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  1. I have been wondering the same thing. It looks wonderful so I am surprised
  2. How do you go about using OBC to use as gratuitous in Blu?
  3. I have had Mama Angie’s fish sandwich for the past 3 cruises. I really enjoy them.
  4. I like to travel in August and never ran into a charter, is something going on in 2019 for August?
  5. Thanks everyone. I thought about the Holland Tunnel but was not sure if the Bayone bridge construction closure would affect me at all.
  6. Heading into Ny Sunday and I am aware Bayonne bridge is closed and road closures to Lincoln Tunnell. Is the Holland Tunnel an option? Coming from central PA
  7. I thought I was the only person who had trouble leaving Manhattan.
  8. I received an email but there was never a message on my ncl page. Has anyone else had that?
  9. I just wanted to make sure they would not charge me again
  10. Do we have to wait until boarding to make speciality dinner reservations? I have the free 3 night dining package from the cruise line.
  11. I just returned on the Anthem and took a shuttle we booked outside the ship. It was 15.00 pp round trip. The take you right to Ron Jon. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes and on that day last shuttle from cocoa beach was 7pm
  12. I considered the shuttle to Ron Jon it is now 19.00 no longer free Thanks
  13. I saw mentioned Anthem of the Sea has transportation to Covoa Village but I see nothing in cruise planner. Can anyone tell me if the have gone to Cocoa .Village and what type of transportation did they use. I do not want to rent a car so other options are needed. Thanks Elaine
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