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  1. Princess is counting on this fact, plus the ability for people to choose their dining pace (hopefully quickly!) to expand the capacity of dining spaces on the ship, thus ending the need for a long line in the age of social distancing.
  2. I do. I like it for just a few simple (ie NOT produce) items. But I also make frequent use of pickups when they’re free. I haven’t physically been in a Target in a year, but know the kids who bring my online orders out to my car by name. I figure if I check myself out but the store does my shopping for me, it all evens out.
  3. It’s really no different than if any country places a new requirement on incoming tourists after they’ve booked a vacation. In our case, we booked a cruise visiting New Zealand before New Zealand required us to have a visa. They changed their policy and instituted a visa requirement. Princess sent us an Emergency Notification and said that proof of the new visa would be required at embarkation. In the case of the vaccine, I would imagine Princess would allow guests to cancel with no financial penalty within a certain period of time if they were not willing to comply.
  4. This can be done, but not without huge effort. Assuming you booked directly with Princess, you must call the Reservations number and tell them what you need to have done. They will tell you that this can’t be done, but you must insist that they involve Customer Relations. Customer Relations are the only ones who can use the former FCD, now an FCC to satisfy the deposit requirements for a cruise AND get you the OBC the original FCD would have provided. Any bonus FCC you have received as a result of cancellations cannot be used to satisfy deposit requirements (at least I haven’t been
  5. Elevators? Water shuttles? And how is dining no trouble? Are they going to replace all the 6- and 8-tops with 2- and 4-tops? What about the pedestals which might not be movable? 50-60% capacity means that everyone should be able to see the shows if all the seats can be filled, but not if there will be any blocked seats.
  6. I just don’t have confidence in what the cruise product will be, and Princess has done little to inform. Yes, we do want to do a few B2B cruises, short ones in the Caribbean starting in November 2021. Our logic was they would be easy and close to home in the right timeframe to work around high school sports, and basically a way to dip our toes in the water, so to speak. We are holding some with our few FCDs but I am reluctant to pay the deposits required for others. I spent most of 2020 trying to get the cash refunds Princess owed us; saying the deposit is refundable is kind of meaningless at
  7. I understood Arnold Donald to have said won’t be. I was very disappointed. Of course, Princess is also not saying what will happen when COVID occurs on board, as it inevitably will. Will my cruise be interrupted? What happens with B2B guests (and Princess is allowing logical bookings at least as soon as January 2022) when an outbreak occurs?
  8. Once again, the few COVID related actions Princess has published leave me with more questions than answers. DH wants to put deposits down on four cruises and I am highly reluctant.
  9. Mine came from a dive master in Cozumel. We used to dive four times a year there, and all my dive gear is yellow. My husband had stayed on shore for one dive, and I was buddied up with a dive master. When we finally surfaced and returned to shore, he walked up to my husband and said, “Tu espoza es un Pescado Amarillo.” And it just stuck.
  10. I agree. I’m surprised, but not surprised, that so many are so anxious to return to cruising when the cruise lines haven’t defined that that experience is going to look like. To me, it’s like having received a gift in a box in the past, and really enjoying the gift. Would one now purchase the box and its contents without knowing what is even inside?
  11. Interesting, because this where Princess got its Medallion concept (in fact, the same person spearheaded the technology for both companies). Apparently, now the same capabilities will be on a smart phone or watch. https://thepointsguy.com/news/disney-world-magic-mobile-tickets/?utm_source=TPG Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2172705&utm_usr=cac0e72b3b36ff7871da123e7933745d2890104c16f547a593ccc4bf8b663544&utm_msg=feea1ca3bf604dd297f7c401a39df50e&utm_date=2021-04-01
  12. In answer to the first question: yes. Definitely yes. As to the potential (and probable) selling of my information, this is no different than what already occurs. The most egregious offender of this, IMO, are phone companies that sell my phone number, opening me up to the constant pestering from people wanting to sell me solar panels and extended car warranties (why is it when I tell them I’d love an extended warranty on my 21 year old SUV, they hang up on ME? 😆). My iPhone, and I assume most smartphones, give me the ability to block ads, texts and calls from companies I don’t want to hear fr
  13. We are Mona, thanks. G is fully vaccinated and has already flown back east for some family business. I get my second Pfizer vaccine next week and hope to get to Ohio for Mother’s Day in May. More than any travel or any cruising, I just want a mom hug.
  14. Hi Mona, hope you are well. I posted every menu from our Ruby and (I think) Majestic Princess cruises that ended in February 2020, so they are about as current as anything would be. They were NOT the same menus. The Ruby’s were much better than on the Majestic. They start here: http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/2019/09/day-1-embarking-ruby-princess.html
  15. Honestly, this thread is making me miss cruising a little less than I was before I read it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, given the uncertainty of when and how cruising will start again, it’s probably a very healthy coping skill.
  16. I have personal knowledge of that (and it wasn’t just Australia), and I will still be front and center when it’s my turn to get the vaccine (hopefully the first shot next month). I cannot go on living like this, and while mortality doesn’t scare me, being a long hauler does, a lot. As for the resumption of cruising, unless the major cruise lines are operating enough to do more than break even, I’m not sure anything past early 2022 will save them. It may not be evidenced by comments here, but people, because they are so anxious to start traveling, are going to begin to find other way
  17. Thank you! Short answer...no. I may be the only person who isn’t chomping at the bit to return to sea. I miss being places, desperately, but I don’t miss being on a ship. I think I’m just such a realist that I know that future cruising experiences will not replicate past ones, not for a long time. At least 20 times every day I am thankful for how fortunate we were that our timing worked out as it did. A lot of considerations (like early retirement) and parents’ health went into our decision to travel when we did, as ambitiously as we did. I don’t think it could be done like that again anytim
  18. Thirteen, but, really, we wouldn’t have gone on the eight this winter even if Princess hadn’t cancelled. The five next winter were painful to lose.
  19. I have a lot of information in my blog (see web address below), but we did extended cruising for 10 years and continued to refine our preparation and how we handled things in our absence. But, in general, our home is totally automated and we can control lights, heat, window treatments, even our lawn sprinkler system (not that we are running that in the winter) from our iPhones from anywhere, given we have internet access. Everything financial is online, we see photos of the mail that is delivered to our box each day (a neighbor picks it up once a week or so). The biggest
  20. 150 days once, 140 days once, several times over 100 days. Like everyone else, we are going through a significant adjustment this winter, but I’m actually enjoying being home. Well, not being home, as in stuck in the house all day every day, but being home so that we can stay on top of everything is pretty nice. For those who ask how we do that when we’re gone for months at a time (we have a house and yard and cars and friends and family and even a business or two)...I realized when watching a juggler entertain on a ship that it’s a lot like that. There is always at least one thing t
  21. I REALLY wish Princess would leave an audit trail for Captains Circle accounts, similar to what airline frequent flier accounts offer.
  22. That is the key. We are not “cruise, no matter what the experience is like” people. That is what is making this wait even harder. We’re not just waiting for cruising to re-start, we are wondering if cruising, if it re-starts, will provide an vacation experience that interests and excites us. Or if we should break out that tent again. 😆
  23. Yes, with a lot of personal and management intervention, in September. Thanks for asking. 👍🏼
  24. Yep. We had 5 cruises booked on the Pacific Princess, held with FCDs. Apparently, in 2021, $250 is the value of crushed dreams and much melancholy. 🤣
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