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  1. "Should" the parents of the offending child be held responsible? Well, that can be debated from now to eternity...........the more relevant question is "shouldn't" the parents of the offending child FEEL and ACCEPT responsibility? The term "accident" does not relieve one of liability by default. Case and point: If I run a red light/stop sign and hit another car, enough though I claim it was an accident, I'm still responsible for the damages to both my car and the other vehicle. Many businesses have policies if your child breaks something, you just bought it. However, accepting responsibility is a fast growing thing of the past these days; but, that's another discussion entirely. I digress.


    If my child caused the incident, I'd feel responsible for my child and accept the consequences of their action and offer to reimburse the parents of the injured child. Most "accidents" are not accident's in the true sense of the word and have causation roots. Predictable is preventable. Nevertheless, assuming the parents do not feel responsible and don't offer to pay, the incident happening in international waters is an area that could get into a legal quagmire and end up costing more to seek civil action than the medical cost is worth. It's not rocket science to know the risk of children (and sometimes teenagers/adults) running anywhere where a lot of people are present, but more especially in a confined space with moving people, are high that a collision is going to happen sooner or later. It's probably fair to say that you've "bumped" into someone on a cruise ship even when walking. I know I have and have been bumped into as well. Running just exacerbates the risk. I did not not allow my children not do I allow my grandchildren to run in malls, church, on cruises, etc. for this very reason. Another important reason is the elder generation does not have the reflexes to take evasion action. I've seen several folks knocked down, drinks knocked out of their hand, plates of food spilled, etc., due to running children hitting other people. My wife has had her walking cane knocked out of her hand from running kids. I've also seen children run into doors, support columns, and trip and fall on the hard floor injuring themselves - by running. In the end, if the parents did not offer any assistance in the medical costs, then I'd pay the bill ( I always buy insurance) and move on. All things being said, life does happen and sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. This sounds like it could be a case of a "practical joke" by another passenger, a very cruel practical joke. That the luggage showed up when it did makes me think this might be the case. Just a guess though.



    As I read this post, the more and more it seemed to me that perhaps one of two things happened. First, it have been delivered to the cabin and some very bad person took it to their room, only to return it the night before since they would be debarking the next day. Secondly, it could have been delivered to the wrong cabin and instead of doing what was right and making sure the luggage was returned to the rightful owners, they (more bad people) just keep it for the week and returned it for the same reason noted above. Either way, it was mean and spiteful, but neither scenario Carnival's fault. So, I'm not sure the total blame should go to them. Just food for thought.


    Having said this, it is only a theory and the real story may never be known. While I would have never said what the Carnival rep said, losing luggage is a reality of life on trains, planes, buses, cruise ships, etc. It's just unfortunate that it happened to you on your first cruise and it was a special occasion. I can understand how that would be greatly frustrating and disheartening.


    I can knock on wood and say thank the Good Lord, I have never had a piece of luggage lost on the 27 Carnival cruises I've been on, or the 32 total cruises. But, who knows, my time may be just around the corner. Afterall, I am pushing the odds pretty good!

  3. While cruises out of Port Canaveral, JAX, and other Florida based ports are less, for those living within a reasonable driving distance to Charleston, you also don't have the added traveling expenses to get to and from those Florida ports either. The same holds true for the Ecstasy. It costs more and takes longer to get to the Bahamas, HMC, and other ports from Charleston than it does to get to those same ports of call from the Florida based ports.


    I'm not saying supply and demand doesn't have anything to do with it, but the simple economics of additional fuel, food, etc comes into play as well. I've done a ton of cost comparisons between sailing out of Charleston and say Port Canaveral and in some cases, it does cost a few bucks more to cruise from Charlie Town. In some cases, it costs quite less. But, for the cruises that did cost a little more, along with some other perks valuable to me, I didn't have 18 hours of driving and wear and tear on my vehicle either. That's worth something.....at least in my book! Just my thoughts........

  4. Passengers with handicap placards or tags park free if the handicapped person is a passenger. That may be worth the line and problems with the parking at Charleston. I always park at the port because of that very reason and it makes putting up with the parking lines and process a little easier to swallow. Having said that, were it not for the free parking, parking at the port would be my last option.

  5. I grew up on the Fantasy ships ( in my cruising life) and have found them to also be my favorite. The mid-sized ships are ok and I've been on a mega-ship with another line (which was a complete disaster - only cruise I've ever been on that I couldn't wait to get off--and it was only a 3-day cruise!) I've found the Fantasy class ships to be more intimate, better service, friendlier staff, and easier to get to places as my age advances. Those 3 mile hikes on the mega-ships are killers LOL. My favorite time and place on a Fantasy class ship is an early morning breakfast on the outside back of Lido deck watching the big blue lazily float away. Such therapy for me. I miss that very much when on other class ships.

