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  1. For my August cruise on Allure, I got the message that said kids under 12 have to have a PCR test at the terminal, then an antigen test mid-cruise & before leaving the ship at the end of the cruise.
  2. I'm on the August 15 sailing & I'm glad it didn't get amped. I don't like the big slides blocking the view. I'm in the last boardwalk cabin.
  3. Apparently it's closer to 30 days out now. I'm not able to check in yet for my August 15 cruise on Allure.
  4. I'm booked on Allure on August 15th. I'm still not able to check in.
  5. I'm sailing on Allure on August 15th, but we're not able to check in yet. I wonder why.
  6. Must have been a Dominion computer that they used!
  7. I don't think they did anything major like adding the slides, etc.
  8. You can book room 1804 (1854 is the same, but booked) on Freedom on that date. There are only 2 room like that. You get 1 1/2 baths, a bed, one sofa bed and 2 bunks in a little alcove. It's huge! It's a suite, so you get the suite perks. Check it out!
  9. Those June cruises are going to sail out of the Bahamas and St. Maarten, not Florida.
  10. It's a yes for me. Bye the way, Sandebeach, I love your picture & that's just how I felt when I read the email about the cruises earlier. I was so giddy, I couldn't stand it!
  11. Mine was for my March 2022 cruise, not for my August 2021 cruise.
  12. Will a March 2022 cruise on Freedom in stateroom #1854 Panoramic Ocean count for double points?
  13. Seeing these pictures makes me feel bad. I had 1854 booked on Freedom sailing out of Puerto Rico for this March. The cruise was, of course, cancelled. I couldn't rebook it for next March because Freedom is being replaced by Explorer. I couldn't book it on Explorer because there are only 2 rooms like that & they were both booked. I ended up booking Freedom for March 2022 in the same cabin, but I couldn't do a lift & shift because the itinerary is different. So I ended up paying over $1500 more for a cruise out of Galveston. I got the cabin, but with a lesser itinerary & higher price!
  14. I'm booked on Allure on 8/15 as well, but I'm not holding my breath. I've have 2 cruises cancelled so far & I'm "sure" my March 2022 will be a go unless RCCL is out of business by then.
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