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  1. Imalismom

    Your opinion of the Pearl

    Sailed the Pearl in March of this year and fell totally in love with her. The shopping could have had a bigger selection, it is small compared to the Pride of America. Did not use the ships large pool, stayed in the spa mostly on sea days. Had the 10 day specialty dining package and the food was great. Tried the main dining for breakfast and lunch and thought it was very good also. Only saw two shows and enjoyed them very much. Purchased the unlimited internet package - was glad I did. The internet although it was not slow - it was not super speedy either, so I can see how it can eat up minutes on a per minute package (lots of complaints about that) My take - if the price and ports were right I'd book her again.
  2. Imalismom

    Soda Package

    True... mine had to be replaced once on my last cruise due to a faulty rubber seal.
  3. If that is the case it was not working the full ten days on the Pearl.
  4. Cesar told me he is trying his best to get Jon Jon promoted to a butler. I hope he is successful - Jon Jon is AMAZING!! There was one day I saw several people in the pool, but other than that, it was empty each time I looked. The hot tub did seem to get a lot of use though.
  5. Imalismom

    Cruise next question

    It took 3 days for mine to show up. I got an email and also MyNCL had them. I was told to keep my last day invoice/receipt just in case I had any problems, but I did not.
  6. Imalismom

    Pearl - LIVE 4/3

    In the gift shop, there will be a female working (usually two pigtails) that looks just like Abbie on NCIS - can you tell her Gale said hello and misses her? Tell her I love love love my tan and pink purse please (that should remind her who I am)
  7. Imalismom

