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  1. I cancelled my Thermal spa pass and prepaid grats on 3/6 no credit on my credit card yet!!
  2. Hmmmm I kind of see your point. I was moved up according to old tier but that was a one time thing. I can get behind that. PS I am not angry at NCL as I even booked another cruise. I just wanted to understand what happened. But I think I see what you are saying. Thanks!!!
  3. Ok I am glad I am not the only one who is confused. I was exactly in the same situation. I was moved to Gold based on old tiers. I am still Gold according to the new tier but my question to NCL was if I had become Platinum based on old tier and I went on that cruise would I go back to find out I was Gold again? I find it very confusing. I probably am stuck but would like to understand it better. What if they change tiers again? Thanks for replying!
  4. I hope I can explain this well So here goes: My understanding was at one point there was a tier change for Latitudes. I was in an old tier that showed I was gold however if you looked at the current tier it didn't match up. I believe I was "grandfathered" to that old tier system. When I left for my last cruise May 2019 I was 13 points away from Platinum. So I was happy to think after my 7 day cruise that I would come home to 6 points away from Platinum... However that did not happen in fact now I am 21 points away from Platinum (matches with current tier system) I h
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