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  1. We did a B2B and all met near the Casino and allowed to stay on the ship. I think it depends on the ship and crew? Of course, not all B2B's will be like this.
  2. Good to know! So how does CCL communicate with the islands? Walkie Talkie?😎 Look at your own pics..... you will see! I am not going to spend time sorting through thousands of pics, to make a point. 😎
  3. If you say so? They have international phone service and other satellite services... So the towers are "just for show" ?
  4. It's all about $$$$! They can get more $$ by not allowing the network and prepaid options.
  5. And you know this because?? You are a CCL employee, or what? I have pics of the towers etc. on "all" of the islands, I have been to, including Princess Cay! I guess the towers with xmitters/rec'rs are just for show? If I owned CCL I would certainly use them!!
  6. Just smuggle it onboard......😎 No delivery charge and no up charge! Or at least bring some wine......😎
  7. Me too.... Change it to big B___B___ contest. You can fill in the blanks...... as you wish! 🙊
  8. They can do it, CCL chooses $$ over everything else. And there is a network on HMC, CCL chooses to use the $$ (cash) method to collect more revenue on the islands they visit. Just check for the wiring and sat dishes while in port. You will see that unless it is a desert island like "Gilligans" , they are all wired these days....😎
  9. Yes, there is a network setup on HMC. CCL not using it?? Puzzling.... no $$$$ling. I don't think I have seen any island, except maybe Gilligan's, that did not have a network setup.
  10. I am pretty sure there is a wireless system setup on HMC.....Whether or not CCL can use it?? Anyway, so many other islands have systems setup for recording drinks.....so why not HMC?? $$$$$$
  11. If you say so, but I have never seen a cruise bill for less than $2K, unless you book the dudgeon?
  12. Where do I deposit my $$$$ for one of these "free" casino cruises? Oh.....I got it.... in the casino!!😊 Just my kind of humor!! "Free...Free....Free....Free!!! Has anyone ever had a "totally free" cruise??? Except on your motorboat!😎
  13. Hmmm....... and how much $$ does it cost to qualify for a "Premier/Ultra/Casino cruise thingy??? I would love a "free cruise" but not one for $6000! I must be missing the point here??? Is there even a point??
  14. I was thinking a comp'd cruise was pretty much free? So, all the noise about it being "free" is just noise. The cabin is free....everything else, you still pay for....dearly!😎
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