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  1. Thank you. Never would have thought to examine fares across categories in this way. Good advice, especially for extended voyages.
  2. Any preferred cabin Q5 or Q6 locations? Any cabins locations to be avoided? While familiar with the QM2 this will be a new ship type for us. Thank you in advance and stay safe till we travel again.
  3. Someone asked for a Island Princess image.
  4. 111 days on the Pacific Princess 2019 WC followed by 33 on the Crown.
  5. This is the main point. PCL will require vaccination proof because Canada, Mexico, and others will require. I remember passengers being denied boarding because they failed to get a Brazilian visa. This will likely be just another boarding requirement.
  6. Parking near the SF Cruise Terminal. I drop my DW off at the cruise terminal, park the car, and walk back. The parking lot is about 6 minutes by foot to Justin Herman Cruise Terminal. Be sure to get parking reservations as the long term cruise spots are limited. Parking Lot Website https://www.impark.com/san-francisco-bay/cruise-parking/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_content=0270055&utm_campaign=local_us Google Waking Directions https://www.google.com/maps/dir/37.8048993,-122.4028379/80+Francisco+St,+San+Francisco,+CA+94133/@37.8052453,
  7. Agree. Plus booking as segments means you may have to change cabins. Typically on a WC you have a bit more stuff!
  8. For the 2019 WC we got one stockholder credit since we booked the whole 111 day as a single cruise. elite benefits renew for each book able segment.
  9. Having been on the last full world cruise in 2019, here are a few thoughts. Food Food does repeat, but it is over 100 days or it is fine. There is only so much variation in salmon, beef, chicken, port, etc. But, they do a great job keeping it interesting. On occasion, they are able to bring aboard a special entree purchase and do something special. They also so special Sunday brushes for specials a few times. These buffers are a total and complete feast. Beyond words. Food can only be brought aboard at pre-arranged and approved locations. Most food is shipped wee
  10. 1 - Purchased onboard. $100 for me and $100 for DW. Total $200 2 - Was a "non-refundable deposit" 3 - Cruise starts 9/26/2020 The monies are FCD Thanks
  11. Searched without success for this answer and found the PCL site less than clear.... A FCC was used many months ago to reserve a "non-refundable" cruise fare. The cruise is more than 175 days in the future and no other payments have been applied. Under the revised PCL cancellation policy will they refund or reinstate the FCC? I understand if the answer is no, in fact that is what I expect....but would appreciate the answer. Thanks
  12. CJinSF In your Twitter account you asked about the QM2. The QM2 has ended its world cruise, and most passengers are reported to be at the Perth airport. Here is the cruise critic link to the roll call. A few passengers and crew are still about, and the ship has left port and is headed west. Destination unknown?
  13. Hpeabody Please keep the updates coming. DW and myself were aboard for the 2019 WC (FL to FL) cruise.
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