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  1. PescadoAmarillo

    Season 9 of Yellow Fish Cruises blog has begun

    Spending a night in Civitavecchia before boarding the NCL Spirit tomorrow. I will continue to write blog posts but publishing will be delayed a day or few.
  2. PescadoAmarillo

    Season 9 of Yellow Fish Cruises blog has begun

    Thanks everyone. We’re on our way!
  3. PescadoAmarillo

    My X to Princess to NCL Review/Comparison

    We'll be taking our second NCL cruise next month. It's been 18 years since our last one, and we're going in to it with open minds. Thanks for upping our anticipation!
  4. In the midst of the blackout, I published the first two posts of the year to my blog. You can find the first one here. As for where we're going this year... Hope you'll follow along!
  5. PescadoAmarillo

    What??!! We're back.........

    Reunited and it feels so good. 😍
  6. PescadoAmarillo

    Would EZ air price change when refare

    Thanks very much April! I’m feeling the pressure on it this year. :o I believe you have to pay the current air fare. At least that has been our experience.
  7. PescadoAmarillo

    Does Princess celebrate Halloween?

    We’ve been on several Princess cruises over Halloween. Here are some photos and descriptions of events and decorating: http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/search?q=Halloween&m=1
  8. PescadoAmarillo

    Yellow fish Cruise Blog

    :):):) Gardenbunny, I’m so pleased to hear that you were able to glean some helpful information from what is basically my travel diary. I don’t generally write for that specific purpose, so when it happens I’m thrilled, and thanks for letting me know. I love the 2019 WC itinerary. Have a wonderful cruise!
  9. PescadoAmarillo

    Would EZ air price change when refare

    Your EZ Air would very likely be affected. We ran into this in the past few months. It was less expensive for us to pay more for our cruise but keep our original EZ Air airfare. The cruise was booked under a promotion that offered $150pp off air.
  10. PescadoAmarillo

    Yellow fish Cruise Blog

    Thanks for all the motivation to keep blogging! I will fire the blog up again two weeks from today (probably...maybe a day earlier). I really appreciate your kind sentiments; I’m quite touched. I’m also quite busy. These are the crazy days around here, and even when my body collapses at the end of each day, my brain just doesn’t shut off.
  11. PescadoAmarillo

    New Pub Lunch Format of the Golden

    They did that on the Golden last fall, too, but not every Pub Lunch was held in the dining room then. Occasionally they were held in the Crown Grill. I liked it in the dining room because I really didn’t want to dine from the Pub Lunch menu but DH did, and I could order what I wanted.
  12. PescadoAmarillo

    Fitbit on ship

    In particularly rough conditions in the Tasman Sea, mine recorded no sleep but 89 minutes of exercise when I first opened my eyes in the morning.
  13. ;p I don't watch it. It's sexist. The worst was the episode when the captain's uncle (played by Red Buttons) kept sexually harassing Julie McCoy, and everyone told her to just get over it, that she was imagining it and he was just joking around anyway. Think about that in the context of today's world.
  14. PescadoAmarillo

    Electric toothbrush

    Thanks for the info on charging toothbrushes using the bathroom outlet. We've never touched that outlet (which is fairly surprising) and have been charging our Sonicare on the vanity every week or so. We have a portable Waterpik we use for travel; however, it is not dual voltage, so we have to be certain to leave home and leave the ship with it fully charged to last a few days. They do make a dual voltage portable Waterpik ($99) and a battery operated one for about $35.
  15. PescadoAmarillo

    Yellow fish Cruise Blog

    Thanks so much everyone, Denise, I’m envious of that South Pacific cruise...my favorite area of the world! Enjoy it, and your South America adventure, too.