  6. I've had every class of stateroom available. I prefer the inside. To me, it's cooler, darker for sleeping/daytime naps, and costs way less, which gives me more money to do other things. I am only in the room to sleep and use the restroom/shower. Balconies, in my opinion, are not large enough to justify the additional cost and I don't need the additional room, whirlpool tub, the suites offer, etc.


    I'm there to be outside, engage people, and enjoy the panoramic views of the open decks ---not be confined to a 8 x 10 restricted view from 10 planks that don't have enough room to change your mind on.


    Just my opinion.

  7. I've eaten in Manhattan Room/Tropicana Room probably 10 times, and there have always been lots of people dancing, regardless of the music style playing. I have never NOT seen someone dancing in there.


    Just a quick follow up note: We had the early dining slot (5:30PM) and that may have had something to do with no one dancing. Others may have a different experience depending on what time slot they eat.


    Again, my experience was not a good one and if dancing and music are the reasons you are booking the Manhattan, then I certainly hope your experience is different and you get that "dinner club" experience desired.

  8. Hi, trying to figure out dinner reservations for cruise on Epic (June 18 - 25) and hoping cruisers who have been on the Epic and dined at the Manhattan Room can answer some questions about "...The Manhattan Room is our version of a private New York City supper club. Guests can dance in style while..." My girlfriend like the idea of having dinner and dancing between courses, but wonder if going more than once or twice is worth it.


    Is it live music or recorded? Do people actually dance? How was the volume (distract from table conversation)? Did you enjoy the Manhattan Room?







    If you are going to the Manhattan for the music and dancing, in my opinion, forget it. I recently took a 3 day cruise and dined in the Manhattan all 3 nights and was looking forward to the "New York City style dinner club". Ha.......


    It was a 3 piece combo that was impossible to hear due to the loud, obnoxious talking in the dinning room. The talking was bad enough when the band wasn't playing, but when they did start, the talking got even louder to the point it was difficult to carry on a decent conversation with my wife without repeating a lot of what was said - muchless hear any music. We did not witness anyone dance during our dinner time the entire three days.


    Personally, I am not a fan of NCL's freestyle concept, especially when you have to have reservations for everything. It's ridiculous to me to put 4,000+ passengers on a ship and have a comedy show play once in a room with very limited seating capacity. Nevertheless, I understand the appeal of the freestyle concept if that fits you. I'm certainly not knocking those who cruise NCL or NCL and this concept. I'm just saying it's not my style and to each their own. Just giving you my opinion, which is not gospel for anyone other than myself.


    I did read quite a bit on these boards about EPIC prior to sailing and know there are varying opinions on this ship. I found it to about equally split of those who like this ship and those who don't. Do your research. There are things you can make reservations prior to boarding and others you can't make until you get on board. Even knowing that, I was only able to book one show - and that was prior to the cruise. By the time I got on board and proceeded to book other things, they were all already sold out.


    Good luck and I hope you have a great cruise.

  9. I sailed the Carnival Dream when it was home ported in Port Canaveral. I've cruised Carnival pretty much my entire cruising life and the Carnival Dream was absolutely the best ship I have sailed on! I really enjoyed reading your review and while you pointed out your negatives, we all know nothing is perfect and you are certainly entitled to your opinions based on your cruise experience. But, as they say down at the firehall, a bad day cruising is better than a good day at work!


    Glad you enjoyed "the dark side" and ultimately saw the light. LOL


    Happy Sails in the future.

  10. There are negative and positive reviews on every ship for every cruise someone takes and keep in mind two things. Those reviews, good or bad, are based on the writer's personal preferences and experiences. You may have a similar experience or a totally different one. My constant advice to cruisers is to pack a good, healthy attitude first. Resolve yourself that nothing is going to ruin your cruise. Your cruise will be what you make it as has already been said many times, but it will be your cruise, your opinions, and your experiences. Don't discount every bad thing you read nor accept every positive thing you read either. Take it all under advisement and draw your own conclusions based on your own preferences and experiences. Chances are, it won't be like anything you've read one way or the other in totality. Your cruise will be like everybody else - individually unique only to you.


    Go and have a great time with your new bride and congrats!

  11. I've made dining room and show reservations online through NCL's website for my upcoming cruise. I've changed my mind on a couple of things (nothing involving costs) and want to rearrange some reservations. I've found no way to alter the reservations once they are "confirmed". Am I missing something on the website? Can I make the changes once onboard? Do I just not show up and not worry about it? Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated by this first time NCL cruiser! Thanks.

  12. Hello, question for those of you who have driven to Port Canaveral. (Maybe a nutty question) Looking at a map and was wondering, do you have to drive past the parking garage/parking lot to drop off luggage, and then circle back to the parking garage?


    The short answer: Yes. On 3 day cruises, I only pack a small suitcase that I would take on an airline, so I always park and just roll the suitcase with me. As soon as the room is ready, I can unpack and not have to worry about waiting on my luggage.


