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  1. Might there be anyone who would know if any cruise line is planning any overnights in Puerto Rico 2019 with the purpose to see Hamilton?
  2. After reading your post on the Mafia Tour, do you know if they accommodate cruise passenger schedules such as being in port for a limited time? On the web site they ask for a deposit, I'm uncomfortabe in doing this, is this the only way of confirming the tour?
  3. Looking at a 78 day cruise from FLL to FLL in 2015. Excited about the intenerary but concerned about sailing on the Queen Victoria, is she to formal for a 78 day cruise? The most formal we have been on is HAL and there are ways to get around those formal nights, can this be said about Cunard? Will we have to sail steerage?
  4. You can't be further from the truth. If you don't do your homework, don't base your trip on the posted itinerary. I contacted the tour operators (Allen Marine) and they told me early in the season Tracy Arm is to icy and late in the season the weather conditions aren't so favorable i.e. rain, wind and fog. They did the excursion the first week of Sept this year and will consider doing it again next year. It's a shame the cruise line doesn't tell you this when booking and there will be many people onboard who think there going to Tracy Arm-shame on you HAL. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  5. Thanks so much, I knew there would be an answer out there.
  6. Planning our trip to Alaska. We will fly into Seattle, stay a few days then take the train to Vancouver. The question becomes, "should we buy wine in Seatle and will that be a problem taking it over the border or should we wait until we get to Vancouver?". If in Vancouver any recommendations as to where?
  7. Thanks so much, at this time the excursions for Sept 2013 are not listed but I will be sure to jump on it.
  8. From what I gather from all the replies, you can get off in Tracy Arm get on an excursion boat and meet up with the ship at the next port all in the same day. Is this correct?
  9. Found this reply this morning that's posted from another thread (don't know if thats the correct term) #16 Today, 09:00 AM thecook Cool Cruiser Join Date: Mar 2008 Location: Florida Posts: 228 I just got back from a week on the Zuiderdam. We did indeed stop in Tracy Arm for only 30 minutes to allow passengers to board a small excursion boat. I was disappointed by the lack of scenic cruising with this itinerary. You are right that we as passengers learn lessons with every vacation that we plan. After this cruise, I learned that I need to ask my PCC a lot of questions before I make a final decision for my vacation.
  10. I still don't understand the SC status do you get to see Tracy Arm or sleep in? We are on the Zuiderdam for Sept 2013 thinking we were going to both Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm but after getting educated from this site I feel short changed, don't know what to expect please educate me more.
  11. We used Cozumel Water Sports check out there web site. Its worth the trip.[
  12. Go to http://www.beautiesltd.com/ - I found their website helpful. I even had a favorite tie made into a bow tie.
  13. The problem becomes not finding the sea glass but what to bring back.
  14. A heads up. We recently transferred our reservations from HAL to a TA and when we got on board we lost some of our OBC's. The reasoning behind this- HAL stated they saw this as a rebooking thus we lost in this transfer. Be sure to have everything in writing before you transition.
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