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    RV Hire in Vancouver

    Wow! Thanks UT and CS. :) Your suggestions and the time you take to help complete strangers is much appreciated. We will be investigating the possibilities opened up and may let you know what we are doing. Next step is to get maps of Vancouver Island, I think. Thanks for the links.
  2. mcleani

    RV Hire in Vancouver

    Many thanks all. Your info is very much appreciated. After looking at a few sites I thhink I'm going to book with fraserway as they seem to be a little cheaper though not by much. Really want to go to VI so will head for there to start with. don't know if we will get anywhere else as VI looks amazing. Onec again thanks very much Iain
  3. Hi we are from the UK and are hoping to hire an RV for about 8 days and do some touring around. Does anyone have any recommendations of who to hire from and where to go. The obvious place to me would be vancouver island/ Whistler/ seattle. We Intend to hire post cruise so will proably stay in a hotel near port on the sunday we return and hope to have something booked for the monday. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Iain