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  1. Lol. I saw that after I posted. I don't know why it was on the top of my feed!
  2. Call back and get a different agent. Keep calling until you get someone to help you.
  3. It's my first cruise since 2017 when I did Regent. That was a cruise!! I don't think anything will compare. Totally spoiled. Thanks for all the input!!
  4. Thank you everyone!! I'll be on the Anthem doing a Transatlantic.
  5. Nope, not there. I'm good though. I found it through Google. Definitely odd. Thank you.
  6. So you had streaming, not basic then, I'm assuming? Thanks!!
  7. Not there for me! I know I've seen it in the past. Gotta wonder. Thank you.
  8. Hi! I'm looking to get Voom just for surfing, not streaming. Only need to check email, etc. Is this going to be slower than getting the streaming package? Any idea of the speed? Thank you!!
  9. I don't see that on my page. I know I have in the past but not now - or today, at least.
  10. Thanks. After two weeks we'll be ready to hightail it home but if things change, it's an option. Ty
  11. I agree. But it's so cheap that it's making me think too much. I believe we're going with someone else and I can't wait till a few months before my cruise (that would drive me nuts) so I'll book with someone more reliable. Thank you!!
  12. I can get Norwegian with a bag for about 300. The others are 550ish. Decisions. Decisions. Thank you.
  13. I'm hearing terrible things about Norwegian. I have to see if my son can deal with it if we don't make it home in time. Thanks!!
  14. So I know I have time but does anyone have a general how much air from London to NYC (prefer EWR) will be in April? I'm just wondering if the price now ($568) is the average or I should hold out for something better. Thanks!!
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