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  1. 1 - Purchased onboard. $100 for me and $100 for DW. Total $200 2 - Was a "non-refundable deposit" 3 - Cruise starts 9/26/2020 The monies are FCD Thanks
  2. Searched without success for this answer and found the PCL site less than clear.... A FCC was used many months ago to reserve a "non-refundable" cruise fare. The cruise is more than 175 days in the future and no other payments have been applied. Under the revised PCL cancellation policy will they refund or reinstate the FCC? I understand if the answer is no, in fact that is what I expect....but would appreciate the answer. Thanks
  3. CJinSF In your Twitter account you asked about the QM2. The QM2 has ended its world cruise, and most passengers are reported to be at the Perth airport. Here is the cruise critic link to the roll call. A few passengers and crew are still about, and the ship has left port and is headed west. Destination unknown?
  4. Hpeabody Please keep the updates coming. DW and myself were aboard for the 2019 WC (FL to FL) cruise.
  5. That is not what the governor said. He said test kits were being flown to he ship for those with symptoms and for those who were on the prior Mexican cruise. He did not say that they could not dock until everyone was tested.
  6. Noticed that the Pacific Princess 2020 World Cruise seems to be visiting Australian ports that were not originally planned (Albany and Busselton, Australia). I assume PCL has decided to skip the Asian ports (Singapore, Thailand, etc.). Does someone have the revised scheduled?
  7. The P&O guess is based on the current schedule. You will not that the very last port on the schedule is Southampton. Also word is P&O will also adopt the medallion technology. Again, this is my guess.
  8. I spent 37 days aboard the Grand in September/October 2019. She is more than fine. She is great. At about 25 years old, yes she shows her age and she has to be headed to P&O soon, but the ship has been well maintained. The furniture, beds, tv,s, curtains, and such are very comparable with all the other ships (except the new builds). The entertainment staff moves around the fleet, so that is the same too. The crew is wonderful and San Francisco will miss them all when this is no longer her home port.
  9. If they do not do the TA that implies they will cancel all the European cruises that follow. Does not seem likely to me...even if they have to put put across the Atlantic.
  10. Princess Cruise will deploy its very small ship, 600 pax, the Pacific Princess to Alaska this season. She was suppose to be deployed for Cuban cruises but politics nixed that plan. She is old but in great shape. 100+ days aboard in 2019. I think she may be the smallest ship, from the lines you listed, in Alaska this season.
  11. tcdcruiser


    Suggest southeast sea kayak. Next may will be our 3rd time using this vendor. Ketchikan can be very very busy with too many cruise ships, but this vendor takes you away from a crowds. Suggest the 3 hour orca cove trip. https://kayakketchikan.com/guidedtrips
  12. The actual Cape Horn is a rocky island south of the mainland. Weather permitting Princess, at least for our cruise, will actually circle Cape Horn (Isla Hornos) to afford views from all sides. The seas for us were rough but spectacular. In bad weather, frequent, they just depart Ushuaia and head straight back north. suggest google map to explain. O
  13. If you transit the Beagle Canal suggest you book North facing balcony. Glacier Views are spectacular. We did not know but got really lucky. Be advised only about half the cruises manage to circumnavigate Cape Horn. Truly a great cruise. In the Falkland suggest volunteer point for penguins.
  14. If you provide ship name and cabin type or number someone might be able to help
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