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  1. We have cruises booked for October 2021 and January 2023 and neither of us got the email. Maybe it is because we already have purchased the drink package for the 2021 cruise? Grats to those that got the great offer!!
  2. After yesterday's announcement from Pfizer, I am optimistic that our October 2021 cruise will sail. It is our 15th anniversary cruise so we are really crossing our fingers!
  3. I just got braces in September and wouldn't even attempt to pronounce it now any way other than T pool LOL
  4. We originally had booked a Havana on the Mardi Gras but once we saw the deck plans, we moved to a regular balcony. Such a shame because we really enjoyed the Havana aft balcony we had on the Vista. The one thing we really didn't like was that it is on the side of the ship, not the front or back. There will be parts of the day that the sun isn't on that side. We cruise mostly during the long cold Canadian winter, I want sun as much as possible!!
  5. This is what we are planning to do if we have any left over!! I was happy to read that this can be done
  6. you will have to call the TA Jamie and they will be able to take care of it for you. You will need the booking number from the cancelled cruise plus your current booking number.
  7. When Carnival cancelled both our cruises this year, I was able to submit the forms requesting to leave our money with Carnival and receive a $600 OBCs. I called and had the first one added to our already booked cruise for 2021. The second credit I let sit there for a while until we decided what cruise we were going to book. I booked our 2023 cruise through the Carnival website and then called to have the other set of credits applied to that cruise. Not sure why yours would automatically assign like they did. I would call
  8. You could book the Havana room and buy the weekly Spa pass for yourself...best of both worlds! I know when we had a Vista Havana room we didn't spend much time anywhere else because we enjoyed it so much back there. Like Mar214 stated, your friends may be spending all their time in that area and without your own Havana room, you won't be allowed to join them back there.
  9. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23641-carnival-business-update-16-months-of-cash-on-hand.html?fbclid=IwAR0LYEKW9yfwLgaKSkGjqQuBCUJM0dGvINS__i2uhwCc3YKNBtBhJBhaAj0
  10. When we recently booked a new 2023 cruise with cancellation credits I enquired about Celebration itineraries. The Carnival employee told me that she didn't know where they would be sailing but that Carnival is allowing a one time change without penalties, even that far out. We are booked ES rate.
  11. We had originally booked a Havana room because we enjoyed it so much when we were on the Vista. Once we saw the deck plans, we changed to room 11477 because it looks like we will get a bigger balcony for the cost of a regular one. We pick the dates and ship because it is over Halloween and our 15th anniversary.
  12. We have the Cheers program already paid for and $750 OBC right now. We are waiting until we are onboard to book our excursions, Spa and specialty restaurants so we can use the total OBC.
  13. Yes it is just the bottomless bubbles, for that price I was hoping it was the CHEERS plan
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