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  1. I see people talking about viruses on ships and griping about people not using the provided sanitizers. I wash my hands thoroughly several times a day and always before I eat any meals. I was in a horrible habit of using strong hand sanitizers a few years ago and many of them hurt my hands. I'm skittish about some sanitizers and won't use them in the dining areas if I've just come from my room and washed my hands before I left. So, I don't judge anyone I see skip the sanitizing station.
  2. As long as I don't have to cook it, and it's not fast food, I'm not griping, and I'm known to be a pretty darn good cook. Anything in the main dining room is probably fancier than what I cook at home, so it will be great for me. If I want to spend more money to eat at a better place, it won't be on the ship--- it will be in one of the port cities or when I get home. I try to eat grass-fed or organic while at home, but I just enjoy food on my cruises for what it is. Everyone needs a little eggs benedict or lox and bagel in their lives. Throw in a few snails and lobsters while we're at it!
  3. On a HAL cruise last year, my sister and I walked to the theater to get seats for the show that started 25 minutes later while our husbands went to the men's room. We found some good seats and sat down, leaving room for our husbands. A lady from two rows up came down and tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to please move, she was saving those seats for people in her group who were still in the dining room. She was watching great seats on three rows like a hawk, asking everyone to move, and had not placed anything on the seats to save them (probably the best seats on that side of the theater). Some people refused, and she acted huffy, and when her group of 20+ came in, she was pointing and griping. She was quite a bit older, so I just moved on around to the side. I felt sorry for her that she thought she had the right to do that. I just thought, "Bless her heart!"
  4. I always stay up later than most in my party and I love sneaking up to buffet and/or café areas to get my cookies and a drink on different cruises. I sometimes even grab a pizza. I'll then either sit on the balcony or go out on a deck (since we usually book insides or OVs) with my Paperwhite and read and watch the water go by. I call that my praying time. I believe an HAL cruise had several different desserts to choose from, but I always have to have at least one cookie. Since this is our first Celebrity cruise, I hope they have something similar!
  5. Thanks! I've sailed RC, HAL, Princess and Carnival and I'm headed out on a Celebrity next month. As long as I'm sailing, I'm happy! I've been on more RC and Carnival cruises, one Princess and one HAL, and except for the age of the crowds, they're all about the same. I've only booked one balcony, two oceanviews and the rest insides, but I'm only in the cabin to sleep. I just tell my kids to put me in a canoe, put a drink in my hand and send me down any old river and everything will be ALL RIGHT! I appreciate your review and it sounds like you're lots of fun!
  6. My go to drink is always an old-fashioned! On a cruise, though, I try everything out. Try the smoky-flavored old-fashioned! It's different, for a change.
  7. I also can't have carbonation, so I generally stick with vodka and lemonade, or gin and lime juice. I think I have signed up for the premium drink package, so I will slip in an old-fashioned or two during the cruise. I'm trying to watch my sugar, too, but I relax the rules a bit when I'm away from home. That being said, while on vacay, it's a bloody mary with breakfast and a glass of wine for dinner. I've never had a drink package before----this could be dangerous!
  8. I did the Inside Passage in May of 2012 and it was certainly worth it for that cruise. There were several of us and we all had balcony cabins lined up on the side and visited much of the time. I would leave my door slightly open and let the cool air in while I was warm and toasty in my bed. If you are going to be on one of the Princess ships, there was a back deck where we spent some time, too. Go up to the pool area and grab a blanket to bring down and relax in the chairs on the back. I saw some amazing sights from my room balcony and that back balcony. On other cruises, I don't pay the price. I was lucky enough to get an OV room on HA right beside an exit hallway, and I could be out on deck in 2 seconds, with a chair right under my window. I got almost the same perks as the people who paid for the Verandah rooms, but for much less.
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