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  1. Meanwhile I requested another one and it was delivered to my room and NOW after talking with Guest Services they have some of the forms on their desk when they are present. So no need to speak with them anymore. But still none is in the rack to help yourself and drop into the box when they are not present.
  2. I am not drinking alcohol and in my surrounding I do not know ACTIVELY one who is impacted of alcohol problems. So I am not familiar. When I did the very first cruise on an American cruise ship in 2007, I found on the daily program Friends of Dorothy Friends of Bill W (and there was third one, which I did not see again or very rarely on a few cruise ships). I asked someone from the front desk and was told Gays Anonymous Alcohol (and the third group, I forgot) As said: since I was not impacted of Alcohol-problems, I did not follow up what is behind Bill W. Just here onboard, I was wondering that after two meetings, Bill W. continued to be shown on the When and Where and LGBTQ not anymore and asking. But as said: guideline from Seattle
  3. LGBTQ-Meetings are normally not set up in a meeting room like the Bill W.-Meetings. From Cunard: You have this sign in the corner of the Commodore Club (similar to Crow's nest) in one corner (similar to Captain's Corner) and if none is showing up, they just remove the sign and open it to the public for other guests... But other guests who are sitting here before the meeting starts should not wonder if it become very male, gay and you can direct their attention to this sign, if they ask you to move away because they were already here all day... Here, onboard of VEENDAM, it worked with the very first two days only and to my surprise: somebody of the Entertainment Department showed up and hosted. We had this only before on NORWEGIAN JADE and the host was gay himself and we got a lot of giveaways etc. But after the two days, I was only surprised that it did not show anymore on the When and Where and the Hotel Director told me "Guideline from Seattle" - and all I was asking here was: does somebody know why there is a guideline like this. They set it up again on my request but the new time and place was not convenient for everyone since it was squeezed between set-sail, event in the bar, trivia etc. On the first day, it was great since we could sit up in the bar and wait "neutrally" (since there was no sign). The first time I had my rainbow lanyard around me and other men just showed up around me... and next time I would discretely put this sign on: The second I was wondering and try to find out here: Again: according to guideline to HAL Seattle: no officer should show up for Meet & Greet of cruisecritic.com, and I was wondering on other HAL-cruises they did or on any other cruise lines they are doing more for US cruisecritic.com-members? And all I was interested to know: did cruisecritic.com becomes an "enemy" of HAL or what for would be the guideline for officers to attend to a meeting. I met here a lot of nice fellow-cruisers, but I also like to meet the senior officers around like I used from previous meetings or with other cruise lines. I did what I usually did: speaking with the Hotel Director and there were too many guidelines... no more peppermill no more snacks etc. etc. But after the talk, I got at least a few items back: so there is now a pepper mill around me... and I must not ask for peanuts anymore when I am buying a drink... and my favorite bar has now cucumber around that I can order "Cool as a Cucumber" immediately. I suggested the Hotel Director to mark his box "Dear Hotel Director" appropriately and to be more "open" and "inviting" guests to contact him and they did promptly: So far, I am still "complaining" that I cannot buy a Future Cruise Deposit, without having an appointment: a box to dispose but no blank forms. For me, I do not see a need to show up at their opening hours and to ask for something which should be in a rack on most ships (no matter which cruise line) and you can order at any time a Future Cruise Deposit.
  4. 1. It was a kind of "weak" communication. The toilets in the public area were not impacted by the maintenance and you could use them - they only forget to tell. But since everyone has different need and I need to see frequently the toilets due to medication. The situation ashore when you have buckets and preparing something at home AND NO vacuum toilet might be different from a situation on a ship at high sea. 2. LGBT-Meeting was listed again - but still unsatisfied answer why only two meetings are listed. Understood that Billy W.-meetings follow a different structure. Thanks to everyone who explained me the difference of the two meetings. 3. They improved the security measurements by setting barriers of "closed" areas impacted by works so nothing could move anymore from above to the lower promenade deck. By this way: thanks to everyone who were explaining the different areas. Had a chance in St. John's to see it from the pier. But (although port call in St-Pierre et Miquelon was canceled) could see that our section under liferafts are "safe" to use if there is tender operation in port, while other sections were closed in preparation of tendering. So disadvantage of less sunshine vs. potential use during tender operation was one more aspect to double check for next booking. I value all inputs which helps me to make the right decision which ship and which cabin. Regarding the Bahamas: sorry for the loss of lifes. But I feel free to ask. I did not complain but asking how other cruisers handle this situation and regarding to Billy W./LGBT I was wondering why it is so differently handled by HAL compared to other cruise lines. It was the first time I had a Lenai cabin, it was the first time I had problems with the works around my personal space, it was the first time I had such a water-supply-suspension. Sorry to bother everyone who felt the need to answer without helpful answers and thanks to everyone who gave me good answers to estimate the situation and telling what would be the best way to prepare.
  5. Check on the deck plan of VEENDAM 366 is a non-Lanai cabin but regular oceanview with a railing in front of us like us: while (estimated 380 and higher) the other have a sheltered promenade in front of their cabin: Maybe this make the difference of the obstruction. H/HH at the aft or in the front had always the sheltered "wall/railing"
  6. Thanks. But as said before: never had the situation before. So no chance to say how other cruise lines handled a similar situation.
