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  1. Did I miss the discussion of when the 2021/22 Pacific Princess cruises will open for booking?
  2. I have been losing a lot of sleep staying up watching these episodes for the past few nights! I’m really appreciative that someone took the time to upload them, but am afraid they might suddenly disappear one day so I’m trying to get through them all. The interesting thing (to me, at least) is how is this show is changing my feelings about cruising. While most have been commenting about how much they’re missing it, I have not been, because I haven’t been. I miss traveling desperately, I miss being Different places, but I have not been missing at cruising at all. I think Princess and I are kind of on the outs right now, like we’ve had a little tiff and aren’t speaking. But then, watching this show, I am reminded of so many things I love about cruising and it’s softening my perspective a bit.
  3. Ombud, thank you for this information. I’ve submitted this for our situation. We’ll see if it results in any action on Princess’ part.
  4. Our refunds are not part of the COVID-19 related cruise cancellations. We are owed money for two things: refundable OBC from cruises we disembarked in December and February and the return of expired Future Cruise Deposit funds when we cancelled the cruises they had been applied to. Both are normal events that are supposed to automatically generate refunds, either in a check or to a credit card. These things took place before all the cruise cancellations starting in March and we are still waiting.
  5. Every day I wake up and check my credit card account for activity and see no refunds from Princess, there is less and less chance of me ever booking a Princess cruise. Ditto the checks I am supposed to have received by April 1. Even if Princess would come through with all the funds (not FCC) we are due today, it will be hard to forget the outright lies we have been told for over three months now. I can’t give my money to a business I can’t trust, and I can no longer trust Princess.
  6. Frankly, I think I would be more surprised if Carnival (and all the cruise lines) had not announced workforce reductions. Think about the industries hardest hit by this pandemic...they're all experiencing layoffs. Good friends of ours opened a franchise restaurant the week before the national emergency was declared (after months of construction delays); they trained a crew of 30 and promptly had to lay 26 of them (all but their own kids) off. Like with so many companies, it was their only hope of survival. While I certainly feel badly for those Carnival employees affected, this may just be the first round of cutbacks.
  7. Favorite Princess memory? Any of the many days we spent on the Pacific Princess in French Polynesia. That ship, those ports...it really couldn’t get much better.
  8. DH bought a new roomy SUV two years ago. Since he did, I’ve been advocating heavily for some road trips to national parks. I’ve been in all 50 states, but would love seeing some of my favorite places again. We were already considering returning to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio (my idea of heaven) for hiking, staying in a cabin. Oh, and a hot tub. I really want a hot tub, which requires some major landscaping changes.
  9. When refunds historically automatically issued within a couple of days (expired FCDs) are not made, yes, I think the delay is intentional. When refunds historically automatically issued within 4-6 weeks are delayed, and require manual intervention on the part of passengers, yes, I think the delay is intentional. These things pre-date any of the cruise cancellations. You bet that Princess is intentionally delaying the refunds. In fact, they had to override their own systems for refunds to NOT be issued.
  10. Who, in their right mind, is actually GIVING Princess cash for deposits right now? They need to restore their trust with me before I trust them with my money, my vacation time, my life.
  11. I think there is no way to look at past experience to predict what cruise prices are going to do in 2021. Supply and demand are both complete unknowns at this point.
  12. I remember so well sitting next to the Most Traveled Guests at the MTG luncheon on the Majestic Princess in January. They were scheduled to stay on the Majestic Princess (except for the drydock) well into May, when they were going to move to the Sapphire in Shanghai and spend another few months on that ship. I asked Mr. MTG if they were concerned about this virus I had just heard about in China, and, of course, they were (rightfully so...they must be among the passengers whose travel plans were most disrupted by this pandemic). Then, on February 4, the Majestic Princess did a turnaround in Sydney. The internet on that ship was abysmal, so we were sitting in the buffet downloading emails over cellular and we both had an email from Princess that passengers from mainland China would not be allowed to board the cruise beginning that day (but that passengers from Tawan, Hong Kong and Macau would be able to board after taking a health questionnaire). February 4 was also the day that the Diamond was first quarantined, for 24 hours initially. While we were sightseeing in Sydney that day, we spoke with a couple getting on a RC ship in the next couple of days, and they said that RC was not allowing passengers from (or who had flown through) mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau on their ship. Hmmmm. We already knew the Majestic Princess had a heavily Asian passenger demographic and this was a bit of a concern. Once that cruise began, we were told that 30 passengers from mainland China had been prevented from boarding, but that there were at least that many on board from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our level of concern rose, so much that we actually considered flying back to Sydney from either Melbourne (the first port) or Hobart (the third) and waiting in Sydney for our flight several days later. By then, we were aware that the Diamond quarantine was 14 days, and we did not want to get caught in that same situation. However, we felt that our EZ Air flight home from Sydney might get cancelled if we cut our cruise short. So we stayed on board. We were very happy to be able to disembark in Sydney on February 12, and even happier to be allowed to fly home. Frankly, I couldn’t (and still can’t ) understand why anyone would want to board a cruise ship after mid-February... ...until we arrived home to no one thinking the virus was a big deal, certain TV doctors calling it overblown by the media and even those in high political offices totally downplaying it. We just feel very, very fortunate that we had a few weeks head start to get food and supplies in our house (which had little of either) before the craziness and stockpiling began.
  13. No where close to our own PR. We didn’t buy any last season because we had a feeling from about early November that it would be our last. And we still have 5 each remaining...fingers crossed that we use those.
  14. I received a short email yesterday from Sweet Tomatoes, a restaurant with a lot of memories for me (dating back to my dad, who loved that place) that they were closing. The email stated that reimbursement for any outstanding gift cards would have to be “through the courts”. I would not buy a gift card for any business now, except perhaps Lowes, regardless of how much of a discount or premium was offered.
  15. I phoned Princess again today. One of the FCDs we wanted refunded had not been handled correctly (it was still appearing in DH’s Captains Circle account) and I did get that taken care of. But in terms of the timing of $3400 of FCD refunds that we have requested...Princess will no longer say 60 or 90 days. Now it’s a matter of we’ll get them when we get them.
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