    Soda Package

    If you are on The Pearl - you go to the Java café and ask - you have to ask for one, they do not automatically give them out.
  8. Spinnaker: Only for bingo, and it was crowded then - but when I got to the lounge to get a table for bingo it was never crowded. NOTE: I am not sure why some words squished together when I saved the post - they were not squished when I typed it/previewed it - sorry and I cant go back and fix it now :(
  9. I did not want to write a daily trip report, however,I did want to give you some thoughts on my partial Panama Canal trip on THE PEARL. Getting onto the ship: Once we got to Miami terminal, it was VERY VERY crowded.I was in a group of 4 that was just being dropped off. We were greeted by very friendly porters who took our luggage and pointed the way for us to go (Terminal B ). I was traveling with two people who were in a balcony cabin,and myself and another girlfriend were in a haven cabin. I elected to go through the regular line sothat we could all board together.When I checked in and got my card, I asked the guy behind the desk if my card would have haven access. He then told me I could not check in though the normal line, but had to go to the haven line, but that my whole group of 4 could indeed board together. So, off to the haven line, got my access card, and we were quickly escorted upstairs to a holding area…. And we sat….and we sat…. and we sat….the other NCL ship had already boarded and we were still sitting…. seems pit bull was on the cruise before us and was having difficulties getting everything off the ship…. We finally could board. The one thing I missed here was no picture of us boarding –no big deal, but for those in the haven area that wanted one, it was not an option today. I met my concierge (Naomi), and asked permission for allf our of us to eat together and she said sure. It took a little over 35 minute to be seated for lunch though, so I think that process could work a little better, but once we were seated, the lunch was very delicious. Our rooms were ready by the time we got seated for lunch, so after lunch we could go find our rooms. We got to our room, and then went to deliver the “meet and greet” invitations I had created. Got them all delivered and then went back to the room for a while. We did not meet our steward (Cesar) until almost 6:30 at night. I like the way the Pride of America has the stewards meet you almost as soon as you get into your room a little better, that way if you had any room requests, then you can get that over with right away. Meet and Greet: I think it went great, we had over 80 people there.I had placed the nametags in the invitations the day before so that helped with signing in a lot. We had a time of meeting everyonewe had been talking to online, then all the ships officers were there and they introduced themselves, and gave us their phone numbers to call if we had any difficulties. It was great to meet them all. I had made thank you cards up for each one ofthem with a Starbucks gift card in each, as an appreciation from our group for them taking their time to come and talk to us. We did three door prize drawings (two had hook magnets in them and one had a deck ofcards with the pearl on them (free from shutterfly ). We then also finished all the arraignments for our slot pull. NCL provided something to drink and cookies – thank you NCL!!! We did a big group picture, and lots of candid pictures from the ship’s photographer, so that was also an added plus. Slot Pull: This was fun.I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun none the less.I lost money, but hey, you can’t always win when gambling LOL. It was also the only time I spent in the casino. Too smokyfor me. Haven Area: I was able to upgrade to my haven room two weeks prior to my boarding. I choose a two-bedroom cabin, since it was just me and a girlfriend traveling together (both husbands could not go on this trip).Although the haven area was nice,and I enjoyed the special treatment, I truly do not think it is really worth the up front money that a lot of people pay for these rooms. Would I ever stay in a haven room again, sure, if NCL called me up and said, we want to “gift” you a haven room, but that will be the only way. If you are thinking the haven area can keep you away from kids….Just a note here – on the cruise AFTER ours,every haven 2-bedroom room was filled with families who all had kids with them. The pool was two body lengths long and 4 feet deep, the hot tub was nice, and I loved JonJon that got us breakfast or lunch everyday, and kept a supply of gummy bears out in the afternoon. Now that my husband and I are both are retired, I just cannot justify the cost of a haven (a suite, maybe, but not a haven). That being said; everything was impeccable in the area, and I loved my stay here, and I am very glad I had the opportunity to upgrade to it. Oh, if you **do** stay in one of these rooms, be very careful with the phone in the toilet area – my shoulder called 911 one very early morning. Specialty dining: I only have the Pride of America to compare to, but I was not really impressed with the specialty dining on the Pearl. Cagney’s was the exception, and it was great. We had 10 free days of specialty dining and we stopped using it. I found the food in the main dining hall to be just as good. I am not saying the specialty dining food was not good, it was. I found the service (except in Cagney’s) to be lacking. Again, it was NOT bad service, it was just not exceptional service that I had found of the POA. I will still do specialty dining on my next cruise though :) Main dining and buffet:Very good – did not use much, but we did use both and I found the food the be very good, and the service to be very good. Gift Shop: The gift shops were very small compared to POA, but the people who worked in them were great. Very outgoing, and very helpful if you needed something. One of the girls was a twin to “Abbie” on NCIS, so our group started referring to her as Abbie – she even had Abbie’s great personality. Spa Pass: Yes, please. Best investment - Spent every sea day there, almost all day. It was just perfect (even when the hot tub was not working). It is a hidden gem, and if you have the chance, and can splurge ($199 each person for a 10 day cruise) I do not think you will disappointed. I WISH they would pipe the panama canal narrative in there on canal day – that would have been the cherry on top of the cruise for me. Dinner with an officer: I was able to have dinner with the assistant hotel officer, It was SO great to see how his career took him where it did. This is one gentleman that has it all together, and knows where he is heading. I causally mentioned something that was bothering me (no hot water, just warm in my shower) to him during the dinner, and I was AMAZED to see someone in my room fixing it RIGHT after the dinner was over. I hope NCL continues to do this. As a retired teacher, it was just great to see how all his learning in life is taking him to great places. NCL also provided a 5X7 picture of the evening, another delightful surprise. This to me was the best experience I had on the ship. Shows: I was only able to see two shows, and they were VERY good. Everyone in my group that did go every night had only great things to say. Bingo: My one vice. It was very good – the jokes were corny (as to be expected), and a good time was had by all. Did I win? Not on bingo, but I did win a door prize . I ALSO won a good time with a great bunch of people. Bible Study: Why NCL, would you not let a group advertise that they are doing a non-denominational Bible Study on sea days? I only “happened” upon a very small sign placed in front of the chapel on the next to last sea day. I am sure that a lot of other people would have LOVED to participate if they had only known. Please NCL, rethink your position on this. Please? Excursions: This is the one complaint I have, period. I elected to do two NCL excursions. They both were TERRIBLE, period. I know The Pearl had no play in this, but the main office does. I know others had very bad excursions also know a lot of people had money refunded to them from bad excursions. The main office in Miami needs to be on the ball a little better with these. I would gladly volunteer my time to help them with this – example: I did the chocolate experience tour in Puerto Limon. The tour was 4 hours long, 2 were for traveling, so two were for the actual tour. The tour was actually 1.5 hours though botanical gardens, and then 20 minutes of looking at how chocolate was once made by hand., followed by a glass of water and some watermelon and papaya. Again, this is NOT the Pearl’s fault, but I do think with all the people who were complaining (and money being refunded), that NCL corporate needs to look at this. That being said; some people also had some GREAT excursions. Luck of the draw perhaps? Panama Canal: Oh my gosh. Absolutely breathtaking. We got up early (4AM), and secured some very good seats in the Spinnaker Lounge. NCL provided a continental breakfast in several areas on the ship. If you have a chance to take trip through the canal, do it. We got to the canals prior to sunrise, so it was just the best experience, seeing it in the darkness of night and the daylight. We did breakfast in my cabin afterwards, and then watched again from the side view, with the TV on the bow of the ship. This was the best of all worlds. Pool Area: Never visited it. Walked past it a few times, but that was all. It seemed to be a great place, and was always busy. Hair Salon: I elected to have my hair French braided one afternoon. It was a very good braid. NO shampoo or dry, just a braid. Cost $40 (before tip) in case you might be inclined to have a French braid done for formal pictures. Formal Pictures: Only had one done this trip – seemed to me to be squished in the atrium. But the one I had done was done very well. Never really saw any long lines for them - there might have been, but I never saw any. Meet and greet regroup: What a very nice way to end the cruise. To see that the staff on thePearl cared enough to again give up some of their time to see what can be improved. Invitations were delivered to all that attended the meet and greet. Again, refreshments were served. It is just very nice to see a very caring staff want to make sure that we the cruisers were happy. Where there some complaints? Yes. Could some be fixed? Yes. Were there pool chair hogs? Yes. Is the Pearl staff trying to fix it? Yes. But what was great to hear was time and time again, kudo’s being given. Leaving the ship: All four of us had breakfast in the Moderno (thank you Naomi for letting the other two join us), and we left the ship at10am. Luggage was waiting for us, no longline to stand in, and back out waiting to be picked up from my dear husband. No customs forms to fill out at all. Just asked how much we spent and if we had any thing to declare (no, I did not). Very easy to get off. I came away from this cruise loving the Pearl. I have now taken two NCL cruises. I have loved both .I am not a world class cruiser. This was only my fourth cruise. But now that I live right next to a Port, hopefullythat will change. If I can answer any questions for you, I will try my best. To the staff of the Pearl: If you are reading this, a grateful thank you to the staff of The Pearl for a great 10 days.
  10. Imalismom

