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  1. Oh my goodness, yes, this! I had so many bartenders who were very confused. Granted, I do appreciate how thoughtful they are about trying to ensure that people know when they are going to purchase something that isn't included in the basic beverage package. They could have made it much more explicit.
  2. I was on the Breakaway 18 Aug with the Premium Plus. I enjoyed multiple beverages at the Atrium Cafe (tea, lattes, frappuccino, etc) and all were included. As was the fresh squeezed juice and bottled water/gatorade/red bull.
  3. Fresh juices and specialty coffee (along with bottled water, gatorade, red bull...) are included if you upgrade to the Premium Plus Beverage Package
  4. When you stepped off the ferry and took transportation into your own hands (and wallet) you assumed responsibility for getting back to the ship. If you want to reach out to corporate, I'd suggest changing your approach. They aren't going to reimburse you the taxi ride. If you reach out to corporate, it should be explaining the lack of communication for their awareness but not asking for anything. Maybe they'll offer something for a future cruise, maybe not, but there is no entitlement to anything.
  5. NCL is a business. They have clear cut policies to ensure they are not subject to lawsuits for being arbitrary and discriminatory. Unfortunately to you right now this looks like a lack of compassion. And the fact that you said that you couldn't find a company to cover your travel plans is an indication of the amount of risk you were accepting. Insurance companies are also businesses and they balance risk and reward. The only way they bring in money is premiums and deductibles, and they make a profit so long as they don't pay out more in claims than they bring in. They looked at your case and determined that they were more likely to lose money if they covered you for pre-existing conditions. Again, it's understanding how these businesses operate. You accepted the risk when you couldn't get insurance and opted to proceed rather than canceling the cruise. And unfortunately, you lost on that decision. We sympathize with your husband's diagnosis, and I'm sure anyone who works for NCL sympathizes as well, but there's no reason that they will treat you any differently than anyone else with similar heartbreaking stories because that's not the business model.
  6. The doctor’s form as others have said. Since the cancellation is so far away, the doctor will need to specify timeline of restricted travel and any caretaker responsibilities that you’ll need to provide so that cancellation is covered for both of you and not just him as the one with the medical issue. My sister and I had to cancel a cruise the night before we were supposed to travel, and the insurance tried to say my sister should have gone solo, and wasn’t going to cover her cancellation until the doctor note specified that my sister was necessary to accept my discharge from the hospital after surgery.
  7. We were sooooooooo glad we upgraded. Much less stressful than worrying about every single upcharge, and we definitely drank far more water than we would have otherwise- which was handy for surviving the drink package.
  8. We had a bottle (or two) of Veuve Cliquot every night with dinner and the PPBP. They sell it for $99/bottle or $35/glass on board. That, a bottle of water, and a coffee a day and you’re ahead of the price.
  9. Specialty coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, bottled water, gatorade, red bull, starred bottles of wine in restaurants for dinner, and no price cap are the hallmarks of the Premium Plus package. You can bring back an opened, unfinished bottle of wine from the dining room. You can't get a package of bottled water delivered to your room, but you can get a cold one from any bar.
  10. On Breakaway the Atrium Cafe “proudly serves” Starbucks but isn’t an actual Starbucks. From what I’ve heard from others, if the location is an actual Starbucks (accepts Starbucks gift card as payment) then it isn’t included.
  11. Bottles were $6 for the liter size and coffees depend on size and adding flavor/extra shots. I posted the coffee menu below Also, I didn’t include the 20% service charge in the numbers since we also had to pay 20% on the PPBP.
  12. Bottled water, specialty coffee drinks, fresh pressed juices, top shelf liquor, bottles of wine at dinner. BF and I had the PPBP on Breakaway last week. We averaged 2x lattes each a day ($11pp), 2x bottles of water each a day ($12pp), and had a bottle of Veuve Cliquot at dinner most nights ($99/bottle or $34 a glass, so at least a $20pp upcharge). I also enjoyed sampling the premium whiskey/scotch/bourbon in Maltings and a much better selection of wine by the glass. The coffee/water/Veuve more than made up the $29pp difference in upgrading.
  13. The rules are different for the Sun and Sky 3-6 night sailings than other cruises as far as the specialty coffee. I just came off the Breakaway with an upgraded beverage package and specialty coffee was included at the Bake Shop and in all restaurants. We were definitely fans of the upgraded package because of the specialty coffee, bottled water from any bar, bottles of wine at dinner (wine by the glass service was very slow but with bottles we had wine with every course), the fresh squeezed orange juice, and the chance to try some of the premium liquors
  14. Just trying to see what the options are to help decide on upgrading to the "Plus" version of the beverage package. And drink menus on the Breakaway seem hard to come by. I go back and forth on how worthwhile the upgrade is, and part of the appeal is the included specialty coffee, plus maybe some of the fancy wine by the glass. I keep monitoring this one hoping it's going to include menus. We leave this weekend, so I'm at that AHHHHHH!!! I CAN:T WAIT!!! stage 🙂
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