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    Italian Lakes cruisetours

    Thank you both for your replies. We still have a few months to make final plans. Whatever we decide I know we will have a great time.
  2. golfingincarolina

    Italian Lakes cruisetours

    My husband and I have booked the Italian lakes cruisetour for our cruise on the Summit next May. The price isn't exactly cheap, but we are in our early sixties, and beyond the point of carrying luggage from place to place on our own and love "convenience". Has anyone taken this package and how did you like it??? Next year the package will include two nights in Stressa and then one night in Verona before being transferred to Venice for the cruise. If anyone has any feelings or opinions about this little trip I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance.
  3. golfingincarolina

    Cabin 6136 V a 'sweet 16'

    My husband I have cabin 6136 booked for May 2008. I called Celebrity to find out the size of the cabin and balcony. The cabin was quoted as being the standard 190 square feet for CC class but the balcony is 108 square feet which is pretty large. I hope this helps. Can't wait for the cruise. I know a year from today I will be someplace on the Summit!!!
  4. golfingincarolina

    Concierge Class 6136 or 6136

    We have booked cabin 6136 on the summit for 2008. I called Celebrity directly and the agent there told me that the cabin was 191 square feet and the balcony is 108 square feet which is a great size. Hope this helps!!!
  5. My husband and I have just booked the 12 nighter from Venice to Barcelona on the Summit for next May. I was just wondering if the westbound itinerary is better than the eastbound in relation to the starting points. Westbound you have the first night in Venice and do not leave until 4 pm the second day, and when you arrive in Barcelona you disembark that morning. With an eastbound trip you leave Barcelona the very first day and when you get to Venice you arrive at noon but, there again, disembark early the second morning. It seems you get more time in Venice going westbound. The trip sounds wonderful either way and looking forward to it. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  6. golfingincarolina

    Pre cruise in Vancouver

    We booked a precruise with our internet agent. We wanted the two night package with the full day trip to Victoria. I believe we are staying at the Marriott. The price was $532 including the hotel, sightseeing and transfers. I thought that it was a good price for August.
  7. golfingincarolina

    Anytime Dinning vs. Traditional

    I am a newcomer to the cruise board so please forgive me if this topic has been mashed over and over before on this board. My husband and I are booked on the Emerald Princess for September 2007. When I made the reservation with Princess I was encouraged to request a traditional dinner seating. I selected second seating. I am concerned that once you pick the traditional seating you won't have the flexibility of anytime dinning. I read that the restaurants will give preference to anytime dinners versus the people that have selected traditional dinning. One of the reasons I picked this cruise was for the flexible dinning. Has anyone run into this problem. thanks for any info. If there is a problem I will change my eating preferences while there still is time.
  8. golfingincarolina

    Legend Information Please

    My husband and I (early 60's) will be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniverary fall 2007. We are contemplating either doing the 13th night Italy and Croatia cruise on the Legend or going with Princess on the new Emerald ship for a 12 night Meditteranean and Greece cruise. The new itinerary on the Legend looks absolutely wonderful but I keep reading negative things about the ship. The latest was that they use paper plates in the Windjammer Cafe. Can that be? Our prior cruise experience has been with Princess, Celebrity and Holland America. Will the Legend disappoint us for our special celebration? Any help or comments would certainly be appreciated and thanks for your time in replying to my message. GolfinginCarolina