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  1. First Carnival cruise was January 2007; reached platinum status in December 2011. I currently have 141 nights sailed with another 33 nights booked this year and next, so I anticipate hitting diamond status somewhere around 2022.
  2. My kids were 12 and 15 when we sailed Alaska in 2017. We sailed Sept 2-16, so there were very few children on board (long sailing during the traditional school year). Even so, there was no lack of activities for my kids to enjoy. They had both kid-specific activities with the kid clubs as well as general activities that my kids enjoy (trivia, dance parties, etc). And I definitely agree with previous posters who have noted that folks tend to wind down earlier on Alaska sailings.
  3. One single-use drink coupon. Three bags of laundry per platinum guest. My family of four is all platinum, so that would be up to 12 bags of laundry total. If you have multiple platinum guests and do more than three bags of laundry, just keep track of whose folio number you use each time so you can distribute the bags of laundry across the platinum guests. Congrats on platinum!
  4. I usually shoot for about a month before. When we sailed last week, I forgot until three days before we left... emailed my proof of holding and had a confirmation of my OBC within three hours. WTG Carnival!
  5. Right now we're only cruising Carnival. We do two types of cruising... getaway cruising and vacation cruising. Getaway is simple: we live less than 30min from the port of Long Beach, so we'll jump on whatever 3- or 4-night sailing is convenient and inexpensive. (Just got home from a 4-night on Imagination two days ago.) Vacation cruising is a different story. We generally have an idea of what we want to do (Alaska, Hawaii, exotic Caribbean) and wait for awesome cruises, especially 14+ nights. I'd been stalking Alaska for years when they announced a 14-night Alaska itinerary round trip from Long Beach; we jumped on that SO fast! Similarly, we've been wanting a Med/TA B2B and have almost booked them more than once but the timing was never right... when they announced the Legend for 2020 it was a *perfect* fit so we jumped on it. Tickled to death that we were able to get our favorite bowling-alley balcony cabin, which we also had on the Pride (15-night exotic Caribbean in 2015) and the Miracle (14-night Alaska in 2017). We'll be looking for Northern Europe in 2021, so I'm expecting to have to look beyond Carnival.
  6. Yep, you'll be hooked! We did our first 14-nighter in 2011 and just booked our sixth. The 14-15 night sailings are sooooooo much better than shorter ones!
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