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  1. We have used that site several times. You still need to do a lot of research to narrow down your choice to one specific cruise and cabin category. Also, have a good idea of what the cruise line itself will charge you (and any perks). We have received great OBC in the past and sometimes free trip insurance or free tips, etc. as an incentive to book with a specific company. Before booking, we also check out the company. RCL prices are not as flexible as some other companies. But sometimes, you'll find a TA that already has blocks of cabins at a special rate (we currently have a RCL cruise booked with a balcony rather than the obstructed balcony we had intended to book because the company had a block of regular balconies at a better price- group rate). Any savings helps!
  2. September is a lovely time for a river cruise (and bus tour) of that area. Not too hot, not too cold and fewer crowds. Since you live in Tennessee, I assume you are a USA citizen traveling with a USA passport, so you will not need visas for any of those countries. Of course, the way the world is changing, who knows what will happen in a year? But whichever cruise line or travel company you use, they will give you updated information if a visa becomes necessary. Come back with any questions as you plan your trip! We all love river cruising.
  3. Many years ago, DH and I were driving through Switzerland staying in small "Bed and Breakfasts." At one, we struggled in our poor French to make the arrangements but finally asked if she spoke German (asked this in French). Since we were living in Germany at that time, our German, though not good, was much better than our French. We and the proprietor struggled in German to complete the arrangements until it came time to show our ID's. Out came our USA passports; the proprietor started laughing and said- in English- "I'm from Chicago!" It turned out that her French might have been better than ours but she knew minimal German. We could have accomplished everything very quickly if we had just started with English.
  4. Germancruiser- Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. I've enjoyed reading about your trip and your perspectives on cruising during this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy! Lynn
  5. Thank you for posting. I hope you have a chance to tell us more about the "in's & out's" of cruising during this pandemic. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy! Lynn
  6. We canceled our May cruise over a month ago. Last week, Royal told our TA that refunding the taxes, port fees, etc. would now take 60 to 90 days rather than 45. Hopefully, we all won't have to wait that long.
  7. You will receive your "Final Document Booklet" about a month before your cruise. We actually received an online copy first, then a paper copy. The booklet clearly spells out all the financial issues ( tips- to whom, how much, which currency, etc.) so you can be prepared before you leave. It also includes a daily breakdown of the final itinerary, helpful hints, contact numbers, etc. All that you need to know! Laundry- we never used their laundry. On occasion, we have washed up a shirt or pair of socks in the sink and hung them in the shower. GCT is not fancy- so packing is easier than for an upscale ocean cruise. (Skip the heels and fancy clothes, suits, etc.) We layer and try to stick to a basic mix-and-match color scheme. Pillows- I, too, love my own pillow. However, I've never had an issue on-board any of their ships (although I'm usually very tired after each active day!). I do bring my own pillow cases to slip over their's - just in case they use scented soap.
  8. We were on the Breakaway two years ago for Super Bowl Sunday. The game (minus commercials LOL) was on the big screen in the Atrium as well as on the TVs in the cabins. Since our team was playing (yay!), we parked ourselves down right in front many hours before the game. We read our books, talked to other fans, took turns getting food and drinks and bathroom breaks while we waited. We were surprised how many people arrived as the game started and complained that there were no seats left. As if they hadn't noticed all week that the Atrium was too small for any activity! We were on the Bliss a few weeks ago and loved the District Brew House. However, it is a small venue, so I assume the game will also be shown on the big screen in the Atrium. And maybe even on the big screen outside. NCL will post everywhere it will be shown in the Freestyle Daily.
  9. ..........While I’m thinking about it. Here are the hooks in action. These are the 22 lb. they also sell 44 and 100 lb............. Thanks! I'm ordering some today- we have two cruises before our Edge cruise, so I'll make good use of them. Hoping all the cabin walls (on NCL and RCCL) are also metal! Lynn
  10. Jim- Thanks for the wonderful travel log and pictures; I've enjoyed following along (taking notes!). We're on a Rome to Rome cruise on the Edge next September with many of the same ports. My one concern about the Edge is the possible lack of shaded areas on the open decks (this is strictly from the little I've read in various posts). DH has skin cancer, so we try to be vigilant about the sun but love being outside when we cruise. Have you found any great area(s) to sit and watch the sea but stay in the shade? Enjoy the TA! Lynn
  11. ..... I also brought wall hooks to hand sunglasses, umbrellas, coats, so would suggest those to keep things organized........ Thanks for posting; I hope you can continue to update us as your cruise continues. We are on the Edge next September (frequent cruisers, but first time on the Edge), so all hints and tips are appreciated! As for your wall hooks, are they magnetic or something else? Did you download the app before embarking or can we wait until we're onboard (in case we need help setting it up)? Thanks and have a wonderful cruise, Lynn
  12. Thank you for the concise explanation and the pictures. Very helpful to those of us new to The Edge!
  13. We have used SAS several times to go from FLL to the port in Miami (and back again to FLL), most recently January 2019. I recommend them with a few disclaimers. First, they load up their vans with many people going to different hotels, different parts of the airport and different port areas. I can understand someone worrying that they wouldn't make their flight! The good news is that their drivers seem to be very familiar with the airport and port areas (which can be confusing if your Uber driver has never driven in the Miami port area!). Secondly, the vans are sometimes overcrowded, meaning that on one occasion a young woman had to sit on her husband's lap (not enough space to give her a seat). Finally, if you have an infant or young child with a car seat, you will not be able to use your car seat and will have to hold the child in your lap. I assume their vans are large enough that they are not required to put children in car seats as would be required in a car. In spite of this, I would use them again (unless I bring my grandkids!).
  14. Another plus for us on our GCT Seine cruise was that the ship docked right in Paris, rather than outside of town as a few other lines did. Although the docking site could change, ours was two metro stops north (?I think) of the Eiffel Tower stop, with just a short walk from the ship to the Metro. So close that we walked back to the ship along the Seine from the tower. (Yes, we visited- we're true tourists!). We took the optional excursion to Versailles, and I took the optional excursion to see the Bayeux tapestry while DH (CPT Trips) enjoyed a lunch of mussels in Honfleur. We recommend both.
  15. Wonderful review! Thank you for taking the time to do it. I've bookmarked many of your comments and recommendations for our 10/2020 Edge cruise and stay in Rome. Thanks!
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