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  1. Hi all! If I book July 1 - 10, 2020 on Adventure now, then L&S to Oasis July 30 - August 8, 2021, same basic itinerary, would that work? Both are 9 nights from Bayonne. Also, it sounds like while I'm on the phone I can then L&S right then?
  2. Our cruise "was" in August. Final payment is now. Last night I called and cancelled our family cruise. It was a hard decision but one that all of us felt was the right one. We paid with refundable deposit over a year ago, plus made payments through out the year. We also made several purchases on the cruise planner as well. We also discussed paying it off in full now... waiting to see if Royal would cancel the sailing.... we would cancel closer to the sailing date (48 hours)... or actually going on the cruise if it was not cancelled. But in the end we choose to cancel now. This family cruise w
  3. We are on Adventure in August (maybe). Final payment is in two weeks! 😩 😷
  4. Could you do both? Download while on the ship to a USB AND receive a link post cruise?
  5. I have been looking into purchasing the digital photo package for our upcoming cruise on Adventure and have debating when to buy it. Yesterday I saw that it went down in price. As I looked into this more the description was different also. Earlier it stated this package was "Unlimited Digital Photos" , last night it did not mention this. So my question is are there more than one digital photo packages? Not sure if it's the same. since I only see one package.
  6. Thanks again for answering my question. ☺️ You are kind to everyone who you respond to.
  7. Hi EDiamond22. I will be on Adventure this summer with hubby, daughter #1 & family, along with daughter #2 and her family for a total of 9 people (4 cabins). Three of those are young children. If possible can you check out the height for the flowrider? Both boys are 10 & 9 years old and would LOVE to try it. Also if possible could you check out the cost of the digital photo package? We (3 cabins) were thinking of buying it and hoping to get family group pictures that each would go on the 3 packages. Thanks for your review and photos, keep them coming ..... when you have time, a
  8. Thank you Bob. Yes, both sons are young, 10 & 9 years old when they will be cruising. Another question if you don't mind.... We are going on a cruise this summer with them and our other daughter and her family (husband & 1 young daughter) for a total of 9 people (4 cabins). If 3 cabins purchase the photo package and only hand the photographer one seapass card when taken a group picture, does only the cabin that handed the photographer the card get the photo? In other words only that picture will show up in one package and not all three.
  9. Hello and Happy New Year to all. My daughter and one of her sons will be in 1 cabin and her husband and their other son will be in the next cabin (2 cabins total). Would they have to buy two digital packages since its two cabins (one family)? They reside in the same household and have the same home address.
  10. Hi! I have looked and don't see Cape Liberty listed anywhere. 😩
  11. Best of luck to you Andrew, Lisa and Owen on your return... when ever that will be. Also good luck to ALL in Dorian's path. Andrew, enjoying your review as always.
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