. browniegirl

    Little French Key

    I can't seem to get an email reply from them.....odd! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all. We cruise in a few weeks and fly into Miami Sept 29th. We were originally booked into south beach but for our own reasons have decided to switch it to Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood Beach or somewhere like that lol!!! We have a rental car out of Miami airport and have almost 3 full days to spend but do not want to drive too terribly far from Miami. We have two kids with us, 10 and 13 year old girls so want somewhere nice and fun and things for them to enjoy around us. Maybe a beach day and shopping one day and an everglade tour or something like that on the 2nd day. The Westin FL has a good rate for a suite. Crown Plaza Hollywood beach not bad rates......... Margaritaville looks cool but they are quite pricey and only have a 2 bed room so we'd be all I one room for 3 nights......eek but I suppose doable. Would love some tips and suggestions please! It has been many years since I have been in FL and never to Hollywood. Or anything else we are missing? Many hotels are doing renos during this time, so we want to avoid disappointment and not get a hotel doing major renos. Thanks!!! Leah
  12. browniegirl

    Little French Key

    [quote name='shadow1234']We will be there October 12 and plan to do the snorkeling. So excited to go to LFK. It will be our first time there. We have been to Maya Key and liked that as well. It is a ship excursion though. Kind of wish LFK was so we don't need to worry about getting back in time:).[/QUOTE] Yes it would be a bit of a relief that's for sure if was through cruiseline! We were there once before years ago..only one bus full that day and it was great and we were back at the ship with lots of time, so hopefully it will be good this time too!!!
  13. browniegirl

    Island Beach Break lately??

    Hi all, has anyone done the NCL's Island Beach break lately and if so, how was it? I haven't done this one before, have done done shark ray alley a couple times and zip lining and they were great, but wanted to try something different. 2 adults and 10 and 13 year old girls, want something they will really like, not something too fake or lame...... I read somewhere it wasn't that great....and we have this booked through NCL, so a tad worried. Let me know....thanks.....or is there somewhere better? Leah
  14. browniegirl

    Little French Key

    Thanks to everyone with all their info on the board! We are there October 4th 2 adults, 2 kids and having been there before almost 3 years ago.....when it was super quiet - I was super concerned because there are two ships in port that day. I have emailed the LFK for a confirmation of our reservation and to ask about the horseback riding add on and also how busy they expect it for that day so far.....crossing fingers not too insane! Leah
  15. Your responses have made me feel so much relief!!! Thank you!! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk