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  1. twototravel

    Cruising the Irrawaddy Now

    There are no elevators on board. Passenger cabins are on the first deck when entering the boat and the second deck which also has cabins and the dining room. The third deck has the lounge, bar and pool. Forgot to mention that ship WiFi is mostly unusable. You can connect to the router but the router does not connect to the land towers. I bought a local SIM card in Yangon before getting on the boat which has provided me internet throughout. You must have an unlocked phone for the SIM card to work. Cost was 5000 kyat for 2 gigs of data...about $5. What a bargain! My husband used my phone as a hot spot to check email on his iPad.
  2. twototravel

    Cruising the Irrawaddy Now

    We are on day 4 of our 9 night Irrawaddy Cruise in Burma with Vantage. This is the first of nine departures scheduled using the Makara Queen. Boat is beautiful. Cabins are extremely large, as are the bathrooms. All meals are buffets, and quality of food has been good. There is soup with lunch and dinner and two Asian entrees, along with multiple salads. Those with special diets are accommodated. Big surprise was that soft drinks, beer and wine are complimentary all day long! We usually get a welcome drink onboard after returning from excursions. Getting on and off the boat is an experience. Luckily most of the staff lines the path to give a helping hand up the small cliff sides. Thong type sandals are provided to use while your shoes are being cleaned. Something not mentioned on the website...if you book the presidential suite (there are 2), you will get free laundry service, bottle of wine everyday and canapés delivered every night. Both are booked on this trip. We have a total of 43 passengers this trip with two Vanguard guides and 2 local guides. Many times some of the boat staff tag along on excursions. Passenger birthdays are celebrated in style...staff all participate wearing hats and singing while the birthday person gets a huge cake. Temps right now are in the low 90’s with temps at night and early morning in the 60’s. Many people, including ourselves get up early and walk around the top deck for exercise. There is a very small pool as well.
  3. twototravel

    Fabulous Viking Christmas in Germany Cruise Dec 8-14

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Germany doesn't disappoint during the winter months.
  4. twototravel

    Is the Elbe Worth Sailing

    Just an FYI about the Elbe. We attended a travel presentation from Grand Circle recently in Jacksonville, FL. They said they were no longer going to offer cruises on the Elbe because of all the problems.
  5. twototravel

    Douro River

    We did the Douro with Viking this past year. We started with a few days in Lisbon seeing the city sites, then transferred to the boat. The Douro Valley is very beautiful. Lots of opportunities to taste different ports and wines. We found it a very leisurely cruise with not much walking. The day in Salamanca, Spain was a treat as well. We booked more than a year in advance of our travel dates and got the last cabin on the main decks. This area is very popular.
  6. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    I did get 2 out of 3 corporate officer emails to work off the Vantage Corporate website. Turns out Henry Lewis is at Vantage, and several other Lewis family members run Grand Circle. I wonder if there is friendly family competition between their companies????
  7. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    The email address is no longer valid. My email came back as undeliverable.
  8. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    It was 9 days. We just did Tanzania. We stayed overnight in Arusha and then headed out. We loved the tented camps the best, but did stay at two Serena hotels as well. In hindsite, we wish we would have added a hike to Kilimanjaro. One of the routes is fairly easy. Here's a link to our photos: https://photos.shutterfly.com/album/50150609840
  9. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    Hey neighbor, we live right next to you on Jekyll Island. We did Tanzania with Good Earth Tours and I would highly recommend them. They can customize your safari from parks to accommodations. We got a private tour and so glad we did, and the price was not that much more. Good luck in your research.
  10. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    Thanks for the email. I will definitely send him a note about my experience. I called Vantage again a few hours ago. I finally received in writing that our hotel and transfer would be there. Glad to have that, but doesn't make up for all the stress. Our trip was pretty pricey, so all these troubles were surprising.
  11. twototravel

    All Things Vantage

    We leave for our Vantage Burma & the Irrawaddy River Cruise in less than 22 days. We still are not 100% sure we will be picked up at the airport and have a room at the designated hotel. Have been on the phone with customer reps numerous times to get things straightened out, but each time I hear they are working on it and someone will get back to me. Vantage sent me a pre-trip survey and unfortunately they didn't get favorable marks from me for my ongoing issue. Here's the issue: Vantage Flight Dept. originally booked us on a flight arriving after our tour started. Once I realized the error back in June I contacted them. After several days and multiple conversations they changed our flight to a day earlier and reassured us at the time that they would cover the cost of the additional nights stay and have the local rep pick us up at the airport since the mistake was theirs. Vantage decided to keep to the same airline and flight schedule and just rebook a day earlier. We got our final documents a few days ago, and guess what, none of this is reflected. Yes, they have our flights correct (arriving one day early), but the hotel start date is wrong, and there is no info on the airport to hotel transfer. I realize the final docs may not be personalized (probably computer generated) but when I call about my personal details they still do not have anything confirmed. Very disappointing. I've read once we arrive the Vantage local staff are wonderful, but it's getting there that is the problem :(. I plan to keep calling them until I know for sure about our arrival details.
  12. twototravel

    Vantage: Included tips for guides and bus drivers

    Also read that $100 bills are best to bring for exchange and the best place to exchange money is at the airport but unfortunately our flight doesn't arrive until 1030pm so they will be closed.
  13. twototravel

    Review: Crystal Mahler Inaugural Cruise

    Wow, an iPad in each room! How did the cost of this trip compare to similar itineraries with other companies?
  14. twototravel

    Vantage: Included tips for guides and bus drivers

    I would bet the ability to charge ship crew tips may be dependent on what country you are in. In our Planning Guide for our Jan trip to Myanmar, it states all tips must be paid in cash. The recommended amounts are in US dollars.
  15. twototravel

    Vantage: Included tips for guides and bus drivers

    We are on a Vantage river cruise/land trip departing on 14 Jan. Glad to see this change in tipping. We will still need to tip city hosts, ship crew and Adventure Leader.