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  1. PCL usually offers an excursion on Tracy Arm day. You transfer from the ship to an excursion boat (like tendering) and proceed much, much further into the arm. Truly great way to see the geography. Given this is a scenic cruising day many passenger do not realise an excursion is offered. The tour boat then rejoins the PCL ship in Juneau. This excursion likely solves your concern about seeing the wildlife and glaciers.
  2. See post 42. I know they did not have ATD for WC 2019.
  3. Did the Pacific Princess get anything dining during the recent dry dock?
  4. It is also an easy train ride to Vernon, then taxi the 6 km to Giverney.
  5. Premium vs Surf vs Social. Does anyone know the actual technical differences? For example, while PCL says you can stream with Premium is there any actual MBPS difference between Premium, Surf and Social? I suspect all 3 run at the same MBPS but PCL just restricts sites like Netflix, YouTube, etc. unless you purchase the Premium package. Based on PCL's description of Surf vs Social it implies access is restricted to selected web addresses. What's really happening? PCL Surf description..."Surf your favorite sites from e-mail, news, sports and more, enjoying unlimited access." PCL Social description..."Unlimited access to the most popular social websites and applications."
  6. Only CC I have experienced excessive shut down due to suspected fraud is the Princess Barclay Card. The credit card issuer notification for a world cruise is hard since the number of countries to be visited exceeds all the credit card provider web site slots. Had to call several.
  7. Forgot to mention.....best not to take all your credit cards ashore. Imagine if you lose your wallet or purse. Four months is a long time, and getting replacement cards near impossible.
  8. Just back from the 2019 World Cruise. The visa requirements are listed in the Cruise Personalizer. Find your booking, then in the left column under "Booking Details" select "Visa Travel Requirements". Be advised, that countries do sometimes change the rules, so be sure to re-visit the details several times as the months pass and your embarkation date nears. Money. As mentioned above credit cards are very, very widely accepted. However, remember that if your credit card issuer suspects fraud they will either suspend service until you contact the institution or worse still issue a new card with a new account number. Problem here is you have no way to get the new plastic from the financial institution. Our solution was to take 3 or 4 different bank cards so we knew we would always have a working card. I would also suggest you dedicate one credit card to your Princess Folio and not use that card for any other purpose. Princess will charge you credit cards several times during the cruise. The card we typically used ashore offered a feature that sent an instant email for every transaction. Often, while having lunch ashore, I'd get the email before the restaurant returned my plastic to the table. This is a great feature, and allows you to confirm that not fraud is taking place in almost real time. The email provided both the foreign amount and the USD amount. Ask your credit card issuer how or used they web site. Physical Cash. Do not rely on ship's Customer Service Desk having foreign currency for every country. While they may have some cash for larger countries (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) they may not have a large stock(or any) for less frequently visited countries. Everyone will say use an ATM upon arrival, and this is the best advise. We did order in advance some foreign currency from Travelex for countries with multiple port calls. Yes...Travelex is a bit expensive, but it is so easy to order via their web site and it is delivered via FedEx. Finally, we did not do this but many WC passengers did.....order a pre-paid debit card. You can use the card anywhere a credit card is accepted and it is totally separate from your own identity and other cards. You can add move cash to the pre-paid card via the issuers web site.
  9. Thanks to all. DW and I hit the milestone next year.
  10. Heard that you get a few perks once you reach 500 nights. True?
  11. yes. The NP Ranger is quite a fine addition. As a funny side note, since you are in a NP gambling is against the law, so PCL closes the casino.
  12. With 100+ days on the Pacific I can say it will be more dressy. You will find a higher percentage of elites and passengers much more travelled that most PCL ships. The Pacific, in general, is a more expensive from a fare perspective compared to larger Princess ships and this impacts the passenger composition.
  13. MUTS will be screening “Back to the Future “.
  14. Cruised many, many times with Princess and once with Costa. I can agree with the general observation from above. Costa is culturally very different. As an english speaker only, the entertainment events are quite a challenge or even a waste of time.
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