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    Thermal Suites and Hydrotherapy Pool Sold Out!

    I toured it, but didn't use it. The one on the Rotterdam had two steam rooms/saunas. There were several tiled loungers that are heated and people rave about. There was also a hydrotherapy pool which basically was a hot tub with fancy water. The hydrotherapy pool was supposed to be good for people with arthritis. The spa lady said that passes were limited to 40 people so that it wouldn't be crowded like the other hot tubs. Also, it's indoors so there is no problem with bad weather. I don't know about HAL, but on NCL this was an area that used to be part of the spa and was reserved for people who were receiving spa treatments and is similar to areas in posh spas on land that are reserved for people receiving spa treatments.
  2. The spa/thermal passes were very well used on my cruise (I got off the day this OP got on). I was touring the spa before we were even underway and the limited number of passes was already almost sold out. I enjoyed Mix as well. It's a very slinky looking bar area and there are some pretty great drinks there. There was a devoted following to that area when I was onboard. The retreat wasn't very well utilized on my cruise (which might be why there was a limited number of staff on the OP's cruise). However, I think this was because it was cold and the seas were rough, rough, rough. I thought it looked like it would be wonderful for lounging in hot weather. Kinda like cabanas that has spritzers to keep you cool. The pizza indeed was very yummy. I snacked on it often! I had a lanai room in the middle of the deck. I loved it. I don't know that anything would make any of the rooms a poor choice though.
  3. [quote name='RevNeal']If it's like it currently is with the windows on the Lower Promenade Deck, during the daytime hours to see in one must put one's nose up against the window pane, cup one's hands around one's eyes, and stare hard into the cabin. And, even then, one doesn't see very well. At night it can be easier to see inside the cabins, though with the Lower Promenade Lights blazing even at night it's not always "easy." At night most people have their drapes closed to keep out the outside deck lights as well as for privacy purposes.[/quote] I totally did that to check out my room before they let us in! Ummm... be aware that if it's cloudy outside and you have lights on in your room, even in daytime, you can see. Not very clearly, not very far - but you can see in.
  4. [quote name='realent']I am considering booking a Lanai Cabin on the Rotterdam, June Alaska. My question is if you had a choice of location for the lanai room where would you pick? There are some available that are flanked by oceanviews and would not have as many chairs around them giving you more room but is there an advantage to being with the other lanai cabins? Please help with location....[/quote] I just got off of the Rotterdam and had a Lanai cabin right in the middle of the deck. I absolutely loved it. No one ever sat in my chair. It was cold, which probably helped, but I also heard several people commenting about how those chairs must be for those rooms ---- so people are starting to get it. I didn't have any problems with noise in my room. If you are really light sensitive, you might want to bring a clip for your curtains. They crack a tiny bit in the middle and there are lights on outside on deck all night long. It wasn't a problem for me at all. I can't explain why it's so cool to be able to just walk out on the promenade deck, but it really is. IMO.
  5. bulgargirl

    Vegetarians in the Pinnacle

    [quote name='mahassiddasairy']Maybe we should lobby for canabalist options as well? :)[/quote] Lol. Oops.
  6. bulgargirl

    Service dogs ?

    [quote name='magandab']As has been said, that's completely illegal. On the other hand, service dogs, like therapy dogs, need to be kept clean and bathed.[/quote] It is indeed illegal, but only if the dog is [I]actually[/I] a service dog. I would think HAL would require proof of certification as a service animal. However, I have been places where they don't. There was a guy in town here that claimed his dog was a service dog and he'd take it into the bars with him, get drunk, and threaten to 'sic' his dog on people. Needless to say, people finally caught on that the god wasn't a service animal. Some people. I tell ya.
  7. bulgargirl

    What Would Ms. Manners Say?

    Lol. That cracked me up.
  8. bulgargirl

    Vegetarians in the Pinnacle

    [quote name='mahassiddasairy']"Vegetarians" who eat fish are actually pescetarians, but it sounds so pretentious to say that nobody ever does, especially since they'd end up having to explain anyway. While I would not expect a land-based steakhouse to offer veggie options, I do think that a cruiseline's only specialty restaurant should offer a vegetarian-friendly entree which is comparable in experience to the meat options. A tasty vegetable risotto, for instance, would probably tempt meat-eaters as well.[/quote] I agree with you. People who aren't vegetarians and who do eat meat don't eat meat all the time. I've yet to eat a meat eater who hasn't tried things like mac n cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich. We might be a minority, but many of the things we eat are eaten by the majority too. And yes, a vegetarian friendly option in the ship's only upscale alternative would be nice.
  9. bulgargirl

    What Would Ms. Manners Say?

    As long as you are nice about it, I don't think it's rude. I agree with the poster that said sitting there drinking coffee is too tempting. Absolutely! If I was able to just sip coffee while everyone else ate dessert, I wouldn't have strategies for watching me weight - it wouldn't be an issue! I have no self-control. Lol.
  10. I don't know you, but I really hope you both get to go on and enjoy yet another fabulous cruise. Best of luck. To both of you!
  11. bulgargirl

    Yoga or Pilates onboard - how is it?

    Thanks for the info. A stretching class would probably work pretty well for me. I don't know if I'd bother for a $12 yoga class. Three months of classes are only $35 here.
  12. Hi - I like to do Yoga and pilates. Not that I'm good at it - but I do enjoy it. Anyway, I understand most HAL ships have both. I was wondering if anyone had tried the classes and what they were like. Too easy? Too difficult? Crowded? No one there? Early in the morning or at all times? Thanks for any information!
  13. bulgargirl

    Not another Big O MexRiv review!

    [quote name='tomculb']You're referring to White Salmon across from Hood River, a truly beautiful place. I'm referring to the Salmon River which crosses the middle of Idaho, more or less between Salmon and Riggins. Also beautiful.[/quote] Oh, okay. That makes more sense. I was wondering how someone could raft down the river in White Salmon. But I agree, all of this Northwest area is beautiful! Lol - sorry for the highjack folks!
  14. bulgargirl

    Not another Big O MexRiv review!

    Salmon river as in White Salmon? I'm from the gorge. God I love it there! Great review!
  15. bulgargirl

    Resolution to problem

    [quote name='KAYEF']We had a very bad dinner and even worse service in Caneletto last week; our table and another table of four both came in right at 5:30 and they were enjoying their desserts and we still didn't have our entrees. The restaurant was almost empty and the waiters were just standing around talking. One looked up, saw us and his jaw dropped; he took off running and brought us our dinners..............cold, pasta sticking together, etc. Also, they list "gelato" as a dessert; it's NOT gelato, it's sorbet..........a vast difference. MY GS ordered the vanilla gelato and it was vanilla ice-cream. The next day I went to the Front Desk and she wrote down everything I said. (I'd asked for the Hotel Mgr. but she said I had to go through them.) They were very appreciative that I'd come to them so they could solve the problem immediately. I received a nice telephone call and a bottle of Merlot! Then, we received chocolate strawberries as well. They really DO want to know..............and the sooner the better.;)[/quote] That's awesome compensation for a bad dinner. I would be happy with that too! They listened! They gave me wine and chocolate strawberries! :)