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  1. Jersey Boys disappeared from the 10/24 cruise entertainment listing about two weeks ago. As the first sailing since the shutdown, our roll call is assuming it's the length of time needed for casting/rehearsal of the show.
  2. You can just run a cycle to add hot water to what was brewed with the pod I think.
  3. Oh I love that French press coffee! As long as I can have good cream with it and not those horrible little plastic sealed cups.
  4. By the balcony or closet either is way better than the one with just 12" on either side in an inside!
  5. You're welcome. If you haven't already do so, you can scan through our roll call to see all the shared information there.
  6. Yes! We have a roll call group over at this link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2792640-norwegian-bliss-october-24-2021-new-7-day-mexican-riviera/ If you've completed your check in on your account on line, you should now have your eDocs. that's pretty much all the info anyone has.
  7. I'm looking for those who've been through the Eurofins account set up and pier side testing process. I can't tell for sure that I have done all of the steps I need to do before arriving at the pier. I have: Completed my NCL check in, selected my pier arrival time and received my e-docs Created an account with Eurofins My questions are: What is the bar code Eurofins sent me by email used for? Should there be something on my Eurofins My LabPort account other than the date, city and test description? Thank you!!!
  8. Not for the 10/24/2021 sailing as far as I know. NCL told me it is Meyer Hanno.
  9. You're right, the promo material doesn't have a lot of detail on dining. I can only answer that in general the Jewel Class ships have two main dining rooms serving meals without extra charge, and some (all?) of the larger ships have three.
  10. Back in prehistoric times, I swear my key card had a photo of the ship on it...
  11. Hanno is Concierge on the Bliss for its return to sailing the end of this month.
  12. From what I've seen, none of the "first" sailings had any extra hoopla other than the first sailing of the Encore, which was the first "first."
  13. Bliss has arrived! I think this is the right port web cam
  14. We are on the 10/24/2021 sailing of the Bliss and Jersey Boys disappeared from the entertainment listings a couple of weeks ago (disappointed but not surprised, the entertainers seem to be the most difficult for the cruise lines to manage with COVID quarantines). We are assuming that they haven't been able to assemble and rehearse a cast for it yet. On our sailing I will be very surprised if they have it up and running, but by April 2022, it could be back. They've probably just removed it globally until they have it ready to go.
  15. All ships taking passengers are supposed to be changed over to MERV13 or HEPA filters and UV air purification. Haven't seen that they're disclosing which ships have what.
  16. Did you book the cruise yourself or through a travel agent? I got the concierge letter along with all my confirmation materials from my TA after final payment.
  17. I just heard back from my TA last night. She says "They changed the policy to where you only get a FCC for 25% of the difference."
  18. I think it's normal. I booked with a TA, and I never saw fare balances or payment dates.
  19. I don't know about changing the departure port for a specific cruise, but if the cruise industry is able to get the Passenger Services Act temporary suspension changed to permanent, I wouldn't be surprised to see Vancouver drop off a lot of Alaska itineraries.
  20. Prima's homeport will be Galveston 2023-24.Just announced this week.
  21. She didn't call yet, she decided to call early next week.
  22. By that time we just fantasize about smothering you with a pillow in your sleep....
  23. Bliss will transit Panama Canal on the 27th, stop in Balboa until the 28th, then from there non stop to LA.
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