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  1. For 9776, your balcony will be just a short ways forward of the deck 8 outdoor smoking area (along the Waterfront). If smoke or noise may bother you, I'd chose the other side of the ship. However, deck 9 is convenient for the indoor activities on the lower decks. Is this your first cruise on a BA class ship? If so, have you considered looking for an angled balcony? It will have a slightly bigger balcony.
  2. Write your cabin number on the back of your Platinum Dining Vouchers. We had an incident on the BA (now several years ago) where the hostess said (after our meal) that we had not given her the voucher, so we would be charged for the meal. I asked to see the stack of vouchers and found ours- with our cabin number on the back. She had given the free meal to the table next to ours.
  3. Cushings is manageable with daily medication. One of our Beagles had it for many years (until he died of old age at 17). The only issue was that the dose for his weight was not a standard dose and had to be compounded at a specialty pharmacy. We did have nearby compounding pharmacies, so only a slight nuisance (but greater expense). Prayers that the scans don't reveal anything more serious.
  4. Our local TV stations, when reporting about the status of that ship, warned us to expect gas (petrol) prices to increase. Apparently, the back-up of ships waiting to use the canal has slowed the delivery of fuel oils, etc. Or it could just be another excuse to raise prices.
  5. You can book either through Princess or Gray Line. We're booked for August. Very few spots left! The land tour is a combo of Princess-HAL-Grayline. Only one Princess lodge will be used; the others are still closed due to the pandemic. We're fully vaccinated and ready to travel! We'd love to cruise again, but that will have to wait a little longer (for us- December, if all goes well).
  6. To further the demographics of the River Cruise Forum: we also will celebrate our 50th- next week- by staying home. Our OAT small ship cruise of the French and Italian Rivieras has been moved to 2022. Last year, our 49th celebration was supposed to be a nice dinner in Tromso, Norway watching the Northern Lights. Instead our tour company (not OAT!) cancelled us- abandoning us in Oslo where the only dining venue still open was the pannini kiosk in the train station. Hopefully the 51st will be more exciting and less stressful!
  7. Only some NJ schools are still closed. Our granddaughter is in school two days a week (soon to be three) and virtual the other days. Each school district decides for themselves whether to open fully, partially or not at all. Very confusing! Just like every county seems to be handling the Covid vaccine centers differently- also confusing. We're still wondering about cruising from Bayonne in July and December- more confusion.
  8. Bake Apple: You make some interesting points. I don't think river cruising will "come back as it was" for many years. However, I do think it will come back (hopefully in 2022), even if life onboard and daily excursions will be very different. But I can cope with "different" if it means seeing more of the world. I just hope enough people agree to get the vaccine- and are able to get the vaccine- to reach "herd" immunity world-wide.
  9. Since none of the many companies have started up their river cruises yet, none of us can answer this question. The companies we have used (in the past) did not require you to stay with the included shore excursion (except in Russia- a different story!). But we don't know if that requirement (to be in a bubble) will be included in any new guidelines. If you don't want to be limited to only the ship's excursions, I suggest that you NOT book any river cruise at this time. By Spring, we should know more about how future cruises will be run.
  10. We have used that site several times. You still need to do a lot of research to narrow down your choice to one specific cruise and cabin category. Also, have a good idea of what the cruise line itself will charge you (and any perks). We have received great OBC in the past and sometimes free trip insurance or free tips, etc. as an incentive to book with a specific company. Before booking, we also check out the company. RCL prices are not as flexible as some other companies. But sometimes, you'll find a TA that already has blocks of cabins at a special rate (we currently have a
  11. September is a lovely time for a river cruise (and bus tour) of that area. Not too hot, not too cold and fewer crowds. Since you live in Tennessee, I assume you are a USA citizen traveling with a USA passport, so you will not need visas for any of those countries. Of course, the way the world is changing, who knows what will happen in a year? But whichever cruise line or travel company you use, they will give you updated information if a visa becomes necessary. Come back with any questions as you plan your trip! We all love river cruising.
  12. Many years ago, DH and I were driving through Switzerland staying in small "Bed and Breakfasts." At one, we struggled in our poor French to make the arrangements but finally asked if she spoke German (asked this in French). Since we were living in Germany at that time, our German, though not good, was much better than our French. We and the proprietor struggled in German to complete the arrangements until it came time to show our ID's. Out came our USA passports; the proprietor started laughing and said- in English- "I'm from Chicago!" It turned out that her French might have been bette
  13. Germancruiser- Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. I've enjoyed reading about your trip and your perspectives on cruising during this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy! Lynn
  14. Thank you for posting. I hope you have a chance to tell us more about the "in's & out's" of cruising during this pandemic. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy! Lynn
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