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  1. tcdcruiser

    Serious incident on Royal

    Dush Dushi Searched Google with "Royal Princess" and "Princess Cruise" Aruba. During last 24 hours nothing atypical appears.
  2. IMHO. Once you review the very short list of things to do in American Somoa.....it begins to sound better. The other big attraction is McDonalds but even they shut down the WiFi when ships are in port.
  3. tcdcruiser

    2020 Elite booking?

    Me too. Grand and Pacific doing RT 7 Day Vancouver/Whittier or Whittier/Vancouver all season, and the Star doing 14 Day RT San Francisco. Interesting positioning. This way if either Grand or Pacific are sold they can easily move people to similar cruises on other ships.
  4. tcdcruiser

    Grand Schedule Adjustment

    Having the Star in SF would be great. How do we know she’s moving. Do not see the repositioning cruise at princess.com. Just don’t want to get happy too soon.
  5. tcdcruiser

    Pacific Princess’ fate?

    Typically, the Pacific upon arriving in LA at the conclusion of the annual world cruise, would return to FL via the canal before heading to Europe. That cruise was removed from Princess.com a few weeks ago...so who knows. What is interesting that both the Pacific and the Grand have both had atypical cruise cancellations / changes in the April/May 2020 timeframe and both ships are on the west coast. Are they both going to a new owner? Is the Pacific Princess going to SF and the Grand to LA?
  6. tcdcruiser

    Missing Roll Call

    Be sure you are logged in before you try or you get an odd error message.
  7. tcdcruiser

    Arriving at Lima, Peru airport after midnight

    Many this advice is too late, but I stayed the first night at the hotel directly across the street from the terminal. Maybe a 5 minute walk across the sky bridge to the front desk. I am guessing this is the United late late arrival from Houston.
  8. tcdcruiser

    Honolulu Terminal 2 vs 11

    Is it still true that if NCLPride of America is in port other ships will use Pier 11 near Aloha Tower? On 26 Jan 19 Pacific Princess (itinerary call) and the Pride (embarkation) are both in port. Thanks.
  9. tcdcruiser

    Princess Balcony Lights - Annoying Neighbors

    If you are not using or need the balcony light.....I consider it a very thoughtful act to turn it off so I can enjoy the stars from my balcony.
  10. tcdcruiser

    Grand Schedule Adjustment

    Now princess.com shows the grand princess in May 2020 making a 4 day sf to Vancouver run. The mystery continues.
  11. tcdcruiser

    Wines Available for Liquor Swapout

    The wines available for "elite mini bar" swap are limited to what's on the room service menu. In other words, IMHO, the poorest tasting and lowest cost/benefit wines aboard.
  12. tcdcruiser

    Exchange Elite set up for wine ($ limit) ?

    The wine offered in exchange must be on the room service menu, which means IMHO really poor wine choices.
  13. tcdcruiser

    Tracy Arm Alternative

    If you manage Tracy Arm, (IMHO) I highly recommend the excursion where you disembark to the smaller ship within Tracy Arm itself and then proceed farther into the ice field. Truly spectacular. The tour boat then rejoins the Princess ship in Juneau some hours later.
  14. tcdcruiser

    Tracy Arm Alternative

    Typically, if Tracy Arm cannot be reached due to ice or weather, Endicott Arm (adjacent) is the alternate. See Google Map https://www.google.com/maps/place/Endicott+Arm/@57.6275047,-133.2840397,11.96z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x5406fb8becfd08a1:0xd23b8c56fb6352cb!8m2!3d57.6277778!4d-133.2608333
  15. tcdcruiser

    Can I make a 10:10 flight out of FLL

    You have to ask yourself....are you feeling lucky? Dirty Harry