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  1. I have been 2 or 3 times!

    Eduardo the manager is great!


    When everyone is queing up to go on boat tour,,you just go get a cab to Uvas. Food is amazing. I have NEVER gotten sick there.


    Tried something new one year..went to Punta Sur dune buggy trip and was sick as a dog for a week after

  2. I admit...I am selfish...so know in advance! I don't want to leave my great review of Playa Uvas, as I don't want anyone to know about it! The one time a year I go, I want to be the only one there!


    Ok so after that horrible personal disclaimer...


    I LOVE Playa Uvas. We went on the "hurricane Dean" cruise from hell on the Conquest August 19th. The cruise ended up NOT being the cruise from hell like we were worried about....Ok..Tuesday with like 10ft seas was bad...but rest was great...


    We had gone to Playa Uvas last year. It was so nice, there was not a doubt we would go again. So we did. Last year we did nothing. Just walked in, paid admission and ate amazing lunch. We are not much into drinking.


    This year we did the all inclusive with clear kayak. As mentioned above, Carmen was there to greet us, they had our name on the welcoming sign ( which my kids thought was super cool!) and our waiter was amazing.

    The clear Kayak was great...There were two guides and I so appreciated that as my two teen boys kept getting off course and going out to sea! Ramon kept pulling them back in while I helplessly watched! The Kayak tour was much further than I thought it would be...it was awesome. WARNING! I did not put sunscreen on my legs. I sat legs out in front of me on the kayak and still, 2 weesk later have peeling tops of my legs!


    The food was amazing....


    My only regret: I did not have cash on me except for cab ride and little extra. Last time I went the umbrellas were free. So I did not know now they were 5 dollars plus 5 dollar deposit. I also would have wanted to leave our Kayak guides and waiter a tip. I was able to leave a tip on credit card for waiter. Other regret: last time we went ( there are 5 of us) we were able to get a mini bus as a cab. This time we had to rent two regular cabs.


    We also were hassled much less now that we were able to dock. The ship excusion area looked like a crowded NIGHTmare! We were so glad we did not book a ship excusion. We never do book through ship...it is a rip off.


    So Playa Uvas was our best stop on the cruise! Hope we can go next year.

  3. Staro you have reason to be warry. We used to use PL all the time. I would bok, then call hotel and request 2 doubles etc. Last time we used PL we booked in NOLA, long before katrina. They booked us in one double bed SMOKING room at the then Raddison...4 people with 1 double!

    They would not move us either. Last time , no more

  4. you might find this crazy but...I was on a tour with Nativeways the week of June 13-16. It was Thursday. And a man and wife from Wales I think they said, were on our trip. I swear I heard him say to his wife" If I had known I would have lost my wedding ring....but I would not have missed this for the world" I was trying to eavesdrop...


    Maybe you could contact Sharon or Eldon at Nativeways and ask them. Our last name was Kasoff ( so they can know which tour it was) and the only people with us was a couple and child, us and the people from Wales, but they might have been from San Fransisco now.


    Let me know! Becki

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