  7. Obstruction with HAL: Also rooms you are watching on railings etc. Our cabins in front and aft were formal obstructed view!
  8. Most time: better than on any other cruise ships before... Just now between the coverages between Europe and Canada it is is weaker like before but most of the time 90%, you could even upload pictures without any problems. Even movies are possible.
  9. Well... out of my 27 times with NCL, it was 3 times in The Haven/Courtyard. But anyhow: no matter if I am staying in an inside stateroom or in the Courtyard Villa: if I am dialing on EVERY NCL SHIP FLEETWIDE 8888 I have the Hotel Director right on his phone or if he is not able to attend, I have his secretary. By the way: it was you who started to compare NCL / HAL: My observations right now from VEENDAM: You get the same empty bread plate and butter knife like with NCL and bread only on request for lunch: Both removed the tray service for Danish and you have to asked for it... and while NCL has peppermills on every table of the MDR... You have this here on VEENDAM and none is showing up anymore with a peppermill unless you are asking for. But as said: It was a different HAL in 2016 when I had my last sailing with. Too many changes. Before many things were offered with out the need to ask for and many nice things were just withdrawn without replacement like I had a long list what made HAL better than any other. But this list getting smaller and smaller compared to others... and the first time: MSC and Costa are appearing on my list what they are doing better than HAL... As said: this is my list - and what is important to me and what I am willing to pay to get MY outstanding unforgettable experience and making me coming back to HAL. Normally the first action before I am moving to my cabin: grabbing a form for the FCD. This time I might need to wait until the end of the cruise.
  10. Well - there are different philosophies: Like NCL: You get a list of the phone number of the Senior Officers and they present themselves to say hello and offer you to get in touch with them and to hear from ASAP if something on your cruise does not go well. They want to hear it from you and take immediate action to make your holidays perfect. They want you to leave the ship and share with all your friends how good it was. Like RCI: All "partners" are present and they not just offer some cookies and water, juice, coffee and tea: they had a buffet and many gifts. It is also a way for the cruise lines to "communicate" via satisfied and appreciated customers and I think a friend is telling how good something is counts more than the opinion of any travel agent. Therefore I was only wondering how today HAL handled cruisecritic.com-Members while others are pampering us. But as said before I made the same experience also with HAL before. But not today and just want to find out, if on other ship or other itinararies it was the same "new policy" observed or maybe there was only one here onboard who did not give a certain attention to this event.
  11. And how serious the malfunction that they cannot wait another 36 hours until we arrive in St. John's? There most guests would be on shore excursions and must not use water onboard. And the others who are onboard may use the washrooms in the cruise terminal. And what if they would not complete the work at 06:00 hrs and everyone wakes up... and... need toilet and coffee and no water available...
  12. Well... since this is my cruise no. 100 (and not all of them with HAL) and HAL changed a lot since my last on HAL 2016 and become in some parts level like MSC and Costa... everything good on HAL which made them better, more exclusive than others are removed. By the way: I asked for background information on the changes - so EXPERIENCED cruisers would know what I am talking about. In 99 cruises before, I never had a total suspension of water supply for 6 1/2 hours - and I was just wondering how other cruiser handled the situation. But with 330 postings right now, I do not expect that you can add something informative for me.
  13. Well - to "warn" your son: Have a box for money with you (like in Churches) to collect money for your provided show. Although they tell you it is "mirrored": when outside is dark and inside is illuminated, you could see every little details of your life in your cabin... So be sure to have the right "costumes" for a show with you. There are many people who are looking inside when you have the door open... And it is quite "noisy": from 04:30 hrs they start to clean the deck and to set up the chairs... LAST NOT LEAST: Check if you have the Galley above you: we have this part... it is like a New York Metro is above you when they move their trolleys with food around... it starts at 04:00 hrs and ends around 01:00 hrs. It is also important to know: do you have a life boat above you or a tender boat? Life boats like with us have a ceiling between boat and our "private area". If you have a tender boat you look always on the bottom of a tender boat: when they clean them with water from the top to the bottom: this gives you an extra feeling of sitting in a rain forest since all the drops will fall down on you sooner or later... AND the part under a tender boat has more sun since the ceiling between life boat and lower promenade deck exceed over the line of the railing and it is more shady. BUT ONE UNBEATABLE ADVANTAGE: no need to wait for an elevator after the life drill!
  14. Lanai are only on the smaller ships... like R-/S-Class Cabana are on EURODAM and following ships... that would not work... My suggestion: they pay all coffee from Exploirations lounge plus medical treatment if you have high blood pressure the night...
  15. By the way: since we are heading towards North America and jump into the next time zone: + 1 hour = 6 1/2 hour to bridge without toilet... But my problems are mainly "solved": I am staying on the Lower Promenade Deck and could use the places reserved for dogs: or stepping out of Lanai cabin... checking the direction of the wind to avoid becoming wet... since I am not in the sheltered part of the Lower Promenade Deck... Since we are arriving soon at the location TITANIC sank, I am just wondering that the works had no time to wait until we arrive at the next port and are so urgent to be fixed tonight.
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