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  1. The bolded is NOT correct. Regardless of whether a guest has travel insurance or not, and regardless of what travel insurance they have, all medical center fees are charged to the onboard account.
  2. It works, but may require using the PVP travel credit on a different future cruise due to timing. But it definitely works.
  3. I don’t mind the staterooms not being available until 1pm so much- twice we’ve been able to dump our carry ons and put valuables in the safe and then leave for lunch- but not having access to our room upon boarding is just another erosion of a feature that made Princess our preferred cruise line. It was also often cited on this board as the reason we had to be out of our cabins by 8am on disembarkation day (earlier than any other cruise line) and there hasn’t been any change on that side of things.
  4. Am I missing something here? 25% discount off $199.99 would be $149.99, wouldn’t it? 14-day unlimited for $89.99 is a 55% discount.
  5. Princess did not have to hold the ship for late arriving passengers. That they sometimes do creates an expectation but, in reality, we have no idea how many passengers actually miss cruises because of flight delays (though sometimes, rarely, we’ve seen them arrive in the first port). Princess was responsible for booking flights to the first port when allowed by law, and this they did. I was not aware that they were not responsible for travel arrangements beyond that, only because in our missed EZ flight, we were disembarking the ship in China and a hotel and transfers were provided (eventually). I know that travel insurance would cover those costs, and hope the OP had purchased it. In today’s smartphone world, to arrange a hotel, especially in Florida, is easily done. Heck, I would have requested to be flown to the first port ASAP and enjoyed a couple of days there. While Customer Services may have been uncooperative, I’m not certain there was much they could have done. I think the OP was given bad information by the first, lower level “agent” who told them that if their daughter arrived, she’d be allowed to board. This type of disinformation is given all the time (I’m not certain if it’s due to lack of training or an attempt to reduce conflict in the moment). Manifests are required to be submitted, and the cruise line can’t include the names of people not yet on the ship. Perhaps the ship could have waited, but it didn’t have a responsibility to do so. However, I think some people here are being unbelievably harsh in their judgment of the OP. The OP booked EZ Air. They would not have been able to book a flight that didn’t arrive within an acceptable timeframe. It is simply not a requirement to fly in a day early for a cruise, and, in many cases, probably most cases, it’s just not possible. EZ Air is advertised as providing a level of insurance, with its next port guarantee, and would be my first choice if I had to fly in the same day the ship sailed. The OP did everything right. To claim they were trying to shirk responsibility is ludicrous (frankly, that suggestion pi$$ed me off on the OP’s behalf). The OP is understandably upset. An objective review shows that EZ Air worked as it was supposed to. Perhaps the situation on the ship could have been better handled. It’s unfortunate when anyone has vacations plans disrupted in this way, and I’m sorry the OP and his family went through it. Two other points... The departure time cited in the log of the cruise is meaningless. I’m not sure these get changed much from one cruise to the next. I hope your daughter got her transfer cost refunded.
  6. I don’t think they’d mind. I first found out about it when they posted their blog address here two years ago. http://agretirednomads.blogspot.com/ Too bad Princess isn’t at least going to use the Coral! But since there are sometimes great last minute deals on World Cruise segments on the Pacific Princess, there should be even more of them on the Island.
  7. Following a blog by someone on the current Pacific Princess World Cruise, she says that they had a presentation yesterday on the 2021 World Cruise and it will take place on the Island Princess. This doesn’t bode well for the future of the Pacific Princess in the Princess fleet, does it? Mods, please move this post if this topic has already been discussed.
  8. I also get the distilled water, not for a CPAP but to use with a neti pot. It’s come in handy a couple of times the ship has lost temporarily water and I have to use it to wash my RGP (hard) contacts too. When I request it on the Personalizer but don’t say it’s for a CPAP, it always gets questioned via an email from Princess, but once I explain what it’s for, there’s no issue.
  9. It is spectacular down there. We used to walk down to the end of the island and spend an entire day and not see a single person, but, after they started running excursions down there, that changed. Looking at Google Maps, I think that, if we get there again, I might try walking directly across the island on one of the roads that appear white to get to the Atlantic side the shortest way possible. If you want a full day of private beach, that would be the way to go. The water might be too rough to do more than wade, but the sand goes on for miles and miles.
  10. Thank YOU! I use an app called BlogTouch Pro. It costs something (less than $5 I think). You’re right, the scrolling issue makes it nearly impossible to edit directly on blogspot.com, either in Safari or Chrome (which you would think would be able to handle it since it’s Google). I also tried two other browsers and they didn’t work either. Using BlogTouch Pro on the iPad, I can type in landscape mode on the iPad directly in the app. Adding photos is very easy, and it allows you to set a standard size for them to appear in the posts (I set a default size for landscape photos and have to manually. adjust for portrait photos). But, on the iPhone, a landscape keyboard is not supported in the app. Lately I’ve been doing most of my writing on my iPhone (because I start it during waits for shows in the Princess Theater), so I type in Word and then copy and paste it into BlogTouch Pro. I’m not a teen...I can’t type entire posts in portrait mode! i wouldn’t try to blog on an iDevice any other way, and so I strongly suggest you buy the app. Don’t be scared off by the reviews...I tried every app available before I paid for this one, and it’s the only one that reliably works on a iDevice, and its developer provides excellent, fast support when it doesn’t (usually because Google has made a change that negatively affects the app). Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  11. Actually, a mile seemed a little short to me, so I Google Mapped it. It’s 3.3 miles to the Atlantic side. On the return, it seems even further. I know that after a round trip as well as exploring and walking a long way on the Atlantic side beach I was always fairly tuckered out at the end of the day.
  12. I don’t think Princess sees this as an issue that requires a solution. It’s too big a revenue stream for them to be willing to do anything other than what they are doing. Think of all the people who never bought slow onboard internet who now will. Add to them the Platinums and Elites who will forego their internet perk and pay $7 per day for unlimited high speed WiFi. This is a huge profit maker for Princess. I’m sure they are not overly concerned about the optics for some Platinum and Elite passengers. But, I still maintain it is an erosion of the value of the Captains Circle benefit. A $25 discount (if that) to give up the 100 minutes of free internet? Does Princess sell a 100 minute package for $25? I don’t think so.
  13. Hello! Thank you for your information. I will be most interested to see what the “under Platinum” price is once on board. While I agree that $75 for unlimited high speed WiFi on an 11-night cruise is a reasonable price, it’s still more than I am willing to pay on a per day basis when cruising for an extended period of time.
  14. I just saw this post and spent an enjoyable bit of time reading your blog and catching up. I love that part of the world and am really enjoying not only reading about your adventures but also the way you write about them. Thank you for taking the time to do it!
  15. We have walked from Princess Cays down to the lighthouse many times. There is currently nothing (development-wise) between the two. But the difference in beaches between what Princess Cays offers (man made, with sand brought in) and the two (three, really, if you count the cove you have to climb down to) beaches on the southern top of Eleuthera is night and day. They are long, gorgeous, walkable lengths of wide beach. I wonder, though, if there is enough depth- not to mention the environmental impact- to build a cruise ship pier. If not, Disney will have to tender, which it has been opposed to doing in the past. It is a gorgeous area, and it was just a matter of time before some company bought it up. A cruise line makes more sense, as it is not easily reachable by air/land from central and northern Eleuthera, which is where most of the development is.
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