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    POH - things to do in port

    We are booked on Pride of Hawaii and are not particularly interested in doing any of the shore excursions (unless someone reading this, replies with a strong recommendation saying that a particular shore excursion is a "must-do"). We do want to go ashore in each port and are wondering whether there are things to do and see within walking distance of the ship. :)
  2. AlfristonDowns

    POH drinks package

    This question must have been asked before - but I can't find an answer going through all the threads. Does the Pride of Hawaii offer a soda drinks package and a wine drinks package for purchase at the start of the cruise? :) This was a really good option that we used on RCCL's Serenade of the Seas.
  3. AlfristonDowns

    POH question!!!

    We have read all the (not very many) good reviews and all the (very many) not so good reviews on all the "Prides" and of NCLA. We are still planning to book a balcony stateroom on the Pride of Hawaii despite everything we have read. We have cruised on the Serenade of the Seas (RCCL), which was superb, and are prepared to give the POH a fair go. We will cruise Hawaii with the knowledge of what we have read about the "Prides" and of NCL, so we will cruise with an open mind. We will go prepared to be impressed, with some minimum expectations, and hopefully this will help us enjoy our next cruise experience. We'd like to know from someone with first hand knowledge whether the port side is the preference for enhanced viewing of the volcano lava and general island viewing - or doesn't it really matter?