    On the longer cruises, yes, I drop off the luggage and basically drive to the end of the terminal area and turn left into the "rear" of the parking garage, park, and proceed to the terminal. It's really not as bad of a set up as it looks on a map....at least not to me.

  13. We had an inside cabin on deck 9. Cozy but lots of storage space. The odd bathroom setup was weird but didn't bother us.


    Also to answer someone else's earlier questions, you needed reservations for the main comedy and epic theatre shows but not the karaoke, Beatles or game shows.



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    Thanks so much for the info!

  14. Sorry you didn't get to experience NCL in their golden years in the 90's. No reservations or overcrowding anywhere. Ships carried 600 to 2000 passengers max. No lines anywhere. Others will always like the current mega-ships with all those extra tariff restaurants and ice bars thrown in for good measure.


    Thanks for the thought and a quick trip down memory lane! I have been mostly a Carnival cruiser for the past 16 or so years and they, as others, have made changes down through the years that were both positive and negative from my viewpoint. The world is a much different place from that point and time as well and it is incumbent upon businesses to make changes to keep up with the changing demands - I get that. BUT, as I've come to realize as I grow older, there's something to be said for the "good ole days". While at the time, they may not have seemed so good, but now looking back, they weren't all that bad either! My, my, how things have changed.:eek: Then again, so has my affection for the Serenity Prayer!!!! :) LOL

  15. Just want to let Chief Cruiser know that our last trip on the Epic we were a party of eight and I went to the booking desk the second day and was able to get a couple of reservations within a half hour of the time we wanted for the resteraunts we wanted. I am quite sure if you talk to them and explain you will have no problem as they do try and accommodate


    Thanks so much for the info. I will make adjustments and tweak once onboard. Do you have to make reservations for the comedy shows and other venues such as the Beatles' cover band, Karaoke, etc???

  16. We did not find the Specialty restaurants crowded as many cruisers prefer the no cost restaurants. You did not state how many in your party which can be a factor in dining. Since it is mostly just the DH and myself on NCL we make a reservation and then tweeked it once onboard. I am sure with your health issue (which I would mention) I et they find a table for you. Enjoy the Epic!


    Thank you for your response! It sounds like I have the right idea of making adaptations once onboard. I do apologize for omitting my party size; it will only be me and the misses.

  17. I am feeling all the things that you are we have cruised a lot this will be the first for my Sister and BIL. Hoping that it is a good experience.

    We have cruised NCL before but a smaller ship. Because of all the booking it does not seem like much freedom at sea to me


    The more research I do, the more the "not so much freedom at sea" is becoming more and more of a reality as you have stated. I am kinda a numbers guy and when I see such limited seating capacity in the venues, along with the standard occupancy - which is based on double occupancy numbers and can far exceed the baseline, booking becomes a virtual shoving match to get in line first. If you don't, then you are just crap out of luck. I am seven weeks away from sailing and can't get a specialty dining room reservation for the particular restaurant with the time slot that I want. I just don't understand the numbers and I'm sure NCL has done their useage research, but "theoretically", I'm scratching my head and I'll give you a quick example.


    Moderno - 114 seating capacity x 6 seatings x 3 nights = 2052 feedings, that's roughly accommodating about half of the passengers. Narrow down the availability of time slots

    (I mean, really, how many people "normally" eat dinner past 8:30 pm?) so approximately half of the slots are not the most popular and the least booked. So,that cuts the availability down even further and you've got a VERY narrow window of opportunity. And this goes for most of the other specialty dining and shows including the comedy clubs, etc. You put 4100 people on a ship and then limit seating to a 100 or so? Where's the logic in that? I've read review after review where cruisers missed out on things they wanted to do because of capacity restrictions. Again, realizing that all passengers are not gong to partake of these venues, my cruise experience tells me a lot of them do, otherwise, they wouldn't have them and would convert spaces into other ideas. Besides, the trend is to keep adding these specialty type venues for revenue. Add that as a first time NCL cruiser and if I did not do my research prior, I would have never guessed that I would have to schedule most of my "freedom at sea", and would be scrambling on-board playing catch-up.


    Having said that, I am still going in open-minded and the calculations are just that; knowledge. My strategy has changed as my focus now will be to follow cancellations and hope to be able to schedule some of the things that are currently not available to me - at least in my preference of time slots. Being a diabetic, I simply cannot wait until late to eat; neither will my digestive system allow that as I am not a night owl and usually am in bed fairly early and rise likewise.


    So, if remedy can shed some light on the "crowds" and some of my concerns, it will assist in me having even more knowledge and I can then make a more informed decision on my strategy and approach to this first NCL cruise. The bottom line is I will have a good time and rarely does anything spoil my cruise. I can roll with just about anything. I never forget to pack a great attitude first!

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