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  1. If any of you are on Instagram, one of the DWTS costume designers/sewists is very active there. Her account is @lynnwardrobesews I believe she's also on Facebook. Yesterday she posted a picture of the some the fabric that they're working with.
  2. We were on the previous week and have just gotten back to the States. Our experience was quite similar to yours - very smooth seas with unbelievably good weather!
  3. The other benefit of Aqua Class is access to some of the spa services and relaxation areas (depending on the ship). We've taken a couple of late winter/early spring TAs and the quiet, warm space to relax was a great benefit.
  4. Rain gear! We were in Alaska in early September and on at least a couple of days we were drenched ... It wasn't 'cold' to someone from a cold climate, but it was damp. My shoes were soaked ...
  5. Yes, there will be wind - just like on sea days in the Caribbean. Whether it's hot or cold really depends on the the weather that particular week. September could be really chilly or quite warm. If it's chilly they'll put lap robes (blankets) on the pool deck so you can always sit in the sun. And there are lots of spaces on the pool deck that are protected from the wind. The sun will still be warm in September. But I'd definitely have something that breaks the wind, something that covers the ears and gloves. Nothing is worse than cold ears and hands.
  6. When cruiselines used to assign seating one of the key considerations was languages spoken. I don't know if they still do this because we haven't had an assigned table in probably 7 or 8 years.
  7. I've got an insurance rider for jewellery and other valuable possessions and it would take about 2 minutes for my insurance company to provide proof.
  8. But this is how it always was in the past. You were seated at a big table with strangers and all got to know each other over the course of the sailing. There would always be some oddball at the table and you'd find yourself talking about them 10 years later. There were no issues ordering drinks - sometimes people would ask if you wanted to share a bottle of wine but it wasn't required and we never did. Only once were we moved to another table and that was because our waiter thought we would be more comfortable away from a rowdy group. I've never seen anyone look askance at someone drinking beer from a bottle. What's annoying is people talking another language at a shared table or helping themselves to someone else's food or bringing up a topic that is bound to get people riled up (like asking what everyone paid for their cabin, politics or religion). We generally prefer to eat just the two of us but if we're seated with others (as happens at lunch in the dining room) then we just meet some new people and have something to talk about later.
  9. Walk off the ship and the chances are very good you won't have any issues. More than once we've been at gate before 8 am. Having TSA Precheck helps.
  10. I love your review! I’ll be in Paris for the first time in a couple of months so appreciate your tips.
  11. We're taking National Express from Southampton to London after a cruise. The expected arrival is 6 am, and we've cruised enough to know that could change. Could we expect to be off the ship and at the train station in time for a 10 am train? Earlier or later? I don't want to hang around the train station all morning, but then we don't want to ruin the last morning of the trip feeling like we're really rushed.
  12. We've done it twice - once early (end of March) via the Azores then Spain and France. The seas were extremely rough - like most of the crew were sick - for 3 days. The second time was a bit later, departing Florida in late April and arriving Southampton the first weekend of May. The crossing was much smoother but once we hit the Bay of Biscay it was very rough and cold. None of us can predict the weather!
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