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  1. I am booked on the Mardi Gras repositioning cruise next year in September. I would LOVE to get one of those brochures! I may have to contact my TA and see if she can send me one
  2. I am cruising next year out of NY, but do not know if it is out of Brooklyn terminal or Manhattan. Does it matter which terminal we sail out of in regards to sailing by the Statue of Liberty? Be kind of disappointing to sail out of NY and not go past the Statue. Also, do we sail under any of the bridges?
  3. Regarding hotels in NY....I have no idea on where to look as far as city or area. Any suggestions? We will most likely fly in a day or two early and play tourist. I am guessing we will not need to rent a car since there seems to be a cab on every corner. We will also be flying Southwest from Florida. We plan on flying into LaGuardia, but have to wait until the schedule opens up for the dates needed. Also, do we have any idea yet on the location of our embarkation port address?
  4. Have all that booked made their dining choice? We chose Your Time Dining. I figure with all of those wonderful sea days, I may want to eat a bit earlier - or a bit later depending on what I am doing at the time. I was also thinking about sailing out of NY. I live in Florida - so it is basically shorts season almost year round. Is the weather still nice in NY at the end of September or does it get cool?
  5. I have breast cancer, which is stable for now...but since I never know when it will rear it's ugly head I never book a trip without travel insurance. I usually do it through my TA. It covers me if I need to cancel my trip, if I need transportation back to the states, or any medical issues that may arise. Of course it has the standard stuff too: trip interruption, lost luggage and so forth. We never used to take the insurance, but with a trip this expensive plus the air fare I don't think it is a bad thing. I'd rather have the insurance and not need it than not have it and need it.
  6. HiJamman54 I am sailing on the Magic 09/28 for my first visit to Bermuda and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed your review! The pictures are great, and I am even more excited than I was before. I also appreciate the tips and the information in your posts. I think this is going to be one awesome cruise!
  7. I always said I would never sail on a mega ship - but I now understand why the saying goes: Never say Never! LOL I am booked on the repositioning cruise sailing 9/30/20. 15 days from NY to Port Canaveral. 6 Sea Days. 8 port stops. I am very excited about sailing on this ship. I have always wanted to sail out of New York (check). My longest cruise has been an 8-day, and I wanted a longer cruise (check). Going all over the Caribbean? Yes please! I have a couple of cruises booked before this one, but this is the one I keep looking for information on. I am so excited! I know I said that already...but I am!
  8. WOW!! 8 weeks is a long time to wait for a response I am sailing on 9/28 also. I submitted my reservation twice, with no response. I have never had that issue on other Carnival ships. I sent in an email today as suggested so hopefully I will hear back in a day or so. Especially since we want to go on the first night and will be celebrating our 43rd anniversary
  9. Love-Love-Love the pictures of the ship! We are sailing 9/28/19. My Carnival Hub countdown shows 60 days, so I am really getting excited. I know these reviews are time consuming, so I appreciate the tons of effort in making this happen.
  10. Thanks skrufy for letting me know about the dinner attire. Living in Florida, we generally drive to the port so there isn't much of an issue regarding packing. Flying to the port, plus the additional days sailing may provide a bit of a challenge to packing. But I know that I am up to that particular challenge! At least I have cruised enough to realize I don't need several outfits each day, and that it is okay to wear something more than once! LOL For a cruise that is this long, do you know how many dressy nights there are? And are there any theme nights on a Journeys cruise? Thanks!
  11. Sailing on the reposition Mardi Gras cruise next year...yay! I have been reading up on some of the details since this is a Journeys cruise. I am beyond excited at all of the Firsts I will experience, even though I have been on 50+ cruises LOL. My question at the moment is this: Since the Journeys experience encompasses a trip back in time to Midnight Buffets, a true Captain's cocktail party, and activities - is the dress code for the elegant nights more like the way it used to be? Suits, tuxes, long dresses, a little more bling? I kind of hope that it is. I always enjoy dressing up (and yes, I know that everyone doesn't share my feeling this way - but that is okay!). I just would love to see the guests all gussied up like it used to be - even if for only one night. We do so anyway, and I have no problem with those who are more casual. But it was fun, and the atmosphere was different. So, like I said...I was just wondering....
  12. Cruising with MSC for the first time in February 2020, sailing on the Meriviglia. I read that some of you upgraded your drink package to include more premium drinks. My DH prefer Jack Daniels but it is not listed on the Easy menu so an upgrade may be better for us. My question is this...do I wait and do the upgrade after I board, or does it have to be done prior?
  13. My longest cruise so far has been 8 nights. Sometimes they can be very port intensive, so I have learned to pace myself and stay on the ship when in port to break up the pace. Last thing I want to do is get off the ship absolutely exhausted. I am looking at the itinerary and seeing 5 ports in a row, a sea day, then 2 more, another sea day, then Grand Turk. For those of you that have done a cruise like this, do you also pace yourself or do you get off the ship in every port and rest on the sea days?
  14. Hi there! My DH and I are booked along with 2 other couples. We are both 63, and love to cruise. In April I completed my 51st cruise overall. We have 3 sons, and 3 grandkids. All of them live within an hour of us, so we get to see everyone quite often. We take the family on a cruise every 3 years, so my grandkids are racking up the cruise points. We will be flying in to NY a day earlier to visit with my step-mother, then board the ship for a fantastic cruise! Our friends live in Ohio so they will meet us on the ship. We have a balcony on deck 11, mid-ship. I have been on over 25 Carnival cruises, but this is the first one this long...and a Journeys cruise as well. I am beyond excited! I have always wanted to cruise out of NY and now I will be able to cross that off my list. Looking forward to getting to know some of my fellow cruisers before we set sail. I have been reading everything I can about the ship and about Journeys cruising. This is going to be a heck of a way to celebrate my retirement!
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