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  1. Thank you! Eamondzhang, the friendliness of the Australian people is probably the single best thing about cruising in that part of the world (along with the history, the scenery, the animals, Kiwi friendliness...). DH mentioned a few days ago that we might never get back down there again and it gave me major sads.
  2. Thank you! Actually, far fewer days on the Majestic Princess. Something like 47. 93 days on the Ruby Princess.
  3. Lots of departure (and arrival) pics here: http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/search/label/Sydney i think it’s really my favorite ports to sail into or out of, even better than Rio de Janeiro, Venice and Bora Bora.
  4. Thank you Ombud! I posted ion another thread that we finally received our refund last week, thanks to Audrey in Customer Relations. I was given the impression that there aren’t many people still left in that department, which is a little scary. But we finally got what was due to us. Thanks again! We are booked to sail again in December 2021. I’d guess there’s about a 20% chance that everything will fall into place to allow that to happen.
  5. I wanted to report back that we finally received a check for the remaining refundable OBC we were due from cruises with disembarkation dates of 1/27/19 and 2/12/20. This was not automatic; in fact, we had to escalate it within Princess. We sent our final day on board folios to Princess more times than I can remember. I don’t know if it was complicated because the on board folios were in AUD (it shouldn’t have been) or due to COVID cancellations (again, it shouldn’t have been, as these pre-dated them). While I am relieved to have gotten back what was due to us, I will never again leave a ship with a refundable OBC balance. However, this won’t likely ever be an issue again, for several reasons.
  6. I won’t be cruising with Princess again until we are refunded the money we are owed. Six months, numerous emails and phone calls, and still waiting for a refund unrelated to COVID.
  7. Lots of information, menus and photos of a Christmas decorations from 6 or 7 Christmases on Princess ships, including the Emerald Princess can be found here: Christmas at sea
  8. I miss being places I’ve visited in the past and loved. I think about them nearly every day. I do not miss cruising at all. I think that is telling me I’m kind of cruised out for awhile, in which case it’s the first time in my life I’ve enjoyed such perfect timing.
  9. It was free on the Majestic Princess in Australia and the cabanas were also free, first come first served.
  10. Unless they change their policy, it is free and adults only and located just forward of the covered Retreat Pool. It is the best layout of any of the Royal Class ships.
  11. Talking with a friend today, she said that she could never have imagined in March we’d still be mostly isolating in July. And it made me wonder if a year from now we’ll be saying that we would never have imagined we’d be doing this for over a year. There’s no reason to believe that won’t be the case. We’re in far worse shape now than we were in March, and are hanging our hopes on a vaccine that may not ever be developed and distributed or a herd immunity that it appears will never actually happen.
  12. We are still booked to go to Hawaii for a month in December, and I am hoping it will work out, but I have yet to find any place near where we live where people have gotten tests results back in less than a week. I don’t see how we’ll ever get it done in 72 hours. But I commend Hawaii on their tough stance. In most of the rest of the US, it’s madness.
  13. I’ve been away a few days for the holiday and am just now getting caught up. What a wonderful surprise it was to see Harry’s. We ate their food a few times on our second trip to Sydney but haven’t made it there (in fact, never thought about them) our last two visits. I can see we’ve missed out. Your photos of Sydney are, frankly, killing me...in the best possible way. I have told DH innumerable times that I don’t miss cruising one bit, but I miss being places, and Sydney tops the list. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the world, and your photos are reminding me why. Thanks again for sharing your travel memories.
  14. Loved the aquarium pics so much. I miss aquariums, snorkeling, diving...pools. 😆
  15. Reading your poignant story about your FIL and Changi, I was reminded of Rosamunde Pilcher’s Coming Home, which is one of my favorite books. Have you read it? With your interest in Singapore and WW2, you might very much enjoy it.
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