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  1. Not an exact answer but as close as I can offer... We partially paid for an upcoming cruise with a combination of FCD and Princess Visa (we had a refund we wanted to apply). Then, during 4X gas points at Kroger, DH bought $500 in Princess gift cards and I applied those to the booking. We still had a few $100 balance left, but it was three weeks before final payment. Then the cruise fare dropped enough before final payment that we had already overpaid for the cruise. We received the refund back to our credit card, not to a gift card.
  2. I have been told that once, too, by a Filipino junior waiter at Christmas time. He said he grew up very poor in a large family and they couldn’t afford shoes. Now shoes are his favorite purchase. Just thinking about it now can get me to tear up.
  3. Frankly, Princess solved this problem for me by filling the Piazza with loud activities all day long. It’s been years since I’ve gotten anything other than coffee to go at the International Cafe.
  4. It depends on the class of ticket booked, whether it is domestic or international and your AA loyalty level. For domestic flights, the first and second checked bags are $30 and $40. For international, the charges vary. We are flying AA internationally this year and both our checked bags (2 each) are free.
  5. We’ve used EZ Air at least 12 times, generally for international flights. The only issue we’ve had was on our flight to Tahiti. I booked on one airline which had a code share agreement with the airline we were using to get to LAX (we had award travel to use to get us that far). At final payment, Princess purchased us a ticket on a different airline, but for the same price. When I called them to ask why, I was told that they didn’t have a contract in place for the original airline (why sell us the ticket then?). In the end, we had to claim our luggage after the flight to LAX and then re-check it at a different terminal for the flight to Papeete. Thankfully, that didn’t scare us off, because we’ve saved a tremendous amount of money using EZ Air since then.
  6. No On Demand, and a pretty small TV screen size too.
  7. That “can’t leave the ship once you’ve boarded or re-boarded (in the case of B2B)” rule caught us unawares too, two years ago. It makes turnarounds somewhat cumbersome. Can’t say I’m a fan (of the rule...I have an ongoing love affair with Sydney).
  8. I have just read your review through from the beginning, and, in fact, just discovered your Majestic review and did the same with that. Your photos and writing are wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed each review. I have added both reviews to my Travel folder, for future reference. Thank you for taking the time to do them, and safe travels in the future. (Korcula is my favorite little town in Croatia!).
  9. The Mass on board was discontinued years ago. Now there is usually a non-denominational Christmas service both at midnight and around 9am. Both are well attended. There are also Hanukkah services and a (very) few decorations. Mostly it’s a secular acknowledgement of the holiday but quite nicely done, with some special food items in the dining room and buffet. We've been on a Princess ship at Christmas 7 or the 8 past years. Lots of photos and description of holiday related events here: http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/search/label/Christmas
  10. On the Pacific Princess from Hawaii to French Polynesia, we had two French Polynesian authorities come on board for 5 entire sea days to view our passports and clear us to enter their country. On a ship with 670 passengers and just over 1000 people total (including the ship’s company). But they did compare us to our photos, so I guess that was the time consuming part. IIRC, it took a couple of hours one morning at sea. 😆
  11. I can’t understand why Princess would introduce a new highest level if they didn’t simultaneously reduce perks for Elites. How does it enhance CCL earnings per share to do so? I don’t believe they would do it “just to be nice”.
  12. I used to (and still might) say the same. Why introduce a new level when those people who would qualify are clearly in Princess’s court already and aren’t going anywhere (well, at least not to another cruise line 😉)? We were told by a senior officer a year and a half ago that a “super elite” category was definitely in the works, and I kind of dismissed it as rumor. But then I recalled that, at least five years ago, a Captains Circle host told us the MTG crystals would be discontinued and replaced with something else (we were asked what we thought would be an appropriate replacement, and I said to keep the crystals because I couldn’t imagine anything else would be as nice). I forgot about that until two years ago when the crystals were gone and the cheap boxes were brought in as Most Traveled Guest awards. My point is that it seems to take a long time within Princess for these kinds of changes to be made (three years to replace the crystals?), especially when the repercussions are as large as introducing a Super Elite category. And I still firmly believe that, if one is rolled out, the SE’s will be lucky to hold on to the current Elite perks and all other Elite perks will be downgraded. I guess I won’t be surprised if that is what happens.
  13. Hi S! Under Search on the right side toward the top, type in the member’s name, choose More Options and click on Find Content under their name when it appears. Hope that helps!
  14. We’ve done those Caribbean itineraries many, many times, and Princess Cays was the first day of the cruise as often as the last day. I think it all comes down to scheduling and revenue. Obviously, the 7-day cruises typically depart Fort Lauderdale on Saturday or Sunday, so their Princess Cays options are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The 10-day cruises have to fit in there, too, and I think they are what mixes up the exact day for all cruises. Plus, of course, Princess Cays is a big photo day and the photo department sells more photos when they have an entire sea day as the last day, compared to just the last evening of the cruise. We once had formal night on St. Thomas day when we still had two full sea days remaining in the cruise. The (honest) reason given by the CD was that it gave the photo department one additional day to sell the formal portraits.
  15. We have found inside cabins to be much quieter than balcony cabins. That said, we have heard unruly neighbors on either side of us, and noise from carts rolling across the hard floor of the buffet above us. But I find balconies quite noisy, with sounds echoing off the floor of the hard surfaces above. Balcony cabins on ships always remind me of apartment living.
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