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  1. It sounds like I could have written this review. We were on Symphony the week before you and absolutely loved the experience!
  2. Does anyone know if i can use my diamond 24 hour internet perk on Coco Cay?
  3. If I will reach 142 points during my upcoming Symphony cruise, will I need to wait until the next cruise to get the block? I mean do I have to wait to get the points acknowledged after the sailing or will they count during the sailing? I would much rather get a glass block during the upcoming Symphony sailing as opposed to my next which is the Adventure.
  4. I just saw this thread for the first time. After my upcoming cruise in November I will have 142. Since I didn't read every entry on this thread, is 140 still the magic number? Will i get it sent to my home?
  5. Can someone please explain this situation to me? Will all cruises that go to St. Thomas on Royal Caribbean now be diverted to another destination? My Symphony sailing in November still shows St. Thomas.
  6. So I'm confused? Who will be the captain on the Symphony in November?
  7. So I'm confused? Who will be the cruise director on the Symphony in November?
  8. The most important thing I learned is when making a bbq never mix up the tequila and the lighter fluid!
  9. I'm glad I started this topic. I'm learning a lot and I love the funny comments! Keep it coming.
  10. I also heard that tequila is the lowest calorie alcohol you can drink. I would love to try an upscale product that you sip and savor.
  11. Okay I'll try lime with the lighter fluid next time.
  12. Hey Seville2Cabo, I'm not a drinker really at all but I just think it's fun to do the salt and lemon part! What is a good sipping tequila?
  13. It shows Camarena. Thats not that bad.
  14. Are Diamond club members able to order a shot of tequila as their drink toward the 3 drinks? Will a bartender give you salt and a lemon?
  15. Will we be the only ship that docks at Coco Cay?
  16. Where does the Symphony of the Seas dock in St. Thomas?
  17. We were actually on the same cruise and did the Orlando wheel/sea aquarium/ and Madam Tussauds. It was an excursion through the ship and was fun. I understand an hour bus ride each way with a baby is probably not the best idea( there were some babies on the trip) but if others are interested all three places are in he same building and all are air conditioned. It was perfect for the hot day.
  18. Do you need to rent umbrellas or are they already set up for use?
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