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  1. Thank you for the review! I am looking into this cruise for the end of June. I wanted to rent a cabana also, does it come with the snorkling stuff come with it? How far are you from the buffet for lunch having #14?
  2. I know this is a little late but here it comes.. Back ground. 47 mother and 15 year old son. My 3rd cruise and my son's 1st cruise. We were moving from Arizona the day before we needed to fly out and put a 1600 square foot house into storage. Flew out of Phoenix to Tampa with no problems. Tampa airport is really nice and everything went smooth. We stayed at the Raddison Bay Harbor Hotel (priceline $75 for the night) Real nice hotel. It was raining when we arrived but that was not going to stop us from having a good time. We ate dinner at the hotel (Crabby Bills) and had wonderful food. They gave us so much food we could not finish it. The room's all had a Balcony and even through it was raining this is where I spent most of my time. The next morning my son discovered free internet in the lobby, he disapeared for a couple of hours to get onto myspace! Took the free shuttle back to the airport to catch the shuttle to go to the ship. This was a little confusing because the people from Carnival had white captains shirts on and not the red or blue. Got onto the bus and made it to the terminal in about 15 minutes. When we pulled up there were lots of people waiting in line. We only waited about 15 minutes before our boarding number 10 was called. We were on board by 11:30 and was in line for lunch on the lido deck. My son was a little over whelmed at the size of the ship but that went away real soon. We had burgers and frys and decieded to go to the cabin to put our carry on luggage away. We met our cabin stewart Greg and my son changed into his bathing suit so he could swim. We found the water works area and my ds went down the slides a couple of times. He wanted to go to the main pool but it was closed the first day. Because of this there were kids over flowing into the hot tubs. We wanted to walk around the ship to get to know where everything is and we went up to the spa and was looking at all the equipment they had. My son was in heaven so he stayed there to work out. I told him about the muster drill and he half listened to me. Well now it was time for the drill (3:30) before sail away, and NO SON. They made me leave the room and Greg the room stewart said he was more than likely in the gym until it is over. WRONG. They made him leave and he was trying to find me and couldn't. Muster drill was very painless and I went back to the cabin to but away my life jacket and still no son! I called to the purshers desk and then I heard his voice in the hall way. Greg had him. By this point once they found him I was mad. (you don't want a mad mama on a cruise ship) He was saying that this is stupid and he hates the ship and I went off and told him he was spoiled, ungreatful and being a punk. Well I walked away from him so I could calm down and went to watch the sailaway. Lots of people on deck but it was raining so no one was at the sides, this is where I stood not only to calm down but to start my vacation. Yes I got wet and I had the wild hair do but I was on a cruise and was going to enjoy it. DS found me and told me he was sorry and he loved me and thanked me for taking him on a cruise he was just scared and had no one to talk to. The rest of the cruise I only saw my son at dinner! He was always with friends enjoying himself. I am really glad for this. I spent alot of time on the side of the ship just watching the water go by. 1st fun day at sea. I was going to lay out in the sun by the pool which was now open but there were no chairs near the pool. I went up one deck and found a spot and parked it for hours. I had my book, ipod and shots of tequilla with limes so I did not need to move at all. Not thinking of being dumped by my 15 ds but the MOM time alone doing what I enjoy. After I turned a few shades darker I felt like getting into the pool. Well this being my 3rd cruise and never have gotten into the pool so I made my way to get in. Oh look that kid looks like mine! I found my son. He was surrounded by girls. (No wonder why he dumped me) The water was so re-freshing after being in the hot sun for hours. After so many shots I wanted to take a nap before dinner. Dinner we were seated at a table for 10. The first night we had a family of four join us. They had a 3 year old and 5 year old. No one else showed up. The first night I had the ribs and on elegant night I had two lobsters (perfect) my DS had 4. The next night we had a couple join us (Mohomad and his family) wonderful people. We did not make it to dinner when we were in Cozumel. Our waiters were wonderful. Noel did a fantasic job and my DS wanted to tip him extra and told him he was the best waiter he has ever had! Grand Cayman. We booked a private tour (not Carnival) We had to meet our driver next to the Harley shop. Well the store was closed and we waited about an hour (we were early) we watched drug deals in the alleys and I was beginning to wonder if I made the right choice. All of a sudden a man came from across the street and called me by name. We went with him and he said he was waiting to see if anyone else booked at the last minute. He gave us a tour of the island and then took us to a resort where we were going to get on the jet skii's. Scott the driver and Ian the tour guide were wonderful. We