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  1. wiskt

    Review of 10/6/18 Horizon Cruise

    Its a Tarp. It’s because it’s the Newest carnival flagship
  2. wiskt

    Review of 10/6/18 Horizon Cruise

    Great review and glad you saw the positive side of this ship like I did. I was also on this sailing and have to agree. The HORIZON is a beautiful ship and I am already looking to re-book a sailing in possibly DEC for the other itinerary it does. I just submitted my lengthy review. It's primarily about the SHIP and what it offers. I also submit my reviews to the cruise lines as feedback. My favorite thing aboard by far was the NEW AGE TRIO- Electric violinists. BRAVO. They were captivating. Its nice to see Carnival continuing to add quality side entertainment. I did not particularly like the new floor seating in the theater. I understand the want to bring the performers into the audience, but the lack of drink tables and tight chair formations. MEH. The new SMART ELEVATORS work well when smart passengers take the time to learn and use them. I tend to use the stairs but I did try the elevators a couple times for my review. Most of the time there were passengers just crowding in to whatever doors opened up without following the instructions. Then complained when it was not going where they wanted and/or that there were no buttons inside to choose a floor. My review should be up once approved in a coupe days. Safe travels onward everyone.
  3. wiskt

    Cloud 9 Spa

    I love all the Dream class ships. This will be my first Vista class sailing. My casino rate was too good to pass up. (Took a hiatus since I’m Platinum for for a brief time and been accumulating my Princess levels)
  4. wiskt

    Cloud 9 Spa

    Hmmm thanks. I’m glad I didn’t pre-book it then. I’ll have to see if I just want to stick with the regular gym sauna and maybe spend the $ on a massage package or the casino 🙂. As much as I like the aroma steams to help open up my nasal passages, the thelosotheropy pool was A+ sell for me. I’m quite surprised they eliminated it. I’ll go take the spa tour once on board and see. Thanks for the Info
  5. wiskt

    Port of Miami: How early is too early?

    Thanks for the reply. FTTF started after I was platinum so I never needed to access my stateroom. However, I have sailed with others who have had it and their staterooms were still unavailable being cleaned. They were allowed to drop items, but the stateroom itself was not ready. It’s happened more then once.
  6. wiskt

    Port of Miami: How early is too early?

    The day of embarkation. Food services all begin to close at 3 for preparation for muster drill and reopens afterwards.
  7. wiskt

    Breeze spa cabins- Deck 11 or 12

    One thing to watch for booking Deck11 (or any deck) is location. I sailed the Breeze and booked spa cabin 11211. It was an interior which I didn’t mind, I got a better deal to take the INT-SPA over a Cove. Great location for the back access to the spa. Each early morning I kept hearing a Thump. Thump. Thump. By day three I took a walk to check what was on Deck 12. My stateroom was directly under the pull weight bench. So each morning I was up as the early birds started to work out. LOL It was tolerable, but now I always check what part of the gym or spa is above me.
  8. I have a Carnival card for many years. Use it for everything and let the points rack between trips. I use it to Book the cruise (2x points) as well as my onboard S&S account. Onboard I charge everything to my S&S, as well as my casino Players account, Spa purchases and shops. In the end it all goes through as a single CARNIVAL CHARGE & receive 2x the points. (No casino cash advances, no fees) Pay the bill after the charge goes through or cash in the points you just got towards a payment. You get the most value per point redemption towards your Carnival or Carnival brand purchases 5,000=$50 10,000-$100 15,000=$150 over any other redemptions like airfares, hotel or other redemptions. I don’t precast any points for bar credits or OBC. If I do then the charge won’t go through to receive the 2x the points. I pay for that stuff on board, allow the charge to clear, THEN redeem my points.
  9. wiskt

    Port of Miami: How early is too early?

    I would believe 11:30 might be the earliest they would start boarding. I travel out of Miami a lot but usually plan arrival 12-1:00. They they have debarkation and turnover to prepare for. Normally, rooms are not available until about 1, but Suites & VIFP usually turn over fairly early. Lunch served till 3:00. I’m Platinum and have been able to drop my backpack/carryon into my stateroom as early as 12. Remember FTTF only gets you ON the ship earlier (to start spending) not necessarily in your room. Not something I’d pay extra for.
  10. wiskt

    Cloud 9 Spa

    Thanks for this. I was originally going to book a spa cabin, but it was cheaper for me to book a regular cabin and ADD the THERMO SUITE. I normally get it as soon as I board. On another note, I am quite surprised looking at the photos of the HORIZON SPA, that they put the Thalassotherapy pool right in the middle of the same room as the loungers. From past experience the pool room itself was fairly loud when running and if you want to have a conversation you talk a little louder. I liked that the loungers were separate in the steam & sauna rooms where it was quieter. Does anyone know if the loungers in the photo are simply additional loungers and if there are others separated?
  11. wiskt

    amazing secret river

    I first did a review of this excursion almost 8-9 yrs ago. Glad to see it is thriving. I was one of the first people lucky to do this tour before it was a full excursion as a test group. Since then I’ve done it multiple times and each time further parts of the system has been discovered and opened. I was just promoting it again to someone on my cruise last week and they were fascinated by the photos I still had. A+
  12. wiskt

    Amazing Fathom Experience on Princess

    Boarding tomorrow (sat). I flew down the day prior this trip. Looking forward to sailing again with fathom. We have Paige, Ambra & Ryan as cohorts this trip 👍
  13. wiskt

    Amazing Fathom Experience on Princess

    Hi KCsealegs, Glad to see new cruisers continue to add on the Fathom experience. I’ve sailed a couple of the Adonia trips and was hooked after my 1st trip same as you. Reforestation & helping lay concrete floors were my favorite experiences. I sailed in Jan when it was relaunched onboard Princess. It’s a great fit. I’ll be sailing again with them in Aug. I’ve made several Fathom friends with both cruisers and the Fathom team. You should join up on the “Fathom alumni” page on F_book. I can’t wait to go back 😬
  14. wiskt

    Stapling the luggage tags

    I normally carry a tiny mini stapler in my backpack, but if you don’t have one, I’ve used the extra pieces of my airline luggage sticker I get when checking at the airport. Just fold it over the bottom and go. Works just as well. My standard luggage tags actually tuck into the side of my bag so I’ll put a sticker in it with Basic info so they can find me easily if delivered to wrong room. Last Name Ship Cabin#
  15. wiskt

    baby pricing

    Had a cruise vacation planner once tell me, “If I eats and poops it pays”. Your best option is to book & add a third passenger during a discounted sale