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  1. considering that Richard Branson himself is 70. I think anyone that has an open mind for fun would have a great time. 👍
  2. I would not worry about this unless you see another stock sell off like he did back in May2020 with SPCE stock. According to Virgin Group it would use the stake sale proceeds "to support its portfolio of global leisure, holiday and travel businesses that have been affected by the unprecedented impact of COVID-19" So pretty sure those funds were shifted over to their Virgin Voyages sector since the airlines and train venture folded. Although the fleet is not bringing in any revenue and not spending on supplies like booze, food, etc; it does have a cost to keep them afloat an
  3. Highly doubtful, I believe the whole idea is a vacation away from the kids. They risk losing family bookings. However, they do not need to put extra funds or focus on kids facilities like waterparks, kid clubs, kids meals, and babysitting services. ADULTS spend money Kids eat
  4. They also have different sailing dates listed and the SE is also offering higher FUNPLAY CREDITS. I have an OCT trip booked under a past Premier offer, and this SE is now listing that trip with higher Funplay credits ($200 vs $500). My cruise rate IS slightly higher on the SE, but the casino credits are over double and out-benefit the difference in the cruise rate. It has a different rate code, but I was going to give my PVP a call to see if it can be switched/matched since they are both "Premier offers" and pick up the extra Funplay$. I would be willing to pay the diffe
  5. Normally, for me it does not show up for a couple weeks. However I usually book trips that are fairly close to sailing. If it is a trip in the distant future I was told by my PVP, that you may not see it until much later and once you get within 90 days. That's because they don't want to issue credits to people that have stock when they book, but then sell it off before the sailing. You should own the stock when sailing not just when booking.
  6. it could actually be due to the deck location. When you select to CHOOSE your own you could actually be seeing all the unassigned cabins from the lower cheaper rates all the way up to the highest upper rates for your type (INT, OV, BAL, STE) When you select “CHOOSE FOR ME” the computer may be calculating Total unassigned cabins minus already GTY bookings. So it is already eliminating in the background X amount of cabins that expect to be assigned later. If it thinks 50% of those available cabins are going to be assigned it may be eliminating the cheaper ones first.
  7. I am booked in 11207. The elevator they may be talking about could be the SPA elevator since these are SPA CABINS. They are not regular elevators. It’s a single glass elevator with a spiral staircase around it. The room is the same SIZES and layout as the other interiors 170 sq ft. 11207 is Directly under the Gym area where the steppers are. So think the corner where they hold the spa raffle
  8. Their other brand Princess gives 100 free minutes to Platinum
  9. I had this chat with a bunch of people one night at the alchemy bar. My favorites have been: the satchel messenger bag & Turvis Tumblers. Use both all the time. suggestions: Things we Came up with & could actually use like: -RAIN PONCHO (preferably one that doesn’t have a HUGE carnival logo plastered on my back screaming TOURIST 🤣) -WIFI MINUTE CREDITS -VIFP LEVEL DOOR TAG -PASSPORT HOLDER (or billfold) -NIGHTLIGHT -FLIP FLOPS/ shower shoes -KEY CHAIN
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