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  1. We've done it twice - once early (end of March) via the Azores then Spain and France. The seas were extremely rough - like most of the crew were sick - for 3 days. The second time was a bit later, departing Florida in late April and arriving Southampton the first weekend of May. The crossing was much smoother but once we hit the Bay of Biscay it was very rough and cold. None of us can predict the weather!
  2. Last year I had pink toes with Christmas trees painted on the big toe. Just a bit of fun :) Plain pink on my hands because I knew the trees would be pretty tiresome by January 2nd when I could have the polish re-done.
  3. I agree with the OP, which is why I basically quit coming to Cruise Critic. Too many cranky "get off my lawn" cranksters. Then my husband reminded me that the name of the site is "Cruise CRITIC" ... :')
  4. Glad to see that kind folks were able to help them meet her goal! And another reminder of how trip insurance can help, even for the young ... my 3 nieces (all grown women with young children) were to fly together for a trip to visit me the first weekend of February. The week before they were to travel their father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Because they had insurance they were able to cancel their plane tickets. Would a few hundred dollars have made a big difference in their life? Probably not - but during a stressful time it was one less weight on their minds.
  5. Yes, you can use your beverage package - everywhere. What they're saying here is that your restaurant cover charge doesn't include beverages. So if you don't have a beverage package your cocktails, wine, soft drinks are extra.
  6. We were on Equinox in June and the entertainment was the best we have seen on a ship in many years (RCCI or Celebrity). This was the regular shows - not the guest performers. Much more current - like music written and performed after 1990!
  7. I use Benefit "They're Real" mascara and have people ask me if I am wearing lash extensions. Stupid expensive, but good.
  8. We were on Equinox a couple of weeks ago and were the only ship in port. A friend lives in GC and they have an app that tells them how many ships are in port. If there are 6, it tells them to avoid town!
  9. We were on the same cruise as the OP. They had new shows, and honestly, they were the best we've seen onboard any ship in the last 12 years. New, current music ... and the vocal coach has done a great job of teaching the singers not to bellow into the microphones. A dramatic improvement over everything we've seen in the past.
  10. Dior has a lip conditioner that is clear but enhances your natural colour. Expensive but it lasts, isn't sticky or drying. It makes my lips the colour they were when I was a child. But if you're looking for a colour not a conditioner then go to Sephora or a good department store and ask for samples. Try them out on different light and wearing different colours. Ask a trusted friend to give you their honest opinions. I'm currently stockpiling a favourite because the one you love is always discontinued!
  11. We have discovered an unexpected benefit of Aqua Class. After sailing exclusively in Aqua Class for about 5 years, this cruise we are in a regular verandah cabin and the noise from adjacent cabins is horrible. There are families with kids on both sides & they have the tv blasting all the time, kids hollering, parents hollering, walls being banged. I don't think these are bad children, they're just being kids. In Aqua Class there are only 2 passengers per cabin so there isn't the same noise from adjacent cabins. I guess we've become really spoiled! Just a tip I'm passing along. For a quieter experience, the extra expense may be worthwhile.
  12. Just Airports. We've used them about 3 times. Heathrow Express is also an option depending on where you're going in London. It's a big place!
  13. Acupuncture... seriously. I used the patch for years & now have acupuncture once onboard & half a Bonnie at night if the seas are crazy. Acupuncture works in 25 foot seas for me.
  14. I'm just like you - I get sick in the front seat of the car, and I even get sick on a dock, and Dramamine or Gravol both make me super sleepy. I take 1/2 of a Bonine before bed each night when we're sailing and have done really well. I sleep really well, but am not drowsy the next day. Only once have I had to take an extra half pill, and that was when I was stuck in the back of a mini van on a horrible excursion. If you'd rather not take pills, try Acupuncture. That also works very, very well.
  15. If you're looking for a ship that can accommodate a group that includes meetings, go to a cruise travel agent. There are doubtless all kinds of things they'll be able to obtain for you that most of us wouldn't even think of.
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