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  1. When going from cruise ship to LA, can uber/lift drop you off at airport or does that involve a shuttle ride as well?
  2. Hmm, so I should go to the over crowded buffet (because that’s where the people who were honest about missing their set time went, when one of our group went to look lol), try to find a table while the food I just picked up gets cold on my plate? No, not that night, although normally we like the Regal buffet.
  3. They had computers at the podium on the Regal when you came into anytime dining. The idea was they would ck to make sure you had anytime. The gal got overwhelmed and stopped checking. Several people had missed their regular early dining (slow tenders) and overcrowded our anytime. They should not have been allowed, but that night it was a free for all. I definitely missed having a room card that night with dining listed. They gave us a card with type and time of dining listed on it but it didn’t say to bring it with you, so people didn’t. Long waits that night.
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