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  1. I did a little searching but didn't find anything, so my apologies if I should have searched further. 


    It has been about 2 years since I booked a CCL cruise, but I am happily about to book 2!! 🤗  I typically do early saver and then watch rates/request adjustments.  Right now, though, the ES rates are slightly higher than the non-early saver rates.  I don't remember that happening before.  So, what is to keep me from booking ES and then immediately requesting the lower rate?  Will they turn it down?  If so, will it be that problematic figuring out which rates they will match and which they won't every time I check?  


    On a related note.....if the ES rates for a weekend one in April are about $30 more, is it worth it, or would you just go ahead and book the slightly lower and be done with it? 🤔

  2. Hi all!  I am in Rome, departing on a cruise tomorrow from Civitavecchia. I am trying to figure out my best way to get to the port, and a search provides a ton of info that seems so complicated, I get overwhelmed and can't understand it. Can someone please suggest a simple/easy to follow way for me and my kids to get to the port without overpaying?  I usually feel like a fairly intelligent traveler, but trying to figure this out is really getting to me, for some reason!  TIA.

  3. 8 hours ago, gnegron22 said:

    Checked the cruise ship tracker and didn't see anything, and I don't think anything is heading to a dry dock. Was it a older ship with a painted whale tail, then again I'm not sure if any of those are still sailing. 

    That was my first action and I saw the same!  But it was a definite Carnival whale tail.  2 big water slides and other features that looked like Dream class.

  4. 6 hours ago, Szoyka said:

    But OP said that it was gone by that night. It wouldn't be moved right? Im sailing on the Panorama in January and I am beyond excited.

    Maybe it was still there (but I didn't see it).  I could have had too much wine in Venice 🤪.  I will look again this morning on the way back in.  

  5. 7 hours ago, bluesea777 said:


    Yes, they will. Make sure the bottles are unopened.


    We have done that - in CPH 2 years ago we brought 5 bottles (litres) of Akvavit 😎 on board for the TA from CPH to Miami with Bermuda as a stop enroute. They held them and released them to us (along with knives and stainless skewers that we bought in DK 🤪) when the ship docked in Bermuda, and we took them off ship and took them home along with dirty laundry. 😁 We returned to ship to continue the cruise to Miami.


    ENJOY!! (we LOVE limoncello!!)


    Thanks!  That makes me feel better!  🙂

  6. 8 hours ago, hallux said:


    Doesn't say you CAN bring it on embarkation day and they'll store, but it also doesn't say you can't bring it at all.  It only addresses alcohol purchases in port-of-call or on board.

    Yeah, I checked that first and saw the same.  It isn't entirely clear, especially since I am embarking at what is a port stop for probably more than half the ship.  

  7. Hello!  I am currently in Venice and about to board NCL Epic near Rome midweek.  I bought some small bottles of limoncello here but now I am worried.  Will NCL let them onboard and hold them until debarkation?  I am fine with that, but I am afraid they won't allow them at all on my embarkation day.   Hoping since lines allow purchases in port (but hold them), I can get by.....

  8. 5 minutes ago, BirdTravels said:

    Enjoy the Epic. We have sailed on her 7 times. 


    No no burger or pizza places, per se. the buffet has all of those items for lunch and dinner. Also soft serve and scooped ice cream. 


    O’Sheehans is open 24/7 for a quick bite or dessert. Burgers are available. 


    You can wear shorts in all restaurants for all meals except Le Bistro specialty and the Manhattan Room MDR. I. Those two restaurants, gents are asked to wear long pants (jeans or dockers). 


    You can get steak and a fish dish every night in the MDR (Manhattan Room or Taste). 


    Make sure to enroll the kids in the Splash Academy and Entourage club on embarkation day and let them go there on embarkation day to make friends. 


    Thank you!  Very helpful!  I will check into the kids stuff too, although they usually avoid it 😕

  9. 5 minutes ago, JamieLogical said:

    Burgers should be available at O'Sheehan's, which is open 24/7, but does only serve breakfast items during "breakfast" hours. So burgers would be available lunch, afternoon, dinner, and late night.


    For pizza, the only real option is the Garden Cafe, which is the buffet. They will have pizza available at lunch and dinner as well as "afternoon snack" and "late night snack", but not available past about 11:00 pm.


    There is steak every night in the MDRs. Salmon is not always available, I don't believe, but is available sometimes.


