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  1. We started buying a Christmas ornament in each new port when we first started cruising. All those ornaments go into one box and we reminisce each year when we decorate the tree. Most of them were around $5 each, the odd one was a bit more.
  2. I sent an email to special needs I have recently had hip surgery and would like to know if it would be possible to have a mattress topper added to our bed. I do not do well on a firm mattress right now and am hoping this would be a solution when we cruise.Thanks for any help you can offer,Cathy Their answer was this, Hello,Thank you for contacting the Access Department. All beds in our fleet have double mattress toppers and I have requested 3 additional toppers be added to the bed prior to your sailing. Best Regards,Yavonna Thames-HarveyAccess Advocate Not sure why she said they are putting 3 on our bed, but I will take it!!
  3. We are currently booked for January 2020 and are hoping to book October 2021 once on board. Should those cruises be available to book then? Thanks
  4. Not the same but these might be a good spare. I have a set of 3 and they are just adorable!! https://green-gable-alpacas.myshopify.com/products/alpaca-figurines?variant=12233348710481&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Facebook Shop
  5. I had a previous cruise that they couldn't find. I sent them a picture of us boarding the ship that was taken by their photographer with the date and ship on it. They gave me the points 😃
  6. We booked our cruise almost a year ago and with the sales lately, the price has gone up roughly $700.00 =(
  7. exactly what I was looking for, thanks 😃
  8. I have searched and can't really find the info I am looking for. I know it varies based on length of cruise and room category but does anyone have a breakdown on the OBC or discount for a 7 day cruise if you book on board? Thanks
  9. curious to hear the answers, we are cruising Serenade next year 😃
  10. So close and yet so far away! I would love to have heard the conversation between them at the end of the video lol
  11. THANK-YOU!!! When we were on the Allure, I couldn't believe how terrible the beds were. It took us a long time to book with RCL again, partly because of it.
  12. We booked a cruise for January 2020 for an 11 night cruise. My husband works weird shifts and a cruise that long has NEVER lined up for us. Also, it is 3 new ports so we are pretty excited. It is going to be a long wait =(
  13. Thank-you so much for posting this!! We are gold now so looking forward to these perks =)
  14. I have heard people say they got it lower than that and yes, you can book now and cancel later if you see a better price.
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