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  1. This doesn't surprise me at all. I sold all of my Carnival stock last week and took a huge loss on it. The reason I sold is because CCL credit rating has been reduced to Junk, which is the absolute lowest you can have. I believe they are selling off ships just to pay for current expenses to stay alive until they are able to cruise again. Dividends have been cancelled as well. I had accumulated about 400 shares of stock over the years. Also sold all of my RCL stock last week as well. As we are fast approaching retirement within the next few years, I needed to move that money into somethi
  2. Tele-doctors seems more likely so that they can provide services to any ship in need.
  3. https://www.caymancompass.com/2020/03/14/breaking-schools-close-cruise-ships-banned-to-prevent-coronavirus-spread/ Grand Cayman has banned ALL cruise ships until at least mid May.
  4. The cruiselines would have to change all of their cruises to being 7 or fewer days if that policy doesn't change. We did a 14 day HAL cruise to Alaska about 12 years ago. The average age on that cruise was probably 68. We had their version of Your time dining and were seated with different groups every night. Every night we were seated with retired folks who were well over 65. Not too many working folks can afford a 14 day cruise. Very few children were on the ship. Who else can go on a 32 day cruise?
  5. We are going on the Vista for the first time in 2 days, but not on Lido deck. We did have a Lido balcony on a different ship a few years ago and really liked it. We were afraid that it might be really noisy, but it wasn't. About the ONLY downside would be if it's raining and you need to get to the Lido buffet. You can either choose to get wet, or go down one deck and over.
  6. This is straight from the Carnival website FAQs on the Cheers program. Only the alcohol drinks count towards the 15 drink limit. Be sure to check your tally of drinks charged to your Cheers. I have heard folks saying they've noticed bartenders charging drinks to their Cheers card on occasion. Not sure if it's to get tips and don't think you'll notice a few extra drinks on your card or if it's a mistake. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3525/~/cheers!-beverage-program-q%26as I understand there is a maximum of 15 drinks a day for the CHEERS
  7. According to the Carnival letter that was delivered today to all of the Freedom passengers, Grand Cayman and Jamaica are still having issues trying to decide what their cruise ship policy is going to be. If they've had no cases of COVID-19 yet, I'm sure they are struggling with wanting to keep it that way without closing off their main source of revenue at the same time. If your ship sits for several hours just offshore and you don't know if you'll be able to go ashore or not, it's probably best not to gamble. I applaud Carnival for opting for a sure thing trading those ports for Key West a
  8. Only option is to carry on 12 cans of your favorite Coke products. I also hate Pepsi.
  9. An MSC ship out of Miami was denied port entry at both Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman last week because ONE crew member was being isolated for having Influenza Type A. Cozumel went back and forth on first granting access, then denying it, then eventually allowing them port access. Not a single passenger was ill, and the crew person had regular flu.
  10. We had a spa balcony on the Breeze a few years ago, and also did NOT like that we didn't have a covered balcony. No shade, and we barely used it because of that.
  11. So, if my husband was traveling for work to China and came home only a few days before a cruise, he wouldn't have to use his passport to get on a cruise ship. He could choose to travel with his original certified birth certificate and driver's license. Unless Border security runs his name through any search system, how would they know? Serious question. FYI, he's never been to China, but asking to know how they could honestly know your travel history without your passport in hand.
  12. You WILL have to ask your waiter about the bottle of wine. They won't automatically offer it to you when you show up for your reservation. Last year on Freedom, we booked Steakhouse for the first night. The waiter came to get our drink order and mentioned nothing about the bottle of wine. We had to ask him about it. He almost acted like he knew nothing about it, and we simply jogged his memory. Oh, that wine! It will be one of their cheapest bottles. You don't get to choose whatever you want. They will simply ask if you want red or white.
  13. Have only been on Breeze once, and loved it. The outside sitting areas from the promenade deck are awesome. Breeze was taken out of Galveston before we had a chance to sail on it again. We especially loved the Lido dining room decor.
  14. Since you're wanting to move your group to the least favorite option, you shouldn't have any problems. YTD is the most popular, followed by early dining. It may not happen on the first night with such a large group. Have patience. They will deliver a card to your room with you changed time and tables. I really wish Carnival would also allow folks to choose Lido as their dining option, knowing they would have to make a reservation for the dining room. Sadly, there are so many empty seats in the dining room because folks selected early dinng, but only show up on formal nights.
  15. There is one review on this excursion as of a week ago now.
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