    Tennis shoes are fine for all dining venues. Any dining venue with a dress code on Norwegian only requires "closed toed shoes" for men.


    Soft serve ice cream should be available pretty much 24/7 in the Garden Cafe. Hand scooped ice cream is also available during lunch and dinner there.


    Thank you!  That is very helpful info!

  10. Hi all!  I am leaving in just over 2 weeks to sail on the Epic from Rome.  I am traveling with DS (17) and DD (12), and we all have sailed Carnival many, many times (and know what to expect there!).  A few questions about dining....


    Is there a pizza place?  a burger place?  a deli?  I looked at the description and do not see these things, but wanted to make sure.  The kids LOVE Guy's burgers on Carnival, so they are hoping there is something at least kinda comparable?  


    At the main dining restaurants, do they serve steak every night as an option?  How about salmon?


    Are there any restrictions against tennis shoes at any of the dining venues (including those with reservations)?


    Is there 24-hour ice cream available?  or any self-serve?




    I think that is it....

  11. I am booked on the Epic in June and got the "free" specialty dining package.  However, every time I look online, the website says the specialty restaurants are "not available to book."  I started looking 120 days out, then checked again and again.  Made sure to go look on the 90 day mark (no change) and have checked every few days since.  What am I missing?  What good is there to having the package if I can't get reservations?  And if I can't ever get in, can I get a refund on the prepaid service charge for my "free" dining package that I don't get to use?



  12. Use the search function and look for prior threads on drones. There is a thread form someone who it seemed had similar qualifications as your son and he was able to get the drone from NCL's holding location to take off ship at some of the ports.


    Thanks! I actually did that AFTER posting my thread (oops! Rookie mistake with no excuse, since I've posted plenty!) and found a few threads. Would have deleted mine if I could have. Thank you for the info, though. Looks like that will be the best option.

  13. Just booked my first cruise on NCL, and I see that drones are not allowed on board. My 17 year old DS with autism has a drone and drone photography is one of his hobbies and passions. He has already flown more than a thousand hours and will likely have his commercial drone license by the time we travel. He respects both the law and people's personal space while flying.


    The problem is that we will be in Europe (several countries) for more than 2 weeks before the cruise, and he has researched flight laws there and is excited to get some footage during this once in a lifetime trip.....


    Do we have any options? He would be fine with not flying it during the cruise portion of our trip, if need be, but we have nowhere to keep the drone while on the cruise. Are we going to have to leave it home for the entire trip? If you have any info that may help or suggestions, please let us know. TIA

  14. Welcome to NCL... While I haven’t sailed on Carnival in quite a while, I think you will enjoy sailing NCL. I encourage you to give the Special Needs Dept a call to discuss any concerns and accommodations you may have. They were very helpful with me and my Mom. The below excerpt is from their page...



    Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Guests with cognitive, intellectual and development disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease are encouraged to contact the Access Desk to discuss your cruise. Upon request, every effort will be made to meet your cruising special requirements, including:



    • Boarding and disembarkation assistance


    The ship is huge and we enjoyed it twice, once in Europe. teered2cruise gave the best advice of https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising. This will allow you to ask questions and also get accommodations as needed. The corkage fee is $15 for wine and if it would make it easier for you I would take a bottle or two. My DD and I used to take 4-days on Carnival and I always took two bottles which were nice to enjoy back in the cabin. I also took bottles on NCL's POA since there is no beverage package. We only saw one music based show and Cirque which are both good. I know you will have a great cruise with your family.


    Thanks so much! I will definitely contact them :)

  15. our muster drill was in the theater - everyone has a seat there... but get there early so you have time to get to a seat without a crowd


    At the main muster drill it is usually the case that you will NOT have much space around you at all. I've been outside, in dining facilities, in the atrium ,and in the theater for drills. All weer pretty crowded with no chance of space like you describe. Id go with the make up drill and talk to CS ahead of time about it.


    Lots of good info! Thanks!

  16. The muster drills are always crowded inside or out. I would go to the customer service desk the first day and discuss things with them. There are always a handful of people who miss muster and have to attend the make up. You might want to make arrangements to simply be at the make up in the first place.


    Thanks! If he can just have a hula-hoop size space around him without someone bumping into him, he will be fine. He just can't stand the drills Carnival does out on the decks, where they crowd everyone in, making them stand touching one another pretty much from all sides with the sun bearing down and taking forever to go through the info. Too much sensory overload that he can't escape. I may check into the make up just in case.

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