    Thermal Suite Pass -Pearl...is i worth it?

    Yes!! I was there every sea day last month. It was very quiet, a great place to sit and read, and the Thalasso spa was great. It was the best money I spent! I dud not regret it at all!!
  11. I just got off the Pearl two weeks ago, and mine showed up within three days -- both in my email and in myNCL account. They no longer give certificates out, and I was told to hang on to my receipt that I got the last day on the cruise just in case they did not show up -- but I had no problems (actually used one of them today)
  12. Imalismom

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    Tomorrow!!!!!!! Pearl for 10 days out of Miami....,
  13. Imalismom

    Meet & Mingle on NCL

    Then you need to take that up with the owners of Cruise Critic, because they recommend that a separate private gmail/hotmail account be created. From: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1300907
  14. Imalismom

    Meet & Mingle on NCL

    Do you know how many NCL staff attend? I know nowhere does it say they will attend, however, I got small thank- you gifts/cards for them and want to make sure I have enough. Thanks in advance for any help in this answer.
  15. Imalismom

    What are best incentive packages you have seen from NCL?

    I am not an alcohol drinker at all, Just can't stand the taste! So, for me, my answer might be different then others: On my sailing next week, this is what I have (this was for two people in a SF category): (1) $200 On Board Credit (2) Gratuities paid for two (3) Special dining for everyday of our cruise (which is 10 days) for two (4) $50 per port off excursion for one. The only thing that would make that better for me, is that if number 4 would have been an unlimited internet package (which I have pre-purchased). I don't think they offer the every day of the cruise specialty dining plan anymore, and it has been a long time since I have seen an OBC as a perk.