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  1. Thanks so much for your response. Unfortunately, I sail Sunday...no time to receive Amazon.
  2. I recently read in a review on the Meraviglia that there is only ONE outlet within the entire balcony cabin. Can anyone respond back if that is true? Thanks for your response.
  3. I am going on the Meraviglia on the Feb 2nd sailing and have been reading some ship reviews and I read that there is only ONE outlet in the balcony cabins. Only one outlet in the entire cabin! Would someone who has sailed on the Meraviglia be able to confirm the number of outlets in the cabins? Thanks in advance!
  4. Perakcruiser, could you explain WHAT will be 15% more expensive if you "do it through app once on board"? I seemed to have missed part of those posts. Thanks.
  5. Cool Cruiser, thanks for the review. I have a few questions I hope you can answer. 1) is it possible to go to the Cirque shows without paying for the drink or dinner? 2) How do you know which restaurant you are assigned to? I see that there are several restaurants, all having various hours. 3) Do you know how to get "mychoice" dining? 4) What did you do in the various ports? Thanks in advance for any information.
  6. It is obvious, with the responses I have received, that Customer Service is non-existent with MSC. I must say, though, that I went onto MSC's Facebook page and sent a private message, and I received a response IMMEDIATELY. Also, after trying to get this problem resolved since Dec 24th, I finally received an email, yesterday, that there has been a resolution. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done and, unless something miraculously happens on my cruise, this will be my one and only cruise with MSC.
  7. I have just recently booked a cruise on MSC, first time cruising this this line. I registered on their website but when I went back on line, I did not see my booking number nor my Voyagers Club Number. I have called MSC three times, each time the wait time to speak with someone was at least 40 minutes, and then, after explaining my problem and being on the phone with the representative for another 20 to 25 minutes, they told me they could not figure out the solution but that they would email their Supervisor and their IT department and someone would be back in touch with me shortly. This ha
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