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  1. What's the best cabin location on the ship for minimal motion, vibration, etc? This will be our son's first cruise and he really has issues with motion sickness. Of course, we will have meds to help, but would also like to get a cabin in the ideal location to help prevent any sickness.
  2. Does anyone know if the Holiday offers teen excursions? If so, what are the ages on these? Any info would be greatly appreciated.:)
  3. shhhhh

    Anyone had 5 people in a cabin?

    nolalover-I would love for you to email your pics to me. Thanks! hlank4d@yahoo.com
  4. shhhhh

    Anyone had 5 people in a cabin?

    We checked about the Holiday & the don't have adjoining rooms. That would have been our first choice. They will allow 5 in an inside cabin, but this option isn't available for ocean view rooms. ???? QUESTION: If there are 5 in a room, does the 5th person typically just get a cot to sleep on?
  5. Looking for info from anyone who has had five people in their cabin... My husband, me, 6 year-old twins, and a 2 year-old...obviously we want to keep the kids in the room with us since they are so young. However, I am wondering how cramped we will be. (I suspect VERY cramped) We will probably be on the Holiday or Fantasy. Any descriptions or advice would be greatly appreciated. PICTURES of the cabin's interior would be terrific! Thanks so much! hlank4d@yahoo.com