were fited for life jackets and went and got on the jet skiis. My son was driving and his goal was to knock mom off! What a ride. We rode out to stingray city and my son was scared of them. With in minutes Ian had calmed him down and he was holding and petting them. He loved feeding them. What an awesome experience! We had a choice of going snorkling or going to Rum point beach. Well because I had foot surgery and arm surgery I had a hard time getting on the jet skiing in deep water. We went to Rum point beach. This place was breath taking! I loved it. We snorkled right off the beach and we were the only people there! Ian was awesome telling my son the history of the island and the types of fish he would see. Well for 3 hours it was well worth the $140.00 for the two of us. They took us back to the pier and dropped us off. We had three excursions in 1. The water in Grand Cayman is so blue and clear. Next day Cozumel. I have heard so much about Cozumel I was really looking forward to seeing it. The water was incredible as we docked at the pier. We found the taxi and asked how much to go to paradise beach and was quoted $14. Let me tell you. These people do not know how to drive! They much have to replace their brakes on the taxis every week. They drove so close to the other cars you couldn't get a pencil between them. I kept saying "holy cow". I told my son to never complain about the way I drive.:D I asked the driver if he spoke english and he said "little" and when I asked him if he had change he suddenly didn't speak english. We made it to paradise beach and just a few people were there. Tom and his crew were wonderful. I had a bucket of beer (5) for $15 we ate right on the beach and enjoyed the day. Make sure you take your beach towel. I forgot mine and had to buy one. They had parrots on the beach and I was going to take a picture with them and the dam bird started eating my head! After about 5 hours at the beach we had had enough so we went to get a taxi again and I asked how much. OK we are going to play this game. He said how much they charge to come here. I told him $12 he said ok. So this time I tipped him more than the other guy. We were dropped off at the shopping mall and here is where it got interesting! This man had exotic pets that you can take a picture with. Well my son was holding the baby monkeys and one got on his head and started looking for bugs in his hair. Well he wanted to hold a Iguana (sp?) He pulled out the Iguana and said he was new to him and my son was petting his head and my son asked "does he bite?" The handling said "he no bite" just as the words came out of him mouth the damn thing bit him. He chomped down on his finger then he started shredding it from side to side. I started laughing uncontrolable my son eyes were huge! the handler felt so bad my son started laughing too! Well now my son finger is bleeding and seeping through napkins I wanted to find a pharmacy to buy peroxide for his hand. We got it cleaned up and he was doing ok. Well then he was looking at something at a booth and the man quoted him $45 and he said he had no money he had to ask him mom and the guy said I will come with you. When my son found me he told me keep walking and don't look back! I tought what the HELL did you do? We he told me what happended I told him to tell them NO and walk away. Well we bought a couple of gifts for people and made it back to the ship with all of our fingers! Will write again in a while.........I have a mid term due.
  3. We leave tomorrow for our cruise. My son is 15 and when I applied for our passport the lady took the noterized letter from his dad with his birth certificate. When we got our passports in the mail he got his birth certificate but not the noterized letter. Will I have a problem in Cozumel or Grand Cayman?
  4. I love the way you write. You are so funny! Keep it coming. Please don't make me wait I leave in 10 days for my cruise :D
  5. Thank you for all the help. After being on hold with Carnival, the lady told me I would have to call back tomorrow! Thanks to you guys I have them printed.:D
  6. I am trying to find out where to print out our luggage tags and transfers? I found it yesterday but had no paper in the printer, now I can't find it. I am on hold with carnival right now and have been for 10 minutes. Can anyone help me please
  7. Thanks everyone! Why do people print out doc's then if you don't need them and only the fun pass?
  8. We are planning on going to Paradise Beach. Mom and 15 year old. Maybe a couple of drinks little food and $10. wrist band for 15 year old. How much money do you think we would end up spending. Don't want to over take and possibly losing it but want to make sure we have enough. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. I am in the middle of moving and we have our passport......do we also need our birth certificate too? I would hate to leave them behind but don't want to take them if I don't need to? Does anyone know? Also I have printed the fun pass do I have to print the doc also?:confused:
  10. wonderful review so far! would love to know if the kids went to Club O2 and if they enjoyed it.
  11. wonderful review! I will be on her in 25 days! Can't wait to hear more. :D
  12. Anyone just off the Inspiration? We leave in 28 days and I was wondering about Tampa area and if you had to change ports? Starting to get worried with all the hurricanes that are coming up